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  1. Add the summoned but buried aspect and a clever player can thwart you trying to get the model actually onto the table, our master has used AP and it sits there. And it is an expensive summons to start with, that IM cost a 11 of masks. A single summon per turn. Although I don't agree they don't do a lot for their cost, the melee WP duel, incorp and 6 move is very nice. Tanky mobile model.
  2. I think it is a powerful ability and sounds like it hurt you at that moment in time. But we are at the beginning of M3e and we all have those moments when utter disbelief happens at the power of some models, the dust will settle. As a Dreamer player I would say, he is a good master but certainly not the top tier, lots of things have to fall into place for a Dreamer player.
  3. How did Teddy do? I ask because with Mama Z obeying their heavy hitters wondered if you could have fit something else in? Bandersnatch, IM etc
  4. Gah the 'ol could have looked it up gromit' Ty
  5. Does The Alps Natural Musk stack with itself?
  6. Does the M3e update have a way of discarding cards through Neverborn Dreamers Lucid Dreams ability?
  7. Do we have a stat 8 WP attack in faction and if not a 7 with +flips? I know there is some stat 7, just wondering what is the best WP attack in faction?
  8. All those replies were very helpful and have made me think about Dreamer in a wider extent, thank you guys.
  9. Thank you for replies. Bit lost now though if Dreamer's playstyle is not 'summoning'???
  10. For the Bandersnatch Feed on Fear ability can the engagement range be considered 3" if there is a See my Shadow upgrade out? *edit* Shadow Hunting Technically yes during it's own activation but as the only possible WP duel it can do, cannot be taken whilst buried it has no way to force a failed WP duel. Unless it darts out then tries to crawl back. As usual should have read it thoroughly first. 🤪
  11. We agree that a failed WP duel opening up the opportunity to unbury a summoned model in b2b is a huge part of Dreamers power? So what ranged WP attacks are you thinking of that are longer than 12"? Nb genuine question not a argument 👍
  12. Paid Aaron Bowey If anyone has a mo, could they post the strats and schemes for me please? Can't open that dropbox. Ta
  13. First item in your tray. Getting single master wedged into GG2020. Some of the play testing was out of control power for duo masters. Oh and welcome!
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