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  1. Alex_Vulfhart

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Four Announcement

    Well...due to some personal issues...I have to step down from the conquest. I´m very sorry, specially to my rival, @DLenok. It was an amazing time, really learning a lot, pushing me to new levels and knowing new amazing people. I wished to get to the final round, but it wasn´t an easy time for me, the iron painter is an intense contest, but also rewarding, in a lot of ways. I really hope for the next year I´ll be more relaxed and give the time that it requires. I wish good luck to all participants, keep going, learn and get better! May the force be with you...always
  2. Alex_Vulfhart

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Announcement

    Will be a feedback this time, like round 2? It was really helpfull that.
  3. Alex_Vulfhart

    Round Three Voting - Information

    Really impressive works again...and again though decistion...but done voting. Good luck to all!
  4. Alex_Vulfhart

    Nightmare Beast

    is the Nightmare beast, from Massive darkness...I think it nailed with the strange theme jaja.
  5. Alex_Vulfhart

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Announcement

    @Heavy may the best silverback painter win!
  6. Alex_Vulfhart

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Announcement

    still can`t upload it...
  7. Alex_Vulfhart

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Announcement

    The shifts at work really take some toll on me....I don´t think I can make it in time..
  8. Alex_Vulfhart

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two Results

    contratulations tu @Octavus well deserved and good luck in the next round.
  9. Alex_Vulfhart

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    something like that happened to me in this round...and I think will happen again in the next round...but if you manage well your time, you can do it...as I did.
  10. Alex_Vulfhart

    Open Letter to the 2017 Iron Painter Contestants

    Thanks for the words! For myself this is a great oportunity to improve myself with techinques that I never thought I could do...I´m really happy already just to reach the gold tier and hope to keep it as long as I can, but no matter what I´ll be giving the best that I can. Everyone should be proud of their works.
  11. Alex_Vulfhart

    Round Two Voting - Information

    I finished my voting...man, is hard to choose...are really good works. I saw some that are actually silver...or gold level even...is just luck that depends the theme of every round...and now also the pairings...but, the most important thing you got to realize...is all the stuff we are learning...this kind of comoetition, at least for me, push me to learn and improve myself...that maybe in other way i wouldn’t think of doing it.
  12. Alex_Vulfhart

    Bayou gators

    Yeah the original idea was not even to make the splash...this was my first time doing it! But definitly the next time will be better...thanks for the advice.
  13. Alex_Vulfhart

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Well thanks to the Magic work of Kai...problem solved and pic uploaded! Now to wait...