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  1. NicoWZ

    Wyrdscape Preview

    Magnificent ! I hope you anticipate other things like this one. And do you think to make decorative elements such as: furniture, garbage cans, and many other objects to complete the scene? As you did the street lights! Thank you
  2. NicoWZ

    Gallery of NicoWZ

    Thank you, Boro !
  3. NicoWZ

    Gallery of NicoWZ

    Treehouse and Butch, thank you very much for your comments. I am here to post my work because I often come to see what is done and find inspiration.
  4. NicoWZ

    Gallery of NicoWZ

    A new scene ... In an experimental room!
  5. NicoWZ

    Gallery of NicoWZ

    Thank you for your feedback. The water on the pig is made with shiny acrylic gel.
  6. NicoWZ

    Gallery of NicoWZ

    Hello everyone This is my first subject: Pig War. I have been painting Wyrd miniatures for a short time, but I became unconditional ... I do not play Malifaux games. I paint miniatures like a 3D painting to tell a story. I hope that you will like ...