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  1. I'd really suggest finding colour primiers in the colours you want to do them. As a Tyranid player from 40k, Hordes are very similar. Single main colour, smaller detail colours (easier than Tyranids, who had two primary colours). Being able to spray prime them your colour of choice, wash them to define areas, and give them a few drybrushes and then pick out details should be a nice way for beginners to get painted Hordes on the table.
  2. As a backer, I'm happy they're releasing it ASAP to retail. There's no point going to a store to try to get a group going when you're the only one with toys and have to tell everyone 'watch me have fun until it gets released'. Personally I was more surprised at 2 straight months of 2 releases per faction. There's 13 releases per faction looking at the kickstarter page, I was expecting a double drop first month, then one per month after it to maintain a 1 year release cycle until the next book. Unless the next book is coming sooner than a year out.
  3. It's a PVC type, very similar to what they used for the Tortoise and Hare and Christmas Rasputina, not HIPS like Malifaux. I'd be shocked if hot water didn't fix it.
  4. Like any plastic of this type, a little hot water should straighten that up. Just got my shipping confirmation in Australia, so hopefully not too much longer on this side of the pond.
  5. Eh, I like the new art more than that old Nekima art. But hey, art is subjective.
  6. Art is always changing in any game that goes on as long as this. As long as the miniatures paint up the same I don’t see a problem.
  7. Maybe at this point stop complaining and just start again when you get your stuff?
  8. Yeah just saw it on the TOS group. Several people showing their packages.
  9. Wyrd stated stateside (domestic) shipping would happen after all international shipping was done in one of the last updates. I’m guessing they’re waiting until their international fulfilment centres start sending out the international orders before they start actually sending the domestic orders to try to get it all arriving around the same time.
  10. Backing a Kickstarter is to do just this. It’s been mutated into a cheap retail storefront by places like CMON, but backing a project on Kickstarter is expressly to get a project funded. You take a gamble on anything you get through it being worth your money or not. Ive said this before, but I bought one of everything for Hordes and a friend did the same with Abyssinia. I even threw in a second Eel and a few more Egg Clutches. I knew I’d be able to get it cheaper from my FLGS but a. I’m betting it won’t all be available up front (there’s 13 releases per army, that’s a years worth of releases with a 2 release opening month), and b. I wanted to help fund as much as I could.
  11. The cost isn't that high when you consider an Allegiance box is a full army. Also, according to the Chronicles issue that was all about the game, they're taking a different approach to TOS in that what you see released for an army is going to be largely it (they're designing TOS to be 'wide', or lots of armies with fewer, almost static unit selections in contrast to Malifaux's 'tall' approach of lots of fewer factions that can take many, many options). You won't have a long tail of releases over years that continually expand and bloat an army and make older choices redundant. This makes it easier to get the list of what an army can take (and remember, all rules and cards will be free) and proxy something until you're happy and buy just what you want. The only part that makes it potentially more expensive is if you want the commander in the Allegiance box but not the squads, since the squads are available outside of the box but the commander isn't (at least, going by what we saw available during the kickstarter as add ons).
  12. New update. Australia and New Zealand orders are already leaving the warehouse for the freight handler, other international orders by the weekend then domestic. The wild ride is coming to an end.
  13. Are there plans to add the spells from future books, kind of like boosters?
  14. I’d suggest dropping Fugue State and adding Rile them Up. This lets Pandora drop 4 Mood Swings if you get the Tome triggers, giving her ample Summon targets and leftover control or summon targets for next turn. You don’t need to super overload on conditions, nor aim for spamming Sorrow summons. Get Pandora close and let her get 4 Mood Swings and 2 Sorrow summons and it’s been a good turn of Pandora. I’d suggest the Mysterious Emmisary though - it has a long range, no LoS needed Mood Swing which is perfect for forcing a far away model to activate first next turn if you don’t win Initiative. Pandora can then use the leftover Mood Swings from last turn to summon more Sorrows and have herself an action or two left to kill things. If she gets 3 Sorrows summoned in close proximity this way, that’s 4 Misery auras to hit what you summoned off. Since she’s got Depression, the Sorrows all have Nobody Likes Me to cause 4 damage condition applications that make those models activate last. You’re basically guaranteed a Poltergeist this way too.
  15. No matter what crew you play, you'll likely have a different 'genre' to your opponent, even within faction. Playing Guild Lucius? You've got an Edwardian era crew full of lawyers and people in puffy shirts. Playing Perdita? You've got a Cowgirl and her posse. Both are the same faction and neither are the same genre. Playing against Seamus? Hi there Hammer Horror. Playing against The Dreamer? Oh, it's Gothic horror. Playing against, well, Gremlins in general? Hi there Confederate Redneck stereotypes the faction. Tying some different Asian archetypes in (the Monk, the Black Magic sorcerer, the demon lady, etc) is hardly any more intrusive than anything else. Asian stuff was in the game already, with Asian Ghost Lady (Kirai).
  16. As with Malifaux I’m guessing they’re keeping the fluff for the print and full paid PDF.
  17. Interesting that a few of the models are alternate art. Alternate Perdita, vintage So'mer, alternate Nekima, McTavish riding his Gator.
  18. Did the people who aren’t getting it join late with backerkit or join during the KS? Seems they got the email list from the KS. Backerkit gets information from KS but doesn’t feed information to it.
  19. The M2E books carry the plot forward a lot. If you’re into the fluff you’ll want to read them. Rulebook, Crossroads, Shifting Loyalties, Ripples of Fate and Broken Promises.
  20. There's one zip file to download all of the cards organized into sub directories that you can download. At least I managed to find it. Each unzipped folder has a bunch of pdfs that don't open, plus the cards. Not sure what the other pdfs are.
  21. It’s not uncommon for shipping to Australia to be nearly as much as what you bought. Wyrds International shipping rates are very high.
  22. They’ve been showing close up photos of various miniatures in backer updates for a while.
  23. Because, from the sound of it, they're using bulk distribution centers. That's how we got such huge shipping discounts. My order of two full commander pledges plus their entire factions cost me less to ship than my usual gencon order direct from Wyrd. That means they're bulk shipping the whole areas product to a distribution center, who then break it down and ship individually. Wyrd couldn't give us such cheap shipping if they sent it piecemeal.
  24. Absolutely, delays are frustrating. Another kickstarter I did was the Infinity RPG, and that was delayed massively as well. There weren't even miniatures in that! CB were just very, very careful about the quality of the fluff. I did the Dogmight Skirmish box too, and IIRC that was delayed a couple of months due to moving their whole office and workshop right after the kickstarter ended. Delays happen. The delays for this were nearly all QC related. Detail not being up to par, completed models with large gaps on joins, etc. Those aren't things that are easy to fix. Low detail can be either/or the PVC mix itself or the mold. Bad joins is the PVC shrinking too much and the part needing to be cast larger. These things take time to resolve as new pieces need to be made, new molds made and new mixes trialed. While I would really have liked to have gotten this 6+ months ago, I'd have been less happy if, for my ~$600au or so that I 'invested', Wyrd sent my a bunch of models with huge seams and low detail that would normally be tossed in the bin on the QC line and just said 'well, we had a deadline, you get what you're given'.
  25. Another old recommendation is Jakob Lynch, but he's going Ten Thunders exclusive.
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