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  1. skaroreg

    March 2018 FAQ

    Is there a reasoning for 87? Seems like if conditions were not working as intended it would have been changed sooner than five years in to M2e. Usually you have an explanation @Aaron and I’m having a hard time seeing why this change occurred.
  2. skaroreg


    Damn it Aaron, now I have to awkwardly sneak to the bathroom and clean my pants because I got so excited when I saw this
  3. skaroreg

    Tokens from today's update

    Hi @Aaron, the tokens that appeared in today's update, will they be part of the command boxes or are they products that are coming separately? I personally wont care either way as I am just glad they are being made one way or the other.
  4. Gamer's Armory in Cary North Carolina will be hosting a Gaining Grounds 2018 league starting on September 21. Each Thursday we will have a new strategy from the gaining grounds 2018 packet. There will be prize support and awards at the end of the league. Come join us! http://gamersarmory.com/
  5. skaroreg

    Already have a problem

    Game isn't even out and I already can't stop thinking about it. I love what has been shown from the Hordes so far. Love the recursion and melee specialization they bring to the table. Can not wait to have models in hand and we can begin talking tactics.
  6. skaroreg

    July 14th - Prince Unathi

    every one of these gets me more excited
  7. skaroreg

    Summer 2017?

    Yeah I'm just getting cautiously excited. I'm hoping for shipping in October with general (pre) release for Black Friday but I won't be upset if it doesn't show until December because that's what kickstarter said
  8. skaroreg

    Summer 2017?

    So a Penny Dreadful from Free RPG day says ToS is coming Summer of 2017. I would love to get this shipped out early as I am looking forward to this game a whole lot. Fingers crossed that this is coming super early.
  9. skaroreg

    35 SS story encounter in NC

    Gamer's Armory in Cary North Carolina will be hosting a 35 soul stone story encounter. registration starts at 10 with first flip expected at 11am. Store Address: 683 Cary Towne Blvd Ste F, Cary, NC 27511 (919) 238-4817
  10. skaroreg

    May 23 - Reva

    teh sexy!
  11. skaroreg

    find myself a guildie

    been playing Ressers since I started Malifaux. Playing Guild in a slow grow league. Fell in love with Perdita the other night. I think my wife may even be jealous.
  12. skaroreg

    New Player Looking for Advice

    return your nurses and buy the McMourning box. there is good variety in it and McMourning is a blast to play.
  13. skaroreg

    Rapid Growth League

    Hello everyone! Looking to learn the game and grow your collection? At Gamer's Armory in Cary North Carolina we will be running a Rapid Growth league to help foster the growth of the community at the store. The League will begin on March 17 and will last four weeks. Feel free to contact me at buckykatt77@yahoo.com if you have any questions. Hope to see you there The store website: http://gamersarmory.com/
  14. skaroreg

    Just because ...3/2/16

    Primus gave Lee Van Cleef a lot of love. (Also incidentally turned him into a guild autopsy)
  15. never thought the Belles were "ridiculously proportioned". In fact, they are perfectly normal proportion wise. Good thing you are not playing Infinity. <shrug> They are not absolutely necessary to win however they are so fantastic it is a bit of a self-imposed handicap. The Belles are so handy in denying schemes and strats where a model has to be in a specific place.