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  1. But .... can the widow use web markers for her summons? According to the handbag upgrade she can only use corpse and scrap markers, so you would need to summon Teddy with her (you need 4 scrap markers, that's two turns for Zoraida and a Wisp).
  2. Hi Feagaur, thanks for the reply, if you give fears given forms to the widow, have do you avoid the fears given form for the summoned teddy/wicked doll ? Two fears given form are a great way to speed the factory, but I think that two wicked dolls summoned in turn 1 are more useful than a Teddy summoned in turn two and with 3 wounds less. Is there any miniature that can give the widow a small push? That would be quite useful, activate the widow, summon wicked dolls and give the widow a small push to avoid the fears given form aura. I can't use Zoraida's obey because summon a Teddy is 2 AP and I need 4 scraps markers.
  3. Hi to everybody! First for all, sorry for all the misspellings that you are going to read, english is not my primary language. I've been doing a bit of theory-faux during this weekend thinking about a Zoraida crew and I was wondering if someone could help me finishing the list. I was thinking in something like this: - Zoraida. Hex bag, crystal ball, fears given form. - Spawn mother. Hexed among you. - Widow weaver. Handbag, pact. - Waldgeist x 2. - Will O' the Wisp x 2. That's 43 SS, so that leave us with another miniature of 4-6SS and a SS pool of 5-7 SS. The idea of the crew is the following: The waldgeists are there to slow the enemy, meanwhile the doll factory starts running leaving the Spawn mother as the last one trying to maximize her perfect camouflage. An ideal secuence for the doll factory would be something like this: - Will O wisp activates and summons a voodoo doll. Voodoo doll hems an enemy. Will O wisp uses his last AP to attack doll (If you are lucky and get a crow Voodoo can get slow) - Voodoo activates near Zoraida and fails the Fears given form duel. - Zoraida activates. Draws a card. Summons a new voodoo doll. Voodoo doll hems an enemy. Zoraida hexes voodoo with prick. Zoraida orders widow exhale terror on vooddo. Voodoo fails the horror duel and you draw another card for inhale terror. - Voodoo activates near Zoraida and fails the Fears given form duel. Voodoo dies ( 2 + 1 + 3 wounds) - Widow activates and summons two wicked dolls. I like the fact that you are summoning AND debuffing your opponent. If everything runs you end your first turn with 2 wicked dolls, a gupps and you have done 4 wounds and slow on a model and 6 wounds and paralized another one. The bad news are that the factory is cards and SS intense; I've been running some tests and usually spend 2-3 SS and end with almost an empty hand (always save a 6+ crow for the spawn mother), the goods new are athat while it's hard to get and ideal turn it's not SO hard to get it ( the SS spent on the drawing phase, the two cards that you draw and the SS to add masks or crow ...) Also, the idea is run the factory only on the first turn, on second turn I think it's better summon just one wicked doll and cast exhale terror on two different dolls. So ...... do you think it could work? What model would you add to the list? (Yep, I know that in Malifaux is a mistake decide your crew before the game, but I feel I don't have enough experience to play it on this way). I don´t want to invest more points on the factory and I would like a model that can run alone and without support, but at the same time I feel that it needs a bit of support to run without problems. So far I've been thinking on Iggy (Incite is a 0 action and you can hit it with the new upgrade and trigger the push), a stitched together (it can support the factory killing one doll with gamble your life and can be used to draw some cards), another waldgeist or mysterious effigy. Thanks
  4. Yup, I saw him and I really like the idea for Jack. I was thinking something like: Jack Daw, Dr. Grimmwell, nurse, johan, papa loco and two guilty as a starting point. My plan is to use one of the orderlies as a proxy for Johan (ad a big hammer or something like that to one orderly), that should be about 38 stones, minus upgrades and SS for Jack ..... about 5-7 stones more for other miniature.
  5. Hi! It's been a very long time since I played Malifaux for the last time and since a couple of weeks I've been tempted to play it again. With the blackfriday so close, Christmas, my birthday and (insert randoms motives ) I was thinking in giving myself a present and buy Jack Daw crew. I love the aesthetic of Jack's crew and most of the tormented models, but I really dislike other outcasts miniatures Looking through Malifaux models I saw the Malifaux starter box with Dr. Grimmwell, the nurse and the orderlies and I realised that I liked that concept a lot: A bunch of tormented spirits with some madmen and their doctors, a cursed asylum .... sounds really cool! So, my question is, how playable would be Jack Daw with Grimmwell & friends? I also have a hanged, Jakuna, papa loco and a nurse and I wouldn't mind buying another box of tormented models (not the crossroads seven). Thanks
  6. Hi to everybody! I was wondering if anybody has included Candy in a crew lead by Zoraida. The way I see her is that she synergizes with Iggy (double mood swing, sweets and sours with mood swing), with Zoraida's obey (walk towards the enemy model that you want to paralize and walk with sours) and with the voodoo doll (she can heal it and pass it mood swing). I was thinking in a core crew like this: - Zoraida (crystall ball, hex bag) - Candy - Iggy - Nurse - Mr. Graves - 2x Terror tots/ Gupps That's 39ss and 7 miniatures (plus the voodoo) and you still have 11ss to get one or two miniatures depending on the schemes (any idea?). Graves is there to provide some protection to other miniatures (also, he can be healed with Candy and the nurse) and some hitting power.
