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  1. So you want to Airbrush eh? Here's a guide I wrote about purchasing an airbrush and setup: https://miniarmyhugetimesink.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/so-you-want-to-airbush-a-beginners-guide-part-1/ Enjoy!
  2. While we are here, is Sensie Yu require to purchase an upgrade when building a list to switch styles (like Shenlong is) or can he forgo it and still pick up an upgrade while in game?
  3. I got the translucent Lynch crew from Black Friday and I was wondering what the best way to glue them together was? I'm sure it's a different material than acrylic but whenever I use superglue (think zap a gap, gorilla glue, etc) on that type of stuff it frosts over something awful. I'd like to avoid that on this crew, especially since malifaux stuff tends to come in eleven billionity pieces. Any advice?
  4. I'd probably start with something like with what you have: Mei Fang Wings of WindSeismic Claws/VapormancyRecalled TrainingKang (second wave/babysit archers) Blot the SkyArchers x2 Rail Workers x3 Emberling 4ss left over for 7ss cache. This gives you a lot of decent ranged with blasts to try and cull the tide if the summoning gets out of hand. The archers can also shoot into melee once your workers get in there.
  5. The list I posted isn't about killing things, more about scoring and denying VP. The illuminated, laying back waiting to countercharge, is just an effective deterrent. If it's a kill stuff game, the list I posted wouldn't work, as all the summoned komainu (and hopefully ashigaru) come in with just 3 wounds. For killing strats I usually take Lynch. Ah got it, that makes sense.
  6. Why the Illumiated and not something like sniper or archer to soften things up for the others? I'm thinking that rather than having the one heavy hitting minion, plinking off some damage makes it easier for the rest of the crew to get work done.
  7. Actually, I am not much of a fan of gore myself, so I used these as my Toshiro and Yin: http://taleofwar.com/epages/0101d31f-8420-4760-9003-267c5a9cb1f5.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/0101d31f-8420-4760-9003-267c5a9cb1f5/Products/TOWAL0017 http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/harionago How is that Toshiro proxy, scale-wise, to the rest of the army? Toshiro happens to possibly be the only model in Ten Thunders I actively dislike the look of (amazing rules though), so I've been searching for a proxy myself. Personally I'm just not a fan of zombie stuff. Demons, spirits I'm fine with.
  8. Wings of Wind seems almost like an auto-include with her, besides the really good (0) action it gives her, the push at the end of the turn is really good for being the final link to getting a good railwalk chain off. Besides that, I've experimented with all her upgrades a little and Seimic Claws is very good as is the ever reliable Recalled Training for that one turn of martial arts glory.
  9. I have a brand new, on sprue Limited Edition Katanaka Sniper that I would like to trade for a new on sprue Miss Anne Thrope.
  10. If it comes between fitting another Rail Worker/Gamin/whatev or a full cache, I'll always take the extra model as 10T is easy to be out activated in general.
  11. This is fantastic! I've been painting for over 4 years now and have never came across this comparison! (despite looking for something similar )
  12. Pretty much seems like a stall tactic to me. It's terrible, terrible sportsmanship.
  13. I've been running with 5 stones, but half of those are usually used by my henchmen...
  14. That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure! Thanks!
  15. Hi there, the Blot the Sky lets you do a (2) SH action, which on the archers' card is the Hail attack. But they also have the (2) Rapid Fire attack. Would Blot the Sky allow me to do either Rapid Fire or Hail, or is it just Hail?
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