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  1. It would definitely be cheaper to get the whole boxes but the conversions and stuff isn't really my thing meaning that they'd probably be left on a table and be a waste of money. Ill will probably get the boxes and sell the dupes but even then that's not a guarantee (I still have two Wongs and that does not make a wight) and I will almost certainly lose money in the process. As for the LGS doing them, you're right they're not great. We have a joke here that the February releases are the July stock. My store tries but the supply chain just doesn't ever work smoothly so much so that I have had my order for Will o the wisps cancelled three times by the supplier with no word to my store at all. All in all I know this will only be a problem for a minority of people for about a year but it is still a problem that will have lasting problems in the community. I love Wyrd products which is why it sucks so much to see problems like these happen.
  2. While I do appreciate the condensing of boxes for store owners is a good thing the issue is the contents of the boxes. Them being half old half new is particularly bad because as this is ultimately pushing people like me away from buying these models at all. The special order system might work somewhat well in the US but internationally it will be a struggle. I'm from Australia meaning that we have shipping costs like crazy to the level where my annual Gencon order always ends up being double the price because of shipping ($100 USD shipping is a real thing). Having special orders for people in my local community and I would say a large portion of my country will not work as the price will probably be similar or higher than the retail box with the doubled up models. What should've happened is the new go with the new and the old go with the old. That way we will not have to worry about ridiculous costs or having extra models collecting dust. This is a really unfortunate situation because I want to have all the models but I dont want to have an excessive price tag connected to them.
  3. Can't wait to pay that $400 Aud for shipping those beautiful looking books. Also do we know if the dual faction masters/models are going to be in both books?
  4. I am from Australia so obviously don't have my pledge yet but I keep hearing that to fix models use warm water and bend it back into place. My question is (as stupid as it sounds when typing it), what temperatures do they start to become flexible? Like we get a few 45+ degree days (~113+ Fahrenheit) and just wondering would that be an issue in terms of models retaining shape. It sounds completely stupid and I feel like its a non issue but then again the road out the front of my house melted last year.
  5. Do we know what the standard game size is now because if it's still 50 the master cost seems to take up about a quarter of the limit?
  6. With half the group starting from when the Kickstarter was released and having run through defence of innocence and numerous other mission with no issues can assure you that we are experienced. But some of the tns and damage spreads just seem to be much higher than what we've ever experienced especially with the starting level characters. Just things like having to do in excess of 30 wounds to kill something while it basically instakills characters is insane.
  7. So my group of 5 is part way through the second session and so far we've lost 6 characters. We are all fairly experienced players with our main campaign having been going for about a year now with no deaths. Is this campaign this difficult for everyone else or is my party just getting super unlucky?
  8. If a construct (ht 3 df 3 Armour +2) gets armour training do they increase their defense?
  9. It jus seems that the legs are too far from the centre of mass and the fact the legs are equidistant apart makes it seem like it would struggle to start moving.
  10. Just looking at the model I don't see a way that it could lift any of its legs. For something known for its mobility it doesn't seem very mobile.
  11. Just looking at the new crew, why not a Celtic or Viking style reva crew as she already has sheild bearers and an aggressive looking second in command.
  12. The statement "You will only need a few boxes for this game", which is one of the marketing ploys used by my local group, seems to become increasingly inaccurate as the weeks pass by.
  13. They kinda look like how I imagine lampads from through the breach
  14. Why not using a piglet, a wild boar and a war pig as the three billy goats gruff with Lenny or the spawn mother as the troll.
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