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  1. First of all I would like to thank all of you for your responses. To be honest, I am not experienced player, however after careful reading of the rules manual I can say that the rules do not contradict to your expectations how the actions would be performed, as if Malifaux could be in real life That's why I was surprised when on our local forum during the discussion of the above case we concluded that according to RAW there should be cover, because the wording "within" does not specify such complex terrain... Here is the picture in question As you may see, during terrain placement it was hard to predict that this wall should have been treated as two separated terrain pieces... The purpose of my initial post in this topic was to find out if the Malifaux community applies to RAI instead of RAW for such cases, rather than "dividing" terrain into pieces... OR may be there is official position of Wyrd representatives for this case, which would be subsequently stated in the Errata. Thanks!
  2. Hello! Could you please clarify, if the lower model on the picture below would receive cover from a projectile attack. Rules say: A model will gain the benefits of cover from a Projectile Attack when any LoS line between the Attacking model and the target model can be drawn through any terrain with the soft or hard cover traits that is within 1” of the target model. Thanks!
  3. Your reports are GREAT! Please, don't stop creating them))
  4. KiTe

    KiTe's Blog

    Thanks for your response, Viruk Each crew of Malifaux is centered around its Master. After I've started my crew, converting each miniature, I couldn't leave Zoraida without attention As you might remember, I've used small bear from the Crooligans box for the conversion of Sorrow. The spare parts of the girl, who was holding that bear, as well as parts from the boy with knives helped me to convert Zoraida. From the skirt of the girl and legs of the boy with knives I've made the lower part, boy's hands were placed instead of hands from the starter with addition of Zoraida's palm, on which I've placed the voodoo doll. It was made from the several dolls, available on the sprue - legs, hands, body and head were glued together from separate parts The knife of Crooligan guy was placed in Zoraida's right hand, with hair of Crooligan girl - on Zoraida's head. Still need to fill some gaps. To be continued...
  5. KiTe

    KiTe's Blog

    New update... This time still WIP, but I wanted to post the conversion So here you go... Zzzzzzoraida! More pictures and description to follow soon...
  6. Ash, please return to us with you great new reports
  7. KiTe

    KiTe's Blog

    HD, thanks for your response. Sorry for not answering, but I wanted to post my reply with the new finished model. Silurids are great and I want at least one more in my crew. One of the reasons, for which I've decided to take Zoraida's starter was the model, which is not sold separately - swamp giant Bad Juju. His only purpose is to smash enemies in close combat)) The model from the sprue comes not in a very aggressive pose. So I've decided to make him even more dinamic and brutal. Left leg was changed, as well as both hands - the left one is ready for striking. Please, greet the swamp heavy weight champion, battle stump - Ba-a-a-a-ad Juju!!! To be continued...
  8. KiTe

    KiTe's Blog

    Back to my crew from January holidays. Contents of the Swamp Hag starter do not form 50SS crew thus I started to consider additional models. Neverborn range is so wide and provides plenty of choices: Nephilims, gambling house "employees", nightmares... However I wanted to maintain theme of my swampy crew, if such category is applicable to games in Malifaux. So I decided that Sorrows box would be one of good additions. Such ghosts may dwell in the swamps and lure travellers to the deadly mires. And their rules complement the crew as well. On the artwork Sorrows look like scary ghosts, but the plastic counterparts are not so creepy. Thus I decided to make a conversion of one Sorrow and show the results. I removed the tongue, added the new jaw, converted the hands (not to be fragile as well) and corrected its stoop. At last I added the teddy bear from the Crooligans box to bring more Malifaux flavour To be continued...
  9. Waiting for the new one, Ash. Please, don't stop creating the reports
  10. Welcome to my blog! More than one year ago I discovered Malifaux. After getting familiar to the game specifics and watching several great battle reports I got excited and decided to start my crew. This is a real challenge to the new player, however after some time of searching I stopped on The Swamp Hag starter. Even from the picture on the box it is clear what the models do: Zoraida casts hexes, Bad Juju solves problems in hand-to-hand and Silurids... To be honest, nothing was clear about them, but later I found that they are fast enough, which is great for some schemes. At last I received long-awaited parcel and started to assemble the crew. The first in the queue were the Silurids. According to the rules these lizards are stealth creatures with ability to hide in the undergrowth thanks to their camouflage till they swiftly leap to attack. However the poses of the models from the box do not reflect such appearance: the one runs at full height on its back legs and the other prepares for long jumping with its tongue put out. This matter and some parts, which are quite fragile, evoked me for conversion. I took the body of the running Silurid, both pairs of legs from the one, who prepares for jumping, and, in order to create really complex conversion, the head of the third lizard. In order to make the tail less breakable I made it bent above the base, on which I placed some leaves and twigs and put a small plant to represent the swampy area. The model is not finished yet and some gaps require filling prior to painting, but here is the WIP model, how it would look when assembled. Your comments are welcome! To be continued...
  11. Achilles, thank you for the report. I was really missing the new one. Very nice approach in creating the videos - please, do not stop
  12. Very great report, Achilles. You've become a trademark to me. Reports are easy to watch, they are not too long and not to short, camera doesn't jump and there is no image tremor)) May be it would be easier for unexperienced watcher (like I am), that you could indicate curret VPs score, SSs left and revealed schemes. May be not the constant indication but just in the screens, that might separate the game turns)) Would be waiting for the next report.
  13. Achiless, don't stop creating such cool reports!)
  14. Great report, Achilles, as always. Would be happy to see how your campaign continues))
  15. Thanks, TimH - just hoped to include one in Zoraida's swampy themed crew...
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