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  1. 2 Coryphee finished this month gives me 14SS.
  2. Another couple of finished models. I'm doing the painting challenge this year which will hopefully make my progress a little more consistent. I've painted my Coyrphee, and while the picture below shows them together I've magnetised them so they can also go as singles. However, this makes it 14 SS for March, which is not too bad for my first month. More photos and the colours I used at https://nanotanks.wordpress.com/2017/03/10/coryphee-duet/
  3. Taken me way to long to get Johanna painted; she's in almost every list I've run. https://nanotanks.wordpress.com/2017/03/05/johanna-2/
  4. Looks like an early error on my part in my first challenge. I didn't realise pre-paint images and WIP were part of it. Any way my plan is to get my two Coryphee painted for Twatifaux on the 13th. They're mostly finished now (very productive end of the week).
  5. Not at all happy with those photos now I look back at them. I'm happy with the next one, though. This is the identical setup as for the Performers above, maybe it's better with a blue palette vs a warmer one. I also think the colours on this model are a little harsh in real life, I suspect my pictures are amateurish enough that they need an exaggerated subject to look good.
  6. Two showgirls done. I'm not sure if it's my monitor, or the pictures, but the faces are looking quite flat. In real life they are pinker. I think I need to play with the white balance some. And this gives me a chance to show off the entire crew (or at least the Smoke and Mirrors box):
  7. Cassandra: https://nanotanks.wordpress.com/2017/01/11/cassandra/
  8. A commission got in the way of progress on this crew. But I've got a deadline for Cancon (end of January) so this has gotta get moving. Here's my take on Colette, I'm pretty happy with how she's come out. I haven't done a lot of female faces or skin, so it's taken me a while to get her to where I'm happy. I didn't do anything too outrageous, she's pretty much in line with Wyrd's art. https://nanotanks.wordpress.com/2017/01/08/colette/
  9. I just wanted to say thanks to Wyrd. I've just been able to purchase 10* individual upgrade cards and get them shipped to to Australia for $10. Thanks for listening Ladies & Gentlemen.
  10. I've started painting a new crew: Colette's Showgirls. I've started with some of her constructs: Mannequins and Mechanical Doves. I'm looking forward to painting the rest of this crew. It's a good spot to try some bright and vibrant colours. Move pictures here and here.
  11. I proxied my Electrical Creation with a scrap marker. I usually don't like proxying models and I think it can also be a little unfair on your opponent. I viewed my proxy as acceptable: It was accurate (I treated it as a walking scrap marker). I never let it survive past turn 1.
  12. From a technical perspective the metric system is far superior. The scientific development to define the metric system in terms of fundamental physical properties is allowing a precision of measurement that couldn't even be imagined when the imperial units were conceived. That the imperial units are now defined in terms of metric units should be enough to highlight how archaic these measures are. From an ease of use, the metric system is also far superior: the common prefixes make conversion between metric units rely only on knowing half a dozen common prefixes coupled with simple multiplications. While conversions between imperial units require you to remember the conversions and a working knowledge of your 12 and 16 times tables. As for contrarian, there are 7 billion people hurtling around on this rock, about 350m have the imperial system as their standard. The remaining 6.7 billion have adopted the metric system. In the particular country that retains the imperial system the scientific community as a rule has transitioned to the metric system.
  13. The world's largest and most stubborn market. The other markets don't use it natively, but don't really mind as it's on their tape measures and they can handle it. Seriously, the US obsession with imperial (or standard as they like to refer to it) units borders on ridiculous. The "an inch is more useful/easier to visualise than a centimetre" is my favourite. No it's simply that you grew up with the inch and it's easier for you to visualise. For the rest of us it's 2.5cm (I can visualise a centimetre, and 2.5 times as big is pretty easy to deal with). The only advantage (and this is pretty esoteric) advantage to inches/feet is that they work on base 12 which is a far superior base than 10. However the issues with integrating base 10 with base 12 and the lack of consistency in the base across other imperial units makes this moot. In the years I spent teaching maths to US college students we just did the metric questions from the text books and skipped the imperial ones. So much easier - particularly if you ever have to consider force.
  14. JB11

    Ramos Crew

    A group shot of the crew thus far:
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