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  1. Thanks! The scheme markers are these tombs by Plastcraft Games, the guys who made those great buildings for Malifaux scenery. The LED wasn't difficult, but tedious. You have to empty the miniature with a drill and make place for the LED and the wires. I hid one of the battery holders beneath the base, and conected it to the wires with molten tin. I don't want to bore you with details, but you can find great tutorials on Google or Youtube, It's something simple and the results are awesome, i'm actually planning to add LEDs to some of my W40k vehicles. (If a holder for the battery seems to be a problem, don't worry. As you can see you don't really need it)
  2. (First of all, citizens of Malifaux, sorry about my bad english and the poor quality of the photos) I'm an old wargame player, a recent Malifaux convert and a mediocre painter. My first crew was Masters of the Path, a crew that was quickly growing, adding all the Ancestors. One of the Ashigaru lost his banner in a bloody battle (That's the price for ruining the zen garden with his lance) Here you can see me failing at freehanding the clothes of Chiaki and ol' Yan. The Soul Porter is still a paint in progress since I can't paint a convincing lantern. Oh, that's a nice Izamu. But hey, that bamboo base is a little too big, like it's hiding something. Maybe that's because... IZAMU IS ALIVE!!! (and probably planning to kick your ass) It's my first attempt of putting a LED in a miniature, and i'm proud like a father. (Some of the crew's scheme markers) Btw, i'm a big fan of themed crews, and i'm thinking of including some Komainus via Toshiro, but their mechanic look doesn't fit with my guys. Any ideas? The second crew to fall in my claws was Salvage & Logistics, and nowadays i'm still learning how to correctly play this steampunk necromancer. I know I need some anchors to keep Levy returning, but I don't know what to include. I'm thinking about including the students of Transmortis, as they're Undead AND constucts, a combination that fits with the kind of fellas Levy usually hang out. Yeah, I know. I totally disgraced the face of Alice with my lack of ability to paint. Ah, the Hollow Waifs. I really love this totem. I could also say that they're Levy's sugar, spice, and everything nice... (and a little bit of Chemichal X, I guess) Well, as I said before, i'm a big fan of themed crews, and a huge fan of converting minis. The Wyrd figures are a little too hard to convert, and, well, they're such beautiful models that would be a shame to even think in cut a hand off, so i don't go on risky conversions. But, whatever, that didn't stop me of doing it anyways: This happy guy is my Desolation Engine. The official mini wasn't available when i added the Rackham's Aberration Prime head to a GW's Ogre Rat. This sweet lady with blood dripping off her mech arm is my Necropunk. Anyway I'm planning of buy the official minis and use them as Abominations. (Another quick question, dearest readers, do you have any ideas for Levy's crew scheme markers?) Finally, here are my Corpse markers, but i'm considering doing more and more of them. Oh, and one last thing. I'm planning of start a Hamelin crew... based on a book series of certain talented writer.
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