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    Thanks! I just wanted to make the new plastic chompy look a little more retro (nightmare version).
  2. Thank you for the compliments, they are appreciated. The first thing that came to mind was doing an Indi Gremlin running from a giant rock w arrows flying along the sides. Although during the process I came up w the Croft idea...and I found death by large pendulums were a bit more menacing...and a trickier challenge to do.
  3. http://wyrd-games.net/community/gallery/member/31229-orteza/
  4. Thank you for all the compliments! This is a great competition. I love the idea of themes and trying to think out of the box w all these great competitors. I've posted better pics of this piece in my gallery. The few malifaux pieces Including this one are the first non GW models that I have ever done in over a decade. Btw, yes you can fit a lot into a 30mm base lol. Again many thanks for all the comps and props!
  5. 'Fools Gold'...Lara Croft (Gremlin) meets Indiana Jones Temple trap , and snags the golden pig!
  6. 50 soulstone dreamer crew using the new plastic kits and some green. I wanted it to have a playful yet dangerous feel w the jack in the box n the ball (spiked). I've primarily done GW models but I love the imagery of Malifaux.
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