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  1. The meta seems to dropped off quite a bit at my local club so looking for more people to play with. Without a local henchman this is proving quite difficult, so if you are a player or know a club with a strong meta, please let me know.
  2. You could also ask on the trading forum if anyone's willing to sell you the card you want if you have to have the card and not a photocopy/ print out from the rule/ expansion book.
  3. I've been waiting ages for a local event and, typically, it's the day I fly out to Florida!
  4. Where are you guys getting those shipping prices? It's coming up as £10 odd for me
  5. I'm working up a drawing of the characters with the 'Sister' characteristic. For some reason, I've got it in my head that there are five sisters but can only find four (Vik of Blood, Vik of Ashes, Student of Conflict and Vanessa). Have I missed one or am I imagining things?
  6. Is that $35 US or CAN? I'm interested in Dufresne, what would be the shipping to the UK?
  7. Hey Nathan,

    Love Malifaux, it's captured my imagination more than any other tabletop game I've ever played (and many video games too!). I'm in my final year of an illustration degree at the moment and would love to do some work with Wyrd at some point in the future (Malifaux, TTB, The Other Side or anything else!). Would you mind having a look at some of my stuff and letting me know if you see any potential please?


    Any feedback would be very gratefully received.

    Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you


    Paul Ridgon

  8. I've got the Dark Carnival box winging it's way to me and I'm wondering if there's any likelihood of a DC Angelica model being released? The regular model could probably be painted to fit but...
  9. I've recently bought the 1st Edition books to get caught up on all the lore before reading that in the 2E book, but I was wondering where the stories in Chronicles fit. Is there a reading order available anywhere please?
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