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  1. wow! that top half of the gold tier is really strong. it is hard to pick who I think would be winner.
  2. Zatch


    I can tell there is quite a bit of detail here. But it seems to get lost to the bright backdrop of the photo. The figure seems really dark in comparison and detail gets lost.
  3. Zatch


    I love the shell on this guy!
  4. one other critisim I have of this years contest, the bronze being open judging head to head, where people just vote for their favorite, it leads people to just quickly glance at a pic and the piece that would score higher in the "asthetic" category is normally the winner even if the losing piece is stronger in theme or technique. If we still do public voting for bronze but just have people submit their scores like we did in the sorting round it will also give participants more information on what they can improve for future. just a thought.... I unfortunately have WAY too much to do to get ready for christmas so I will be bowing out after this loss. well done @Kilvo your diorama was really well done.
  5. dude! this wins best of iron painter 2018 in my book. holy crap!
  6. This is one of the best photography shoots I have seen in my 3 years of this competition! well done!
  7. I may have over-committed myself on this diorama. there is just too much left to do!
  8. Zatch


    Im doing the same thing!!! But doing more of a wraith shape.
  9. where did you find an entire barroom set?
  10. Zatch


    going for the demogorgon.
  11. YES!!!! monokuma is the best use for the bad teddy figure!
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