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  1. Well I missed Sign up this time. It might be for best as I'm going back to school and already feeling the time crunch
  2. Resting on his Presents so Shiny and Bright. Listening For Santa's Bells in the Night. Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow.
  3. Murphy's law on this miniature Her face melted (after I initially put it on upside down), so I turned that half into a mask. 1/2 of the tie to her dress was missing, so I just went with out. Even though that tie is like a key dividing point usually for the Translucent model Also Shout out to who Gave me this in the Christmas Exchange a few years ago with Sue! Yea I decide to stop being intimidated by the Translucent, after all how badly could it mess up!
  4. I kinda want to see how she looks all melty too
  5. your water effect is really clever! And mine is a pun, poem, cult TV show reference.... I'm just going to say Congrats now
  6. The Operative: That girl will rain destruction down on you and your ship. She is an albatross, Captain. Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Way I remember it, albatross was a ship's good luck, 'til some idiot killed it.
  7. I loved the wolf, although the mold line up the arm makes me twitchy. With Fur you can often break that up and hide it if you cannot get rid of it completely. And all the basing work adds a lot. I think a Black Background would have helped you. I expected Kingdom Death figures but This one told a nice surprising story. Love Reds skin tone with the light glow. But it did not seem you applied OSL using the same technique thru-out. the layered on the clothes looks very different than the application on the rocks. Rocks almost looks like moss, has the same intensity regardless of distance. I would think that between her legs would be as intense as the clothes, more yellow.
  8. Requested Feed back: you were in my gold tier. I liked the multiple point of OSL, and that you were able to apply the different tones to red, with out loosing it to Pink/orange.
  9. I really liked this Crooked Man, Soft OSL but still on point.
  10. Very well done, One of the best that took the two tone route. Still gave depth to both sides.
  11. Took me a bit to see the glow is on the statue and its just not moss. I love the eyes still have a chibi color pattern and are not just bright and blank.
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