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  1. I actually don't mind this particular render. But overall I'm looking at the changes to Malifaux and I'm getting less excited week by week. Art is subjective but when I look at the artwork for M3E I can pretty much tell I won't like the artist/artists vision and execution going forward based on the bulk of what I've seen. It's lost that element of nightmarish charm that made me take notice of Malifaux. Now these miniatures could be from a number of different game systems. It's all very generic looking.
  2. The art direction for M3E is just plain bad. This might seem like a strong reaction and I totally understand that it's someones hard work but it isn't right. If the thing it's replacing is better I have to question the necessity for new models at this stage (other than to make a quick buck) I said it at the time of announcement for M3E 'don't fix what isn't broken' the rules need a revamp, certain models need replacing but don't deviate from the tone of the original artwork for something worse. You're just harming the range. I made a decision to hunt down M2E kits that I feel are 'under threat' of replacement with something mediocre. The Dreamer crew (especially that absolutely atrocious Lord Chompy Bits) was one of my first purchases. I've picked up the DMH's kits because well why chuck out something that again people love and enjoy for the sake of fluff? Away from the artwork taking away the flexibility from crew hiring (whilst I understand this prevents all star crews to a point) it also stifles players. Sure your average power gamer nerd at a tourney might whip out these obnoxious crews time and time again but there could be other avenues to explore to stop that. The majority of Malifaux games being played I would imagine are between friends or at the very least between two people just looking for a fun game to play.
  3. I've got the black and white beta cards I was referring to the new M3E style card (tarot size) using the M2E artwork. I think they would look awesome.
  4. Again the M2E sculpt is better. It would be nice if the cards were made available with the M2E artwork.
  5. I'm not a fan so far of the art direction of M3E. It seems several levels below that what we saw in M2E. I said when M3E was announced that one of the things that almost didn't need to change with the exception of certain models was the mini's. The new style is just not Malifaux.
  6. Yeah this is another underwhelming sculpt. Is it a different lead artist they're using this time round?
  7. Could you tell me what brand plastic sheets you pick up for basing Adran?
  8. Updated as no longer need Mech Attendant and want the Nicodem crew box.
  9. Didn't they say at some point they are going to be offering unassembled TOS stuff on their webstore? Is that still happening? When you've managed to get the mini's unassembled is it easy to remove the glue they used to put the model together?
  10. The only thing that should be made illegal is taking my beloved Ramos out of the game. The Wyrd staff should be made to make a walk of shame ala Cersei Lannister, naked through the streets whilst commoners throw vegetables at them.
  11. Not to be the 'I told you so' guy but I said these very things during the Kickstarter. The 'high quality' PVC miniatures is a myth. No 'special blend' or magic elixir can bring PVC to the same standard as stuff like hard plastic or resin. So unless you're in one of three camps 1) Don't care about quality 2) Willing to sacrifice quality for instant playability or 3) Stinking rich you're probably going to come away disappointed when you compare them to other miniature lines. That said I have no personal experience and can only go off the images I've seen so far and the reports from those that did pick stuff up. It's a bloody shame is what it is (In Northern British accent whilst twisting mustache that I don't have) as I was willing to go big on the Kickstarter but they pretty much went in the complete opposite direction to what I was hoping/expecting.
  12. The Malifaux models are lovely....once you've got them together but even myself who's been putting miniatures together for over fifteen years found some of the miniatures to be poor from a modelling perspective. The contact points between parts can be extremely small and many of the miniatures just seem to require a level of care several notches higher than miniatures produced by other companies. But I won't be replacing my existing models because I just don't think aesthetically there will be a big enough leap with the new kits. It's like comparing the old metals to the existing plastics where in most cases you can see a clear visual enhancement, I can't see that happening here. Take the new Dreamer crew as an example I actually prefer the old kit. I think for me the main issues with M2E was a convoluted ruleset, some of the components needed addressing, the cards for example I do think needed a visual facelift - I do like the new design from what I've seen . The two player set was quite weak and it didn't really sell the game to new players. One of my best friends summed up M2E quite perfectly, he had about five crews and every time I asked him if he wanted a game he'd say no. He loved the models but he absolutely hated having to digest so much information before he knew not only how to use his own models but how his opponents models were going to function during a game. In the end he sold majority of Malifaux stuff off. So yes whilst I quite enjoy a game with a ruleset that has incredible depth and intricacy I would gladly sacrifice some of that to actually get more people to the table 😊
  13. I haven't done any digging but obviously this is an open beta have Wyrd given any sort of timeline as to when we can expect the full release along with new rulebook?
  14. The Death Marshal specifically the one posed vaulting over the coffin with one hand. The Purifying Flame found in the Sonnia crew box. Both preferably still on sprue. Interested in getting my hands on the Nicodem crew box if the price is right. I can pay via Paypal and obviously would prefer to purchase from someone within the UK or EU.
  15. Is it a full army though? it isn't. You're going to need to purchase additional units to have the flexibility to play a competent list. It's like saying one of the starting collecting boxes GW put out is a full army. It still doesn't address the slashing of MSRP which was clearly bloated for the Kickstarter and whilst I brought this up during the Kickstarter as a legitimate concern they seemed more than happy to take as much cash off backers as they could and then reduce the price come retail. I suppose if you're happy to at least take comfort you helped make the game happen then there's that at the very least. I think the backers deserved better than a sizeable delay and slashed value of the items they paid for.
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