  7. Well, not a begginer, but for a very casual player who haven't play in a year (that's me). Hi to everybody, a friend of mine has convinced me to give another try to Malifaux and we're going to play a game next sunday. It's been a very long time since I played for the last time, so, I want to bring with me a multipurpose crew and (maybe) change one or two miniatures according to the schemes and strategies. I was thinking in something like this: - Zoraida. Hex bag + crystal ball or animal shape + Tarot reading or on wings of darkness (dependant on the schemes) - Bad juju. Eternal fiend + Hexed among you. - 2x Waldgeists. - 2x Performers. - 2x Gupps. A very good option would be a nurse, a performer and a doppelganger instead of the two performers (and save some stones from other things) but I think it would be harder to use (and I feel more secure playing two performers, so if one dies I still have the other one). I think it's a very synergetic crew. Performers bring poison and paralize for the voodoo doll and negative twist to willpower which work great with obey and bewitch. Also, their lure effect is a push, so it works great with tangled. Bad juju brings hexed for the waldgeists and gupps offer juveniles wail for swampfiends and some cannon fodder for eternal fiend. So, what do you think? Any advice?
  8. Hi to everybody, Today a friend of mine has tried to get into a small league of "new" players (all of them know how to play Malifaux but haven't play many games). The idea is interesting, one player per faction and, at least, one game against each player. He knows I am a bit disapointed with Malifaux, so he thoughts that maybe it's a good idea to bring me again to the game. I'm not saying that I'm going to play, but if I join the league I will have to play with ressers. And, that's where I need your help Currently I have: Seamus box, Tara's box, bette noire, one hanged, one death marshal (maybe I could get another one), two dead doxies, one guild autopsy and four canine remains. As you can see most of the miniatures are designed to play with Seamus and I don't know if I could play Tara with what I have. So, is there any miniature that could work with both masters? Do you think that I need something more to play with Tara? As I said I'm a bit disapointed with Malifaux, so, if I join the league I would only buy one or two miniatures (let's say a box of three miniatures is my top). Also, please, don't recommend me Hannah. I know she works great with Tara, but I don't like her miniature (and currently I'm only willing to buy miniatures that I like for their aesthetics). Thanks for the help
  9. Hi to everybody! I know that Malifaux is a game about factions and that it has a rich background that allows to mix different miniatures without breaking the fluff. But I was wondering,for you, who are the most in-theme masters? For in-theme I understand the typical crew according to the fluff / starter box. Some examples would be nephilim for Lilith, frozen Heart for Rasputina, belles and undead hookers for Seamus. Another example:Izamu. Izamu can work for any resser master and you can use the background to justify it,but the typical and most in-theme máster for Izamu is Yan-Lo.
  10. Hi to everyone As you may know I've been asking some questions about Zoraida and some problems that I face with her (synergies and how to deal with Chiaki, etc). First of all: Thanks to everyone for your advice. Now, as I was reading you trying to mix everything, the idea of a crew inspired in the classical witch theme has been taking form into my mind. You know the basics: Hag, puppets, one lost boy, enchanted toys, haunting woods, etc. I don't want to have a super-competitive crew, just something that is playable and has a chance to win. And I know that in Malifaux crew selection must be decided with schemes in mind BUT ... could something like this work? I was thinking in something like this: - Zoraida (Crystal ball, hex bag, hexed among you) - Iggy - Mysterious effigy - Teddy (On dreaming wings) (Or another heavy hitter) - Waldgeist x2 - Stitched together x2 I like the brother's Grimm theme: I was thinking in the Malifaux child plus some fire inserts and chain him to a stake (captured lost child), the waldgeists for the haunting woods and all the toys reinforce the old witch theme. So .... what do you think? This is just a rough idea, but, could it work?
  11. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. How many silent ones do you use in your typical Rasputina crew? I've found the "old" metal model in one local store and I'm tempted to buy it (save a few euros and get it now) but I don't know if one of them will be enough for mosts crews. I have the same problem with the acolyte of december, I have the metal one and now I'm tempted to get a plastic box. So, how many silent ones do you use?
  12. Hi to everybody. I've been reading the forums and it seems Zoraida doesn't have special synergies with any model, am I wrong? I mean, the old hag seems good with everybody but not very good. So, the swampfiend theme, for example, she doesn't have any special synergie with any model. Is there a neverborn miniature that really shines with Zoraida? (In comparison to other neverborn masters). Thanks,
  13. Please, could someone tell me how do you stop the Misaki/Yu combo? A friend of mine has been playing lately with those miniatures (Misaki and Yu) and it seems unstoppable. We have find that Misaki now has an effective charge range of 20" (5"+5"+8"+2") and 4 AP thanks to fast. With that and two stalks she's able to kill two miniatures each turn. And we're not talking about two terror tots, gupps or canine remains. She is going to kill a henchman or a key miniature each turn plus another one that is near. It's not easy to hide from her (remember stalked, so if I move to avoid her she moves), you can't engage her thanks to diving charge and with that loooooooooooooooong charge range she is the one who chooses the fights. So, how do you stop the combo?
  14. Very good an well played. I really like it.
  15. Could the rail golem do the same job? I don't like Joss miniature, but a crew of metal gamin, rail golem and Kaeris sounds good for me. I think I'll begin buying the mechanical rider and the metal gamin
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