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  1. The MechE

    Is this app available for windows?

    To clarify, I mean that I have a Surface Pro, and I would like to use it as a card table where the cards are visible in full text, etc. Unfortunately, I don't think the app supports windows OS
  2. The MechE

    Is this app available for windows?

    And does it simulate like a table where your stat cards would go so you can add damage with taps of your hand and stuff?
  3. The MechE

    Malifaux - what next?

    I'd like to see 2v2, 2v1, and types like that supported more in Malifaux. Right now, Malifaux is pretty much just officially supported as a 1v1 game. You can use some unofficial rules to make the other modes work though. Like maybe half soulstones to each player, players on the same team have to hire from the same faction, etc. Would like to see official support though because sometimes you and your buddies are more than just two people. I'd also like to see upgrades become more "reactionary" purchases. What I mean by this is that I'd like to see the choosing upgrades step moved to take place after both crews are hired and revealed. This allows people to make some small modifications to their crews to help balance out what they're fighting against instead of it being a "well crap, I'm against X and I didn't take Y. That sucks"
  4. A story was released in the January addition, and, without revealing any spoilers, one of the main resser characters had something interesting happen. And maybe one of the main guild characters. It's a shame this forum doesn't have hide spoiler option, or I'd say it.
  5. The MechE

    Official Malifaux app

    Is it coming to the windows app store though? Tons of people run windows
  6. The MechE

    Faction questions

    What do you think of the new Misaki upgrade that lets her place her blast markers 12" away and cheat minus damage flips? You might be able to wipe two or three models in one activation depending on how they clump.
  7. The MechE

    Faction questions

    Thanks! Updated my questions. Ressers do have a lot of high health models. Which faction has the highest defense stat and armor etc.? For the master thing, I was thinking some masters are weaker than others but their faction crew makes up for this. Is that not the case? For example, maybe the Gremlin masters would be pound for pound weaker than say a guild master, but they work well in very large crews to make up for that weakness.
  8. The MechE

    Faction questions

    Which faction has the most durable models per soulstone? Which faction has the models with the highest stats per soulstone? Which faction has the models with the best actions or abilities per soulstone? Which faction has the strongest masters? Which faction has the strongest henchmen? Which faction has the strongest minions? Which faction is best for cheap models (army of common many)? Which faction is best for expensive models (army of the elite few)? Some of these questions might overlap, but I'm just trying to pin down what defines each faction other than pure lore.
  9. The MechE

    Field of Terror Summon Guide

    I thought that at first too, but it's actually all MINIONS........or models with terrify. Since minions are just a subset of models this makes sense. The wording on the model could use some improvement, but basically, he has a giant hiring pool consisting of all minions. And you can hire higher (or lower I guess) rankings if the models have terrify. Are there any peons with terrify? Lol
  10. The MechE

    Field of Terror Summon Guide

    Yep, good point. Removed those three (Nothing Beast was errata'd to henchman too if anyone is wondering).
  11. So in the Halloween story scenario for Malifaux Chronicles 32, there's a custom summoning master. Here's the list of models that he can summon with his (1) Prey on Fear action. This list doesn't yet include Ripples of Fate (don't own that one yet), but has all the other book models listed. Note the ability's TN equates to a card draw of 4+SS cost of card, so the max SS he could possibly summon would be a 10 SS model on the flip of a red joker unless there's some model or upgrade that can increase your Ca. I listed higher SS cost models here too just in case. -The Lone Marhsal - Executioner -Peacekeeper -The Hanged -Howard Langston -Sabertooth Cerberus -Teddy -Mature Nephilim -Killjoy -The Illuminated -Rogue Necromancy -Student of Sinew -Student of Steel -Student of Viscera -Coppelius -The Sow -Yin The Penangalan -Talos
  12. Aaaand there's spoilers in this thread, so don't open it if you don't want to find out. Yep You had your chance. And now... So did SkitzMourning's assistant die before broken promises (Sebastian)? He seemed to be absent in the McMourning story while McMourning was...even more off the wall than usual. So far off the wall it'd probably be better just to call him SkitzMourning at this point, speaking to Sebastians that aren't there and all (yes, that was plural).
  13. Just wondering. It's not a big deal if they don't because the errata cards are in an easy place to grab.
  14. Everyone seems to be bringing up interesting points here. I'm not sure which way to go. 1. Once per model per turn could be a restriction based on each individual caster similar to once per turn. 2. Once per model per turn could also mean that models are tracked independently of the caster and are more tracked based on whom the target was. I don't particularly like option two because what if two people had prompt and someone prompted your unit? Does that mean you can't prompt your unit on your turn since your opponent consumed your prompt opportunity? I don't know how this would ever happen considering prompt only targets friendlies, but it seems strange if it ever came up. hmmmm At the same time, prompting the same unit twice though may be too strong even if the action is done by a different unit.
  15. Hi everyone, I made a PDF of all the errata stat cards for duplex printing. Flip along the long edge. 8.5" by 11" letter paper. I also made a PDF of the upgrades for normal single sided printing (obviously). I hope these are useful for some of you. Note: Use at your own risk. Although I did check the cards and front and backs appear to match correctly, it is ultimately up to you, the user, to verify before investing in printer paper, etc. Links below since the files are too large to attach to the forums: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zp1q66wqilizwmu/Errata Cards 1-16-2017.pdf?dl=0 - Cards https://www.dropbox.com/s/89ys84l29xqv6qh/Errata Upgrades 1-16-2017.pdf?dl=0 - Upgrades Also, let me know if the quality is okay. I exported these using PowerPoint, and the built-in exporter doesn't have many options for quality control. Not sure if LibreOffice produces better exports or not, haven't tried. Edit: I uploaded the PowerPoint versions. These might have higher resolution for you guys that want that: Cards: https://www.dropbox.com/s/shomtec5nxyncjw/Errata Cards 1-16-2017.pptx?dl=0 Upgrades: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8kqt0ueu7inhc2i/Errata Upgrades 1-16-2017.pptx?dl=0