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  1. Thought I'd reply to your post about Collodi here as you're right we were hijacking the thread 😊

    That's interesting that people thought that, but I guess maybe they played him more before the changes than I did. I had 1 game before the changes and 2 games after. He was definitely nerfed but I didn't find it hindered me too much. I never got the opportunity to summon with Vasilisa so that didn't come into play for me, and I was only ever down 2 marionettes at time. Maybe it's because my opponents were using new crews and still learning them.

    Overall though super fun to play. 

    1. Saduhem


      I played a lot against Neverbear who's been a Collodi player for years. I also played him myself a few times. Anyway, both of us couldn't believe how different it felt after the changes.

      Before that, being able to engage, summon 4 Marionettes close to as many enemy models as possible, and have Vasilisa give slow out as a reault was his strongest playstyle. Being able to summon a coryphee or Bunraku was very good too.

      I love the puppetteering action he was given, makes a lot of sense and makea him feel much more like a puppet master.

      Anyway, keeping marionettes off the board became very easy, and Vasilisa stopped contributing at all. The feeling of having to get away from Collodi before the next act began was really lost in the transition. A lot of us were surprised since there was only a single battle report in our group claiming Collodi to be to strong and a lot of people thought he was alright, or even a bit on the weak side, before all those changes were implemented.

      SilentEric did a lot of testing with puppets with and without Collodi after that, and it the reaults seemed to be very disappointing!

      Overall yeah, Collodi is a heck of a lot more fun to play as and against compared to m2e

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