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  1. Faction restrictions aside, and please forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't misaki just a bad mei feng?
  2. Hamlin really is spoiled for choice when it comes to scheme runners. There's void wretches, crooligans, canine remains, guild hounds, corrupted hounds, and the plague imp thing. What's everyone's thoughts on the better ones to take?
  3. The viks are not only a fun crew to play at times for their glass ninja goodness, but are the only way to get taelor and the student of conflict which are very versatile mercs. I'd compare this box with Von schill and get one of them for the mercs that you'll end up using in a bunch of crews to come
  4. Basically this. Spiders come in on at best 3 wounds, so you're killing them on moderate damage. You can take out the whole lot in 1 activation and end up with 3 abominations. Bring hodgepodge effigy so you can burn stones for Crows for abominations trigger and get it back straight away. Against summoner crews that thing gives you all the stones you need.
  5. I've had a bit of success playing a grow list with Jacob. Taking a shaman and grow on Mr Graves. A couple tots then models to suits schemes and strategies.
  6. My bad. Reading back is hard lol Sorry Falcon
  7. Wouldn't the first focus only give the positive to the 0 action to see if it happens, not the resulting shot? In which case you'd only do it if you don't have the card in hand? And it still wouldn't give you the 3AP.. It would give you two focus and the shot off the 0, but not the second shot.
  8. Thanx guys.. Both great points. Any reputable shops for this sort of thing you'd recommend?
  9. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm normally from Australia, wanting to get my hands on one of these bags. http://www.beastsofwar.com/malifaux/3-times-size-3-times-fun-malifaux-breach-bag/ Now international shipping is a killer. I am however going to New York for a week in a weeks time and thought I'd make use of it by checking out the local malifaux scene. And if anyone knows anywhere I can get one of those while I'm there, please let me know.
  10. I think the whole point was to have everything slightly underpowered, yet balanced among themselves. Gets people buying more stuff if what they started with doesn't do the job. But they never feel bad about getting it cos they're mercs they can always take later.
  11. There's always something. But the point is for the cost, she's better against levi then equivalent models. As mentioned earlier, if you want a hard counter play Aionus.
  12. I've found them to be better out of faction. Especially with anything that can give them fast. Being able to do the pump ability, to then get the charge off for 2 lots of bonus damage and card cycling is amazing. With only 2 ap all they are sub par, with 3 they become a lot better than most things get when given an extra ap.
  13. She's also a henchman, so can burn stones to keep herself alive
  14. Taelor is also an amazing choice I just clicked to. 3" engagement vs a mostly shooty crew. Wp 7 (unmaking is vs wp) and welcome to malifaux for abominations, but also for freshly summoned waifs. And let's not forget the bonuses vs ashes, lazarus and abominations. Plus all the pariah of iron options. Give her fears given form and you're laughing.
  15. My advise would be to go heavy hitters vs levi. Taking weaker models means levi can quickly kill them and turn them into abominations. Levis killing is great because it cuts through defensive stuff, but the damage itself isn't fantastic. So high wound count models, plus healing are a good choice. Also, bring Aionus. It's a pretty unfair thing to do, but if wyrd made him, they clearly think hard counters are fair play. Don't worry about needing to out activate them, levi tends to activate first because if he takes hits he can't channel as well. I also wouldn't worry about actu
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