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  1. So now we’re comparing a nightmare set some dont like to scrapping WHFB and releasing Age of Sigmar. This thread has now reached peak internet.
  2. That seems counter productive. All that does is rush list creation and/or slow down getting games started. Providing them in a player pack on registration let’s you speed that part up by letting people make lists beforehand. Also good because it lets people organise transport for miniatures rather than needing to bring your whole collection.
  3. Tournaments tend to list the strats and schemes for each round in the players pack that you get in advance. So you can very much build a list for each game before even getting in the car to drive to the event. You don’t know the opposing crew but you can build lists before the event.
  4. Pretty sure Pamela Anderson wasn’t around in 1905.
  5. I’d rather Piglets and Sow. Easter War Wabbit would fit in fine for the War Pig.
  6. There’s so many themes in Malifaux that trying to pin one down basically results in ‘Edwardian era’ for the overall setting. Individual crews are all over the place. Off the top of my head, crews cover fantasy type Mages, Edwardian dandies, gothic horror, steampunk, American western, Wushu, hammer horror, stereotyped American confederates, high fantasy, feudal era Japanese, supernatural myths from many cultures and many more. Saying ‘Malifaux is X’ more just shows the crews you play rather than representing the game as a whole.
  7. Piglet/Sow previews like they did for Coryphee/Rat Kings and Catchers will decide for me if I buy this. If you’re going to invest heavily in theme you need to support it with expansion products or it’s just half finished. I can live without the War Pig (due to the Wabbit fitting in fine) and Gracie ( there’s only one Gracie). Stuffed/Flying Piglets can be converted easy enough if they do a Piglet Box.
  8. The only real argument I can see is they have the Pig keyword and visibly aren’t Pigs. But that’s the point of keywords - to point out they’re affected by something without needing to list every model by name.
  9. Colette/Mr Cooper got a Nightmare Coryphee. I wouldn’t be shocked if they did Nightmare Sow and Piglet Boxes. Don’t really need a War Pig, since the War Wabbit is silly enough to be in theme.
  10. Goofiness has been Gremlins thing since M2E. Gremlins have never been about gothic horror and aside from the Whiskey Golem, steampunk. They’re drunk rednecks who delight in the myriad ways they can blow themselves up. This might be a tad goofier than Gremlins in general but they’re the goofy faction.
  11. Dreamer also requires a 10% outlay and the loss of his Limited upgrade slot to summon more than Alps. His base card cannot summon anything of worth aside from Daydreams. Dreamer also has the unfortunate Chompy situation, which other summoners don’t have to deal with.
  12. I don't think anyone has said that. What they've said is he's not unplayable trash. He got nerfed - by definition he lost things, not gained. But the end result is still something that's worth using, though probably not in every situation like he was before.
  13. If you don’t play it yourself, you’ve got nothing but theory crafting and other people experiences to go on. If you own the models, there’s no reason to not keep and open mind and play a few games to see how it now works. We all know theory crafting is never representative of playing actual games.
  14. Honestly it speaks volumes about Nicodems power level if your main faction was ressers and the only master you own is Nicodem.
  15. An easy to kill decoy that can score if ignored becomes a risk worth taking. They’re not particularly strong, so they’re not worth sending a unit after. But you win on points, and if ignoring it loses you the game, then you should have sent a unit after it. Hordes can do the same with Egg Clutches and the Storm Siren.
  16. Different games. The changes made in TOS were to get 50-60 model games played in a shorter time. As a skirmish game it’s expected that Malifaux has a bit more complexity.
  17. The ability for them to replicate themselves means it's always a good idea to have an extra or two lying around. Even if you don't aim for it, if given the chance to spawn another model, it's never fun thinking 'but if I just had one more...'.
  18. I started with Lilith because I heard Pandora was a huge NPE. After a while I moved to Pandora and realised I loved the play style. I’ve now got every Neverborn master except Lynch and Lucius and I still play Pandora 80% of the time. When I see new Neverborn models, my first thought is ‘how can Pandora use this’. I’m currently preparing to put Titania on the table and I’m hoping she clicks with me enough to at least share the limelight.
  19. Just had a thought - I wonder if the rise of TOS style plastic is potentially making the expansion more economically feasible? If it is cast like other PVC minis, it’s a much lower up front cost due to the different molds and is better for lower volume products because of it.
  20. I really liked Master of Fate in Shifting Loyalties. The interactions between Lilith, Pandora and Zoraida were great. If we're accepting TOS stories, Little Star in the newest Chronicles is really good. They're doing Chaos corruption better than GW did themselves.
  21. How does Pact help her tarpit? It's designed purely around killing masters and stopping them preventing the damage. Are you referring instead to Royal Indignation?
  22. It's a good idea. It lets them keep armies thematic, while using mercs/infiltration type mechanics to let you bring some other units in. Bring a dual commander, take some models from the other allegiance. And hey, while you're there, you might like it enough to grab that allegiance. Smart from a balance perspective and a marketing one. Though I'm guessing they're going to toss each existing army the odd unit per book to keep interest going. There's going to be people who want to stick to a certain army, and not supporting that at all will lose customers over time.
  23. My name came from playing Quake 2 in high school with friends, taken from the film Dogmas character, the Angel of Death. Eventually we were playing team deathmatch with me against everyone. It's caused plenty of confusion over the years, especially with the rise of the MCU. My avatar is from a Penny Arcade strip which basically sums up my poker face when I draw my hand.
  24. A whole issue dedicated to TOS is a nice surprise, and the articles are really good. Love the scenario.
  25. I’d be all over Ophelia if she got a Jack Daw style ‘may attach x amount of ‘keyword’ upgrades above her upgrade limit’ like Jack Daw. Though that would require also errataing those upgrades to have the new keyword, like Jacks Curses.
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