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  1. wow! that top half of the gold tier is really strong. it is hard to pick who I think would be winner.
  2. Zatch


    I can tell there is quite a bit of detail here. But it seems to get lost to the bright backdrop of the photo. The figure seems really dark in comparison and detail gets lost.
  3. Zatch


    I love the shell on this guy!
  4. dude! this wins best of iron painter 2018 in my book. holy crap!
  5. This is one of the best photography shoots I have seen in my 3 years of this competition! well done!
  6. Zatch


    Im doing the same thing!!! But doing more of a wraith shape.
  7. where did you find an entire barroom set?
  8. Zatch


    going for the demogorgon.
  9. YES!!!! monokuma is the best use for the bad teddy figure!
  10. with resin you should use smaller pours and a blow dryer/heat gun to remove all the bubbles from the resin. this will make it a lot more clear and will show off the painting you did inside.
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