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  1. KrazyIvan

    July 2018 Errata

    The game is designed to push owning multiple masters in a faction. Always has been. Previous master nerfs confirm this. If you're only getting mad about this now you only have yourself to blame.
  2. KrazyIvan

    July 2017 Errata

    The issue is more nuanced than that because you have to consider internal faction balance as well, especially when changing point costs. Take Gremlins for example: In the post-errata meta it can be argued that Stuffed Piglets are not worth the new cost of 3SS because Bayou Gremlins are also 3SS, are significant, and have better attacks and abilities. Bumping Stuffed Piglets has thrown the Gremlin faction out of whack, and opened up the question if Bayou Gremlins have the correct cost, or should they be bumped to 4SS? The point I'm trying to make is that increasing the cost of a model has a larger impact that simply making that model more expensive.
  3. KrazyIvan

    July 2017 Errata

    I have no personal issue with McCabe or the Terracotta Warrior, or Yasunori and any master for that matter. Hence my use of the qualifier "potentially" in front of "NPE inducing". You can't dispute that they have been a topic of discussion however (there are multiple long threads on Yasunori alone). In the case of Yasunori I was simply pointing out that comparing what a master does to what non masters do isn't a good comparison. Masters have a schtick that isn't really comparable to what specialized thing that Henchmen or Enforcers do, because a master's play style usually color an entire crew. Its better to compare non-master models to other non-master models. The only reason I mentioned McCabe was that @Hot4Perditamentioned that he was interested in McCabe. Since he has errata issues and the interactions between McCabe, Levi and Terracotta Warrior has been a topic of discussion as likely unintended on many a podcast, including shows like Max Value where a large chunk of the Midwest and East Coast tourney set discuss things. If you follow the errata cycle there seems to be a link to results from Adepticon and NOVA, where those guys play, and what gets errata. I suspect that's because of the data that can be collected at those large events. I could be off, of course, but I thought I'd asy least put that out there for a specific guy, taking about adding a specific master to his line up.
  4. KrazyIvan

    July 2017 Errata

    Well avoid the Ten Thunders McCabe + Terracotta Warrior infinite Sabres trick. My spider sense is telling me that's going to either get the erratta or FAQ bat next year.
  5. KrazyIvan

    July 2017 Errata

    The difference is that Viks of Ashes and Viks of Blood were specifically designed to do that. It's their master shtick. Yasunori on its own is fine, its only when it is combined with McCabe or, especially, Asame that interactions happen that are potentially NPE inducing. With so many possible interactions in Malifaux expecting a game designer to see them all, even with extensive playtesting, is unreasonable. Also, the meta changes all the time. What isn't NPE inducing today might become that way upon release of the next book, for the same reason cited above.
  6. KrazyIvan

    July 2017 Errata

    A'yep. Yasunori is more abusive, IMO, and hasn't been hit yet.
  7. KrazyIvan

    July 2017 Errata

    The Pigapult wasn't the issue. The issue was that Stuffed Piglets were never intended to be hired as spamable activations. Putting a rare limit on them was never going to be a good option due to Taxidermists summoning and how many Stuffed Piglets come in the Creative Taxidermy box.
  8. KrazyIvan

    July 2017 Errata

    Maybe Bayous should be 4SS, to maintain internal faction balance. Give them and Stuffed Piglets a little boost and differentiate their cost. Still doesn't solve the Pigapult issue though. I suppose that the Pigapult could hire Stuffed Piglets for a discount, or come with 1-2 for free. Ultimately the core issue is still that 1, non totem, activation is considered to be worth more than 2SS by the designers, no matter how good or bad the model is.
  9. KrazyIvan

    July 2017 Errata

    Why is it that folks seem to think that a bump in SS was the only thing discussed behind closed doors. Anyone who has been involved in Wyrd play testing knows that all kinds of ideas get discussed before a decision is made. I got to be honest that it rubs me the wrong way when the Malifaux game designers are accused of lazy development, given the complexities designed into the game already. In this case the ultimate issue with the Stuffed Piglets wasn't their wound count, or their selective self-detonation, or anything else about how the models performed. It was specifically that 2SS is too cheap for a non-totem activation (non-Totem because by and large totems are Rare 1, and the ones that aren't are integral to the associated master's intended play style), complicated with the fact that the designer didn't want to make major changes to the actions and abilities on the card. How do you specifically address the design direction of "1 activation > 2SS"? All I see is either giving them a Rare limit, which would have to be like Rare 3 to avoid the spamming 2SS activations issue, or bump their SS cost.
  10. KrazyIvan

    Reckless = OP?

    I suspect that if when/if M3E rolls around Gremlins will see a change to Reckless. In the interim having easy access to activation control, plus 3 AP on the majority of their models makes a great many of the condition and scheme marker GG17 strats and schemes trivially easy for them. That's probably where all the renewed 'Gremlins are OP' talk is coming from these days.
  11. KrazyIvan

    Outcast Henchmen - Are they superfluous?

    I'm thinking models like Johan, Sue, Librarian, Big Jake, etc. A&D under this idea would simply replace the 10SS plus upgrades on a Henchie, so still nets you some points back. This obviously doesn't include Viks, or specialty builds like Scion in a void list. Beyond AP, there is an argument that Outcast Henchies mostly kill stuff, rather than bringing utility, and our Enforcers do that pretty well already, for fewer points. TBH I never considered it untilI listened to that cast. I mean, Hannah is pretty ubiquitous in my lists. I'm just trying to theoryfaux here.
  12. Recently on the Max Value podcast I heard something interesting: the claim that Outcast Henchmen don't do enough, in general, to be worth their points (that's not a quote, outs extrapolation from what was specifically said). The Outcast faction has access to, in my opinion, the most SS efficient, Enforcers in the game. Do those Enforcers make is more advantageous to skip taking a Henchie and loading up on extra Enforcer AP, especially consindering the additional importance (beyond its importance in standard tech) of activation control in GG17?
  13. KrazyIvan

    Trouble with Summoners

    When playing Levi I do my best to kill summon Abominations via Desolate Soul as close to the enemy summoner as possible. Stripping suits is usually a huge deal for summoners (not to mention losing (0) actions). The passive damage pulse can also be effective at draining cards and stones. I often find that opponents will commit a crazy amount of resources to dislodge one or two Abominations camped by their summoning master. There is always Taelor as well. Welcome to Malifaux has a 9" threat range for anti-summoning ops.
  14. KrazyIvan

    Hollow Waif Anchors

    Running only 3 anchors is risky, and can backfire if you are not careful. I usually start my Levi crews like so... Levi Waif x2 10ss Henchie (Usually Rusty or Hannah w/ I Pay Better) Johan (IMO the single most SS efficient model in Outcasts) Librarian Trapper This gives you 4 anchors to start, all with solid abilities that are good in a variety of situations...and that have good synergy with I Pay Better. It also covers basic bases like hitters, healing and scheme running. You're left with plenty of points for an expensive model, or a few cheap models and upgrades.