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  1. Kinda bump to this... @Kyle or others... any idea when we'll see some love for TOS?
  2. When do you chose to reduce the margin value in order to gain suits? Is it during the modification step of the dual? - ie before the opponent gets to cheat Or is it when you declare triggers? (Ie after they can cheat) For the tracer round trigger does one specific fireteam shoot the prototype asset? - and therefore not benefit from the +1 AV
  3. Thanks. It did seem like it shouldn't be possible.
  4. If a combined arms titan dies, can you use emergency repairs stratagem to bring it back? If so, is this a whole new unit (that you can then reinforce to get 2 squads of mech inf) or are they still part of the original squad (and therefore likely out of coherency)? When it comes back, does it do so with assets?
  5. tdc

    Starting out

    Other than the allegiance box, what's recommended when starting out?
  6. This is exactly what I've done. (well, will be doing when I get around to finishing it )
  7. It's a nice enough model and pose... quite feral. But the overhang on the base is painful... especially when using cast resin bases - no overhangs to use there
  8. Thank you for all the replies and suggestions Especially for facing off against Kirai. I've picked up snowstorm and blessed too so it will be fun playing around with that to start (planning on dropping the ice golem for snow for my next 35ss game ) I'll pick up some acolytes when they get restocked at the distributors and I guess I'll have the silent ones when they come next month xD
  9. Ikiryo can target WP so avoid the halting activation. Pullmyfinger is alright for just seeing what can work together, but it doesn't really speak much into tactics. I'm getting all the december stuff as and when it comes out
  10. My FLGS is starting a malifaux push in February and so I decided to hop on board the train to the Breach. I've chosen Rasputina as my (first) master and it seems that fate is with me considering Snowstorm and Silent Ones coming out over the next month. However, there doesn't seem to be any comprehensive guides here on the forums (there seems to be a large Marcus and Kaeris thread though) I've played a couple of games so far to get the basic mechanics under my belt, though did struggle a fair bit against the two masters (Yan Lo and Kirai). So... any tips, how to play
  11. Hi I was wondering if anyone had a new on sprue Alt Kaeris that they wanted to get rid of? Thanks
  12. Hey, I was wondering if you still had Kaeris available and if you would ship to UK? Thanks
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