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  1. Jassas! Time for another update before i have to take a little break, as i have to work from 0800-2000 the next three days. This means no time for painting till saturday. First i have reworked some minor details on the Bandersnatch as i still had to seal him anyways Then i managed to finishe my gender swapped variant of tuco. As i dislike his original posture i build this stand in using the female ttb kit. Sadly there wasn't a shotgun included, so i will scarp build a replacement in the futur, i guess. I really enjoyed painting this shaman, through painting through his wing-claws and the inside of his wings was rather tricky. Last but not least a groupshot of my accomplishments in greece. I think i am quite good within my schedule. I finish with a view of the scenery and some pics of my various helpers/spectators/troublemakers
  2. And daily update! Bandersnatch time. I tried to get an OSL effect for his Shadow and i am quite pleased with the result, through its pretty shotty to fotograph probably, the pics don't do him justice :/
  3. Future proofing or a relict from playtest rules.
  4. No. Misery triggers every time an enemy fails a WP duel. This means WP has to be the stat your enemy uses. For example an horror duel, or if you attack him using incite, as it is resisted by wp. Fading memory triggers everytime pandora wins a WP duel against an enemy model. For example if she is targeted by an enemy action that is resisted by wp. OR if she uses exposing feary to change a df duel in a wp duel for herself. Third option again is incite as she uses her wp stat to attack, so its a wp duel for her. More Concrete: You have Pandora with the 'the Box opens' granting her terrifying. Your Opponent attacks her using a Sh attack action with Rst: Df from 6" apart. First he checks his Horror duel, a test of his WP against a target number. He flips high enough - nothing happens. If he would have failed, on top of gaining paralyze and ending his activation Misery would have kicked in, as he used WP in a simple duel and failed. Next is his Attack flip. Before anything is flipped, Pandora decides to use exposing fears and changes her resist from df to wp. During the following flip the attacker performs a Sh-duel, against pandoras Wp-duel. Pandora eins. As the opponent hasn't used his wp, Misery doesn't triggers. But as Pandora has won a Wp-duel she can now push from fading memory.
  5. Nerverborn aren't mere barbaric, animal like monsters. They were a striving, civilisation once, at least similiar advanced to the humans (including magical devices compareable to human machines). I think it's quite resonable they wear more fashionable clothing than loincloth before the fall (see titania and her knights). It's pretty common for the more sophisticated Neverborn to were cloths (see Titania & Knights, Lucius, Lilith, Angel Eyes, Rider, Twins, Changelings...) while the more "Nature-Style" typs are usually naked (one could argue waldgeists, silruids and so on are more animals then thinking beeings. The Term 'Neverborn' is pretty wide). I am leaving aside all 'transformed' Neverborn like Wretches or Dreamers Nightmares). Regarding the Nephilim we usually refer to the "growth-typus" but thats only one of several known typs (Others include Lilith, Nekima, the Twins or Cherub). Maybe there are different breeds of Nephilim similiar to different insect species (bees or ants) with the "Growth-Typ" representing the Soldiers (rapid growth, enhanced physics). It doesn't make much sense for those to wear more then a few leather straps as their fast changing physics would rip them apart anyways. As soldiers/protectors wounds aren't rare and if your blood is acid any uniforms would suffer quite a bit. Nekima may be wearing less clothing than her sister because its simple more practical to her, as she seeks the front lines more often. But as a former Queen it is beneath her to roam around naked. Maybe Lilith is just a bit more conceited. Regarding men made cloth i would rate it a simple matter of availability or quality. Just because someone is an enemy doesn't meant you cannot adapt their goods. In history that happend quite often; conquered enemies became slaves and had to keep on producing various items.
  6. Aaaaand Bunraku! Thanks to @Monomatana's tips i think i could improve the wood-effect compared to my other puppets. But as i already started with another technique i didn't followed as closely as i could. I think next time there is still room for improvement
  7. Hello again! At the moment i accomplice one of my patients on his six weeks greece vacation (i'm an ambulant care nurse specialised for intensive patients needing artificial respiration in various levels at home). That means i got many time on my hands to paint all those nasty things, that evaded attention for far to long Up till now i've finished: Silruids & Corrupted Hounds - i despised those guys as i haven't had a suiting idea to spice them up a little bit and find them rather boring to paint. On top i don't like to paint fur or scales. Flesh & Cloths or Amor are waaaaay~ better! Stiched and Knights were far more enjoyable. Thorn got a more light green to represent spring, while tooths more saturated colors should tie her to summer (Claw has no green, more cold browns. But he was finished already and stayed at home). The stiched are #4-#7 and while #1-#3 are flesh colored i wanted those to fit in more with my rather colorful Dreamer/Collodi Crews. They will get some Party hats on top if i'am back at home. And to finish this post a picture of the sea and mountains, taken from the nearest city monemvasia (peleponnes, south-east greece) So long!
  8. Great Models! Do you mknd sharing your colors and method for the puppet wood? I tried for exact this look but it went ... let's say less perfect ....
  9. Because she never targets herself. She targets another Model and performes her attack Flip against it, afterwards she places a friendly model nearby base to base with the target model. As lilith is friendly to herself and within range she can places herself, too.
  10. Thats a terrible match up indeed. Engage Wong fast, as he's very unhappy in melee. Keep him there! Use someone with a decent df (6+) and don't be shy to sacrifice high cards against his melee or disengaging strikes. Beware of his fan attack, he has a trigger to place himself away. Don't rely on amor or bubble up to hard. I've made good use of Lilitu. Her df, possible positives and 4" Engagement make her a good engagement piece. Otherwise split up, engage as broad as possible and let him try to break free to use his castings while doing your scemes. Resummon Effigy and Marionettes to keep the pressure up.
  11. Nekima is already there, but i second the Notion of Barabos. I would exchange him for the Doppelganger. He hits as hard as all your beaters and Ini is terrible relevant with this kind of crew. 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 4 Pool - Living Blade (2) - Beckon Malifaux (1) - Wicked Mistress (1) Nekima (13) - A Thousand Faces (1) Hooded Rider (12) - A Thousand Faces (1) Mature Nephilim (11) - Obsidian Talons (1) Doppleganger (7) (exported from CrewFaux) If dou go out all beaty, Lilith needs her sword! i think Hooded will be the more efficient option but Killjoy is way more in-your-face fun.
  12. Btw Seamus and Marcus are two of the worst Matchups ever for Pandora
  13. If she has to use incite just to disengage you are halfway there
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