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    Yan Lo, Brewmaster, Kirai, and some weird Komainu

    No idea what I wrote before the forum reset, but here's the Beer Serpent again :q I kind of want to do big barrels with legs sticking out from underneath them for Performers, but that might be too much – maybe I'll just have to pick up the Colette Crew! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I really like the Micro Art Studio resin barrels: http://shop.microartstudio.com/small-wooden-barrels-6-p-794.html They got them in three different sizes, although for bases you'd probably only need the small ones, I guess. They're nicely done, but some have small air bubbles, and the bottom is just a flat surface, if that matters. I used them for my Brewmaster crew, and I'm pretty happy with them.
  3. toomanygibbons

    Yan Lo, Brewmaster, Kirai, and some weird Komainu

    Oh yeah, you can really make those ancestors into some bloody beasts. Since I had a Warhammer Khorne army back in the day, I've already done my duties to the blood god, I guess! I'm definitely gonna get smaller barrels for Yin. Bought a bunch of medium and large resin barrels, but they kinda turned out to be bigger than I thought. I don't even know what to do with the large ones, since they hardly fit on a 30mm base. Although, come to think of it...
  4. toomanygibbons

    Yan Lo, Brewmaster, Kirai, and some weird Komainu

    Thank you all! I've started working on Yin and the Brewmaster crew. I went for something different for my Brewie-themed Komainu (I'm calling it a Beerkeg-Baku)! Here's a photo of my current painting progress: Yeah, that's right—it's a barrel with legs! Still trying to find my way around with the green stuff, but it's pretty fun. Gonna post a bunch more when the crew is finished (plus I might need to get a smaller barrel for Yin)
  5. toomanygibbons

    Yan Lo, Brewmaster, Kirai, and some weird Komainu

    Been putting a bit more paint on Izamu (which is one my favorite models, and basically the only reason I've been winning games with poor old Yan Lo) And also built a maned fish-dog-creature which kind of counts as a Komainu for the time being? Other than that, Kirai's been put on the back burner for now, since there are still a bunch of plastics missing for her – and I really want to paint the Brewmaster guys! Having a few ideas on conversions for his crew as well. No idea how they'll turn out!
  6. I've started playing Malifaux a couple of months ago, after being gone from the tabletop wargaming hobby for a few years. First thing I got was old man Yan Lo + some of his dusty friends. Since then I've also picked up Kirai, and once I've gotten around painting all of these guys, I'll probably move on to the Brewmaster (although, from what I've heard, he actually doesn't exist!). Some retainers (I've got a proxy for a Komainu as well that I have yet to paint properly, although I plan on building two new ones in the near future) And Kirai! I wish I would've put some greenstuff on her shoulder. That gap irks me to no end. I'm also a sucker for themed crews, and while I wanted to play a Flesh Construct with Kirai, I wanted one that would fit her aesthetic a bit better (although the official Frankenstein's-monster-looking construct is rad). So I made a zombie sumo wrestler! Head + hands are from Warhammger ghouls, while the rest is pretty much just a blob of greenstuff. The others are about half done in terms of painting. I'll post some updates every once in a while, but don't expect any rapid advancement in here :q Happy to get feedback!