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  1. Interesting that so few hired models were in key word.
  2. I have been having a lot of success lately with Toni. Recently I have been adding the Magical Training upgrade to her. I find the Arcane Shield and Counter Spell to be very useful on a model that wants to mix it up with the enemy.
  3. Watched the video last night. Well done fellas!
  4. I heard some of the games were broadcast. Are they saved and where can I find them?
  5. I don't think I got Max Value out of that listening experience. You needed to discuss the 1st and 2nd place trios drama much more deeply!
  6. Curious what you plan on turning Myranda into with the Cerberus in your list already (unless you own a second?) I seem to have a 75/25 split between Cerberus and Blessed with Myranda. I will share this list since it was super fun. I used it Rd 6 at Nova (Stake a Claim, Flank, Hunting, Show, Public Demo, Occupy) vs. a Shenlong Sniper list (on a board with great firing lanes). Marcus (Trail, Cry, Feral), Myranda (IE), Cassie (PP, Imbued Protection), Blessed (IE), Jackalope, 2x Silurids 5SS Super fast and was able to cross the firing lanes pretty easily. The "slower" models (Cassie and Myranda) are DF7. The Jackalope just hid in corner to deny Hunting and be an activation. I had such a blast playing this list I will be looking for other opportunities to play something like it. Marcus is close to passing Collette as my favorite master
  7. I played Marcus, Ramos, and Collette in equal amounts. I was most successful with Marcus. Ended up coming in 7th.
  8. Sorry I did not see this before as I was representing the West Coast and Arcanist at NOVA. would have said hello.
  9. new Guild Master, Nellie Cochran, is a play on historical female news reporter, Elizabeth Cochran aka Nellie Bly.
  10. You can also give PP to Angelica. Cheaper model and pushes are useful in any crew.
  11. Pretty sure Ramos would only be able to blow himself up since that ability says friendly constructs. While under Alpha, Howard and Joss would be enemy models. Otherwise Ramos would be one shoting every enemy construct in the game.
  12. I am another that endorses this trick Used it for the first time a couple weeks ago to good effect.
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