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  1. Yup, I know how to improve. It is just so tempting to put a beater in the backfield turn 1 to tie up the other crew. Sometimes it works really well, others not so much. I need to figure out a kind of checklist for situations where I have the green light to plow ahead, and situations where it would be not very smart.
  2. So, we just got done playing our game. I decided on VS and he took Lady J. Since I was waffling between VS and Molly, I decided to take both. VS - Whisper, Research Assistant, Molly, Vale - GST, Undergrad, Undergrad -8 Stones Lady J-No Prisoners, Scales, Jury-LLC, Domador x 2, Judge-LLC He deployed a bit back, I was right up front of my wedge. VS pulsed focus, gave vale upgrade and fast and walked up a bit. Then I misplace my Res Assist and he got taken out by the Jury, I also suffered from an Obey on Vale which he made charge Molly and eat my focus, push trigger. Grrr. Va
  3. I was thinking about Jack, since I have the most experience with him. But my opponent does take Lady J occasionally. I'm thinking he may take double master, although I haven't seen him do that since GG0. Basse and Sonnia if he does. Something I tend to do is overextend models. I just can resist the temptation to throw something in his face turn one or early 2 to tie up his whole crew. Sometimes it works wonders other times I am left fighting to save the game. Lol. If he does Sonnia, I need to do that to get her engaged. I think I am going to go with Von Schtook. I imagine I'm goi
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying out Ressers for a while, switching from Outcast most recently. Anyhow, I have a game set up vs Guild tomorrow and thought I would post the pool for discussion. Strat: Public Enemies - Wedge Deploy Schemes: Spread them out, Assasinate, Vendetta, Breakthrough, Take Prisoner I'm willing to try out any master since I only have a few games in with Jack, Molly and Albus. I'm thinking either Molly or Albus. Molly can be tough to take out for Assassinate I think, very mobile for Breakthrough with Terrors/Crooligans and I can probably get Vendetta fairly easi
  5. I'm in a grow league and just looked at the Grootslang card. The Barbed Toungue 2 inch melee attack has the Pull and Drag trigger. Push the target 3" towards this model. Looks like the max push would be 2 inches by definition since the range is only 2". This may be a leftover from an earlier version of the model? Or should the range actually be 3 inches, which wouldn't be unheard of for a Ht 4 model. Curious what happened here.
  6. That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything since it wasn't entirely clear to me. Thanks!
  7. Using the "Your Nightmare" attack action with the Mask trigger of "place a freindly Lord Chompy into base contact with the target". Does this have to be a LCB on the board already or is this like a semi-summon ability? If LCB was killed can you bring him back? I know how I would play it but would like some official clarification. Cheers!
  8. Don't have to tell master ahead of time. I am just figuring based on Interference and scheme pool Hamelin would be the most likely. Second would be Viks in my opinion.
  9. Passenty, that would be what I would normally go with. We have the limitation of ONLY models/upgrades from Wave 1 and Wave 2. So no changelings. We have Lilith, Dora, Lucious, Collodi, Zoraida, Dreamer with their boxes available to us, with the other models from those books. That is one of the things making this so darn difficult. I can't wait until the 5th round. New upgrades make our masters much more scary IMHO.
  10. I am wondering if it would be a better idea to take Collodi and Laz for some ranged attacks. Laz with Ret Eye can hopefully deal with A&D or whatever beaters they take. Mr Graves can show Laz the door to get more range. I'm not sure what I am going to do.
  11. Has anyone had any luck vs. Hamelin? I have a matchup on Vassal soon, interference, using only models/upgrades from books 1 and 2. I am thinking about Lileth, tangle shadows Hamelin as soon as I can and kill him. Then go from there. What are your thoughts?
  12. So, you're saying there's a chance.
  13. Total Faux League conference for Play More Games in Gaithersburg MD. This event will run from 9/1 - 12/31. Format: This will be a fixed faction league consisting of 6 rounds. Each game will be a 50SS game. Since this is a multi-month event, I will do the pairings for the entire 6-rounds at the beginning of the event. This will give players the most flexibility to coordinate games with their opponents. The Strategies and Schemes will be assigned to league months. Players can play any of their six games at any time, the only requirement is to use the strat/schemes of the month
  14. See the YouTube channel Sergrum linked above. Alex is one of the best Gremlins players I know, if not the best. All of the things he discusses he uses in tournaments.
  15. My big question is what kind of terrain are you using? If you don't have enough it can be a problem. Positioning is really important with Pandora and her crew to keep her alive. Also, what schemes are you trying to run? Pandora isn't necessarily about killing everything. Controlling order of activations with Mood Swing and having Candy stand next to someone for sweets and sours can really lock down an opponent. Also, don't forget you can focus to get + flips on the WP attacks that can help as well. Just some random thoughts. Are you playing Box Opens or Voices? Voices ca
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