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  1. Hi there, It seems there was a problem and I could not enter the competition... Please enjoy the models anyway...
  2. I cant seem to see my posts for entry. :s
  3. hi there, What would you get in a vics crew. what is your suggession and why. possible 50ss crews. etc please share your lists, opinions and possible combos. ty
  4. hi guys, i am looking for laser cut plans for malifaux terrain can someone share / direct me to right direction. thanks
  5. Coge

    M2e Kaeris

    I think the list was very sufficient, in terms of model number/ running around/killing etc. last game against sonia criid i made some mistakes and took some blast. got magic reflected to kaeris etc. otherwise i think it has everything. i wasnt sure firestarter / gunsmith change. but gunsmith give a very good dmg boost still can run objectives + hard to kill is nice
  6. Coge

    M2e Kaeris

    I used the list : Kaeris , g&b blingding flame gunsmith myranda johan child moleman fire gamin lost the final match against sonia criid 6-7 but had success against other crews. total 3 matches. 2nd out of 6 ppl isnt much but still good. ty for help.
  7. Coge

    M2e Kaeris

    I had a tryout game with below list, Turfwar/ close deployment - line in the sand, assasinate, plant exp. , take prisoner, prot. territory. against crew box von schil crew - Kaeris , G&D Myranda , imbuded energiesMalifaux ChildGunsmith Fire Gamin MolemanJohan -- took, plant exp, and take prisoner against (von schill) . İt seemed i could have used some push, gunsmith killed few guys was quite good with childs healing and hard to kill. i had quite a bit of burning (not sure i need firestarter to burn more) but as a scheme runner hes good. johan did not do much but i think he is a good guy to have on the crew ( first time trying him) mystic fox : johan + firestarter seem good also gunsmith works because of + flips. I dont have rail worker i think moleman is pretty defensive and might be usefull instead of him. eternal flame - i dont really like him he is good at healing kaeris but nothing else really - i would pref. child
  8. Coge

    M2e Kaeris

    i see metal gamin is very defensive, unfort. i dont have models yet. Also like to use firegamins as baits or combat lockers if they die kaeris + Gunsmith finishs them off. if they dont stilll okay. anyway some alteration with abow suggestions: Kaeris , G&D Myranda , imbuded energies Malifaux Child Gunsmith Fire Gamin Fire Gamin Johan
  9. Coge

    M2e Kaeris

    what do you think of this : Kaeris , arc res 2 , blinding flame 1, g&d 1 firestarter , imbuded energies 1 , (8ss) Malifaux child (3 ss) Gunsmith (7ss) Firegamin (4ss) Firegamin (4ss) Firegamin (4ss)
  10. Coge

    M2e Kaeris

    what would you put in all comers list for kaeris - fixed list tournament. 35ss - 3 games schemes : reconniter , turfwar , reconning strageies: random for all at the start of the turn.
  11. Coge

    M2E Ironsides

    which upgrades to go for toni ? warding runes seems a must, i really like the idea of challenge the crowd, and irondet seems a must. what do you guys think ?
  12. it is probably asked but please reply. ototo + ss , ototo moves, shoots smoke bomb, triggers shadow strife . can he use for it self. i would argue ofc it can but i says all "friendly" last blossom models. I would argue he is also friendly last blossom model. ty
  13. Hi , We came up with a situation where we couldnt find what was right. Hoardcat pride was attacking ice gamin. it killed the gamin. Question is when do hoardcat fills his health, when do gamin explode dmg is dealth? ty
  14. Coge

    M2e Kaeris

    I have played quite few games with Kaeris now, maybe I can write up my impressions. Kaeris maybe one of the all comer list. She is very flexible in almost any S&S with usually standard crew box + moleman / gunsmith and sometimes cerberus. I almost always use , Arcane Reservoir / G&D . these both gives amazing flexibility and positioning. For the last upgrade i have tried Born of Fire / Blinding Flame. At this point I love Blinding flame and hate BoF. to summon a gamin BoF has conditions make you spend ton of AP which is usually not worth it. Although I had a game where i summoned a gamin with 2 wounds then blasted him giving everyone around burning and dmg but every game I played with blinding flame I had so much fun. I want to share my last game vs misaki. Misaki charged 2 gamins instantly killing one. I targetted melee with flaming halo, unfortunately gamin had lower value. but it turned out it was actually better gamin didnt have any dmg from burning but it got pushed from Blinding flame and misaki was left alone with burning from the gamin exploded. then killed her in gunsmith / immolate / firestarter
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