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  1. Well I missed Sign up this time. It might be for best as I'm going back to school and already feeling the time crunch
  2. I imagine that this is because summer convention season, especially GenCon always seemed to muck things up. Including time commitment for judges as the # of entries increased.
  3. The Eliminated are not scored by easy way out. For that matter, Neither are the Bronze. That was a point total score. It has been phrased many ways over the years I've played, generally asking for more than a base coat on the model. But If you assign a "must be hire than this # points" and you have two groups not being scored points... Then by default I imagine no one can be below that. If you take it by the way the rule is phrased.. says nothing about "oh and is in theme" Since they end up in the same pool, and the Bronze do have extra entries for making it that far, I don't see the advantage? Some may argue my last Bronze entry wasn't on theme even though I felt it was. Anything that subjective should not be all or nothing. That's why scoring is divided into categories and done by more than one person.
  4. I'm a nurse. I got the Flu shot free from work. First year it didn't make me sick the day after. I tested Positive for Influenza A yesterday. They are saying its only 10% effective in our area this year. I think they gave me saline I did get my eliminated entry in. Stop using it as an excuse slackers!
  5. That was on sale for steam, Dont know if it still is. Any good?
  6. Resting on his Presents so Shiny and Bright. Listening For Santa's Bells in the Night. Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow.
  7. It was your own Friend that did you in. Not any Wyrd Geographical Bias. If the Argument was "I live in Podunck no-where and We cant even get Amazon Drones so I have to recruit talent to get Bits many can Buy" . And you seem to imply it was done for time constraints yourself. I am Concern with Nathans Response in I worry he does not know who "The Red head" is.
  8. IF that's a stance/issue They may want to look into declaring where you get your bits from. I know a lot of people post the manufactures for models. I have here and there, but often I get "JUST accept the #$!@% post!!!" with the computer I may leave details out. And also expect, "this is from my Mini Horde, its at least 5 years old. I do not know". This is a hard judgement to make, because there will always be someone at the line. I know a previous year I had someone more adept with power tools cut the wood into the shapes I wanted. yes I glued things together and painted it. I might have been able to find the sizes and shapes on line and shipped them in time when they were not at local hobby stores. But end of the day that was simple for him to do and I kept my fingers. And the advantages of 3 D printers are really clear too.
  9. Posted! yeay! Sorry I lied. No Chibi's but I actualy had a Themed Idea this Round!
  10. Murphy's law on this miniature Her face melted (after I initially put it on upside down), so I turned that half into a mask. 1/2 of the tie to her dress was missing, so I just went with out. Even though that tie is like a key dividing point usually for the Translucent model Also Shout out to who Gave me this in the Christmas Exchange a few years ago with Sue! Yea I decide to stop being intimidated by the Translucent, after all how badly could it mess up!
  11. I kinda want to see how she looks all melty too
  12. Week one- out of town due to holiday. Week Two - Bronchitis due to school age children played with on holiday are plague rats. Whats the theme again
  13. I'll weigh in on the Single Mini vs Diorama in case things change in the Future. It is hard to compare the two. Diorama benefit : Flashy, perceived more effort, and easier to elaborate on a theme. weakness: Time consuming; more likely to expose a technical error. (same as multiple photos vs Single. "loved it till I saw the back view mold lines/paint strokes/brush hairs" vs didn't show the back - could be naked for all you know) Single Figure: Benefit: perceived to be less time consuming Cheaper usually. Focus on painting not Crafting. Weakness: Focus of attention on Single element, Can be harder to address theme with out full story. If it ever was divided there would need to be a base size limit on Single Figs. A 28 mm figure on a 30 ml base is not the same as a 120 mm "base" compensating fro room to tell a theme. As plenty of diorama's are single figs. And then Where do the Bust Painters go. Cause they are neat and pretty and I would miss them.
  14. I think this is harder to decide who is "top Eliminated" because there are no judges score numbers. Do you Pull who was the closest in Votes? like if you were 49% and opponent 51% you go up. Sounds good. But since Pairings are random some one may have had a better piece, but was against a Much better opponent could have won a lower % of votes. Given there is enough complaint of "reshuffle" (although agree - if you are both still in you should not be Split) Whats the answer then. If enough DNF that would mean if they offered 5 prizes for silver, only 4 or 3 would be awarded.
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