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  1. Dreamer n Mama Z are not the best dual Master in M3e. I recall that the reason dual masters are not used in the UK is because of a Rezzer dual master combo that is broke and led the top players of the meta to engineer the UK scene would not play dual masters (competitively). So that being said I dont see NVB winning 'more's often. I think the glass cannon moniker has been changed to glass handgun, like someone mentioned above. I would like to know where Wyrd see NVB now. Certainly not the killiest anymore, mobility; no getting outrun by zombies. I think NVB are now the box of chocolates faction, it's just we have too many soft centres and not enough dark choccy Nutz choices.
  2. Wrath in any NVB crew for public enemies. Massive defensive tech: Terrifying 11 Sin tokens Every ability on back of card hurts/protects. Heal on main attack. Lure defender or on offence with a trigger heal. D performance-'offensive' Zero action triggers Feed on fears (heal)
  3. IMHO you can't look at Stitched in a vacuum like that. Is Stitched there to cover weaknesses in the Nightmare crew or any other 'tax' crew (7SS)? Again IMHO-Yes.
  4. I've just read above the damage flip 'can' be cheated on GYL? Is that right? I was told by a couple of very senior players it was not cheatable as it has no accuracy modifier.
  5. Are you able to say why the Bandersnatch is no longer on sale?
  6. I'm all done, fill your boots! Yesssssss!
  7. Last throw. Please put the lil menaces in the sale. $300.00 order if you do!
  8. Upon review I realise I did not underscore the brevity of the situation. PUT THEM IN THE SALE! THANKYOUPLEASETAKEMYMONEY
  9. I know it is a big ask, but please put the Alt Stitched Together (Bearly-Together) models in the black Friday. Have been waiting since missed release for their comeback, not seeing them in the sale was a huge blow. Need is obviously too strong a word for toy soldiers-normally, but this is an exception. THANKYOUPLEASETAKEMYMONEY! Ps Please
  10. In Dreamer crews, she has a 12” WP attack (Lure) and a 3” tactical WP attack. 1. 20” threat range. 2. 17” threat range. That is a very serious set of synergy for Dreamer......in the hands of a good player.* * Could be me.....one day!
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