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  1. I want to play hybrid TTB/Malifaux games, with my group. I want to create characters with the TTB system, and be able to use them in Hybrid Malifaux games. Is there a conversion system? Because the TTB profiles do not match those of Malifaux. Thanks! 269/5000
  2. bigoc

    TtB Map

    I'm the only one in the far south!
  3. Yes, it's excellent for the phone, but at work I can't be playing with the phone, jaja, so, Does anyone know of a web crew builder?
  4. Here in Argentina we are many Malifaux players, but are scattered in various gaming communities. But luckily we could get together lot of players from Buenos Aires to spend a day of free play in La Ultima Fortaleza club. 15 players, 7 tables. We will continue getting together to cement the tournament that we are planning for September. http://www.battlemaster.com.ar/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=4357 Fotos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.779570282178023&type=1
  5. Hi! Don't know if you want all the pictures here. Here it goes: The Gripping Tree During the early stages of exploration around Malifaux, the legend goes, a caravan of 18 families, ranging from Innocence to the shores of Lake Crescent was completely massacred by a band of nephilim. Men, women and children, were slowly bled, forming a pool of blood that persisted for days, despite inclement sun and the aridity of the region. Those who dared to pass that way in subsequent days and months have seen a growing tree in the middle of the blood pool. Blood was reduced not by evaporation, absorption of the soil, but because the tree used it as vital energy. Over the years, the pond of blood disappeared, but the tree kept growing. According to stories told in crummy taverns of Innocence, any living thing that happens to pass a league from the tree, feels attracted by the Gripping Tree, and ends committing suicide by the trunk, allowing him… it, to grow in size and power. Rules: At the end of the turn, any model that is within a range of 12 inches from the tree base will move all its movement toward the tree, following the shortest route. Models that are 1 inch apart from the base should make damage roll 2/3/6. I made it with a plastic bottle of coke. With parts of sprues for the branches. The coating is paper and glue at the beginning. Then pulp: paper cut into pieces, and flaked with water, then stuck with glue to the bottle. I used newsprint and cheap toilet paper. The complete WIP gallery: https://www.facebook.com/Bigo.Casaubon/media_set?set=a.774661009332557.1073741838.100003659962312&type=3
  6. CrouchingMoose, you are the Best!!
  7. Any word on when the crew builder will be back up?
  8. Please!!! We miss it so much!! I used to spend all week building lists, waiting for the weekend to play!
  9. Where did you read about The Forgotten Marshal? Can you point me where to go? Have they showed the card? Thanks!
  10. Hello! I play Malifaux for a year, now. With Nico, Mac, and now starting with Guild. I'm from Argentina. This is a great game!! I'll be posting! Question, is there any news about when the crew creator will be abilable?? I miss it!!
  11. Please, please, please!!! I neeeed the crew creator!! Every day I make lists, and it's been almos 3 o 4 weeks without it! I'm starting to hallucinate, jaja.
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