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  1. AK1979

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    I agree that Perdita seems very strong when you are new to the game , but when you have some more experience you will see ways how to deal with it. Blast a nearby model, walk duels, kill Frank .... I also agree that when playing against Nicodem who sits back and only does his summoning thing is way more frustrating to play
  2. AK1979

    Oath Keeper doubts

    start is indeed not the same as during , so your fine generating the extra AP
  3. AK1979

    Communication & Wyrd

    So applications for Beta will be available again in future. I'll make to sure to sign up this time
  4. AK1979

    Beta Invites Live

    Also interested, missed it during holidays
  5. AK1979

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    hmm the Judge is not mentioned , so he managed to survive the Nicodem encounter or did someone else take his place?
  6. AK1979

    Guild funds- do you like it? Dislike it?

    Took Guild funds in my last game and I only got 2 soulstones on turn 1 but the watchers gave me enough evidence to make sure I got all the fun triggers , push model , make slow and let someone hit . So it's not always about the soulstones , but also about the easy way to get evidence in the next turns.
  7. AK1979

    Nelly Propaganda

    Had a game last night and we were discussing the use of the propaganda triggers: I had some evidence and flipped a Ram : so will this allow me to take 1 trigger for the built in ram, 1 from the Ram flipped and 1 from removing an evidence marker. I can only the evidence be used for the extra triggers, so I had to remove 2 evidence instead of 1. The wording "A single suit in the final duel total may be used for multiple triggers" I interpreted that the built in suit I can use for 1 trigger, the flipped ram for the next and the last for the evidence. Was this correct?
  8. Played a game yesterday against Arcanist and came across a question: The December Acolyte ability (taken from Pull my finger): the Acolyte has a 1 AP tactical action to cause enemy models within aura 6 to lose Armor and Hard to Wound until the end of the turn. This aura allows you to put it up, and then have multiple models take advantage of it! It is particularly good against Arcanist Constructs with all their armor, and Ressers with all their Hard to Wound. So how does this work with the upgrade, does it remove the armor (upgrade states it can not be ignored) or does the upgrade prevent it being removed. We ruled it so it was ignored but just want to make sure I got it correct. Thanks
  9. AK1979

    Want to dive into Guild with Lucius

    I like to Run Lucius with Thralls and a Queller ; The Queller has some synergies (using soulstones give a card) with Lucius and can make other models ignore armor + the markers that cancel suits are nice to.
  10. AK1979

    The Jury

    I used a list with Lucius and his servant Jury Executioner Thrall double austringer Queller Lucius got the card drawing upgrade So I can afford to discard some cards for Jury / austringer combo When the opponent's hand is depleted I will send the Thrall and Executioner into the enemy crew. The Thrall can give me some card draws and ideally the executioner goes in last with some crows in hand. It can work well against some crews , you just need to resist the card discard combos against some masters
  11. AK1979

    The Jury

    It can be fun with executioners
  12. AK1979

    The Jury

    Thanks for clarifying. Almost got Heart attack yesterday
  13. AK1979

    The Jury

    hmm confused , it says you add the mask when declaring triggers not that you have to use it for the trigger
  14. AK1979

    The Jury

    Second the Lucius and austringers combo. Depleting cards and giving slow with a nice min damage is really good.
  15. AK1979

    Lady J vs Nicodem

    We know the winner !!!!! It is announced in this months Chronicle ; can't wait to read how it all played out.