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  1. And..... Did you come up with a tactic?!? I hope so! As I don't have one :/
  2. I've scoured the interwebs and can't find whether the included special edition fate deck is plastic or cardboard. If it's cardboard then I'll buy the plastic faction aligned fate deck.
  3. Certainly does help, thanks! I hope the responses keep coming, all opinions and advice is welcome
  4. Howdy y'all, I've just recently picked up the Molly box and have therefore acquired a talkative severed head in a pram,but I'm finding it hard to see how to play him with any sort of certainty/efficiency. Bear in mind most of what I know is theoryfaux, bar the one recent game I had with him. I couldn't find any posts that really gave me the information I was looking for though... I KNOW from listening to podcasts and reading around the place that Philip is an excellent model that I believe some people almost include in very game. I'm aware that he is good for card cycli
  5. Of course you can trigger the charge from anywhere on the board *face palm*
  6. My bad I forgot that yin wasn't a spirit... So what spirits do have good 0's?
  7. What are some awesome 0 actions that Reva could take advantage of? Obviously Yin is an excellent one, I was thinking perhaps a shikome to get adversary out there. But they're rather expensive...
  8. I've only had one real game (the other was a 3 player game without henchmen) and she seems excellent. Just having so many attack vectors gives so much flexibility, let alone being able to charge 10" hit a trigger and charge someone else if you take the upgrade. Crazy!
  9. As someone who has been playing casually for around 1.5 years this topic both greatly interests and terrifies me!
  10. A more general question. Do you build a list with each model have a role in mind? Such as distraction, scheme runner, tank, damage and do you then stick to that?
  11. Can't wait to get the carrion emissary model, so sexy! I will have to get around to picking my crew load out and reasons for my last generated schemes and strategies...
  12. Can't wait to get the carrion emissary model, so sexy! I will have to get around to picking my crew load out and reasons for my last generated schemes and strategies.
  13. Uno mas! 45SS Seamus or McMourning Deployment: Standard Deployment (3) Strategy: Extraction (Rams) Schemes: * Convict Labor (Always) * Hunting Party (Crows) * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) * Frame For Murder (5) * Mark For Death (9)
  14. I like all the input BTW I have certainly taken it on board and scribbled down a few notes.
  15. Based on all the comments it very much seems there is no definite answer to the flesh construct hire or not dilemma. I guess it's a matter of personal opinion like everything in this beautiful game.
  16. So you think Datsue Ba just. By herself no upgrades? I always thought Mcmourning needed at least a flesh construct and Transfusion in his crew. What are your particular thoughts on that?
  17. I had considered Datsue ba, but due to hunting party I decided against it due to each seishin being a peon to kill and count towards it... Or do you think it would be better to focus on the strategy rather than schemes, and therefore take an optimal crew for vsing a faction?
  18. So, I would take show of force and set up. 40 SS Resurrectionists Crew McMourning + 6 Pool - Moonlighting (1) - Plastic Surgery (1) - Unnerving Aura (1) Zombie Chihuahua (2) Sebastian (7) - Transfusion (1) - Those Are Not Ours! (1) Rafkin (7) - Transfusion (1) Flesh Construct (6) Rotten Belle (5) Nurse (5) (exported from CrewFaux) As all the action will be in the middle i thought mcmourning would be fun, and I've only just started using him. Plastic surgery will give any constructs unread to I could summon still, and as i would be using him as a
  19. Hmm, that's not too bad. I might just wait it out. I can't justify the cost.
  20. I live in Australia so buying directly from Wyrd America is very pricey with shipping as well as the weak AUD. My question is how long (roughly) will it take for all the models at Gencon to be released and available normally? That would be of great assistance to help decide whether I remortgage my house or wait till stuff is available in Australia. Thanks!
  21. Howdy all, I'm going to use this post to post sets of random schemes/strategies/SS size/master. I will post what I would take and why, it would be really interesting to see what other people would take and why. Im limiting it to Mcmourning and Seamus specifically because that's who I'm currently playing and try to master Set#1 40SS - Mcmourning/Seamus Opposition - Arcanists Deployment: Flank Deployment (13) Strategy: Guard the Stash (Crows) Schemes: * Convict Labor (Always) * Show Of Force (Rams) * Hunting Party (Crows) * Set Up (7) * Occupy Their
  22. I forgot to say. Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys much appreciated! I'll have to post another mini battle report and pick your brains on my thoughts regarding could haves and should haves. Thanks again.
  23. If you were asking why I picked hunting party with my list, it was because I built my list specifically for hunting party. It requires enforcers or henchmen to kill minions or peons. My list had 3 options to fulfil that. I think the route of 3 belles with public demo would have definitely been the way to go!
  24. That sucks! I've read many of your posts scattered about, I would very much appreciate your expert opinion. Thanks
  25. Hello all! I’m wanting to employ any and all Resser folk to lend me your thoughts regarding the game I had yesterday versing a Ten Thunders crew at 35SS. Specifically I’m wanting your views on what crew you would employ. The scheme was interference (we were using the 2016 Gaining Grounds), and scheme pool was: hunting party, leave your mark, public demonstration, setup and convict labour. I picked hunting party and leave your mark, my crew was: Seamus -Red Chapel Killer
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