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  1. Are you on the Wichita Malifaux group?
  2. I played a hamelin game and I must say I rather like it.. once I figured it out lol here is my list, the game, and my thoughts on hamelins crew in m3e: Strategy: reckoning Schemes: dig their graves Leyline Deliver a message Claim jump Power Ritual Hamelin + 4stones 3x stolen Wretch Nix Benny 2x winged plague Rat king +servant of dark powers Midnight stalker *dig their graves &leyline* TT Jacob Lynch +4stones Huggy Hench lady (don’t remember name) 2x illuminated 2x beckoners Depleted I don’t know what upgrade where. Took leyline and power ritual So deployment I misled him and he moved first turn to the far side of the board and I moved the opposite. Hamelin caused a great deal of movement. We screwed a ton up, with me mistaking a lot of stats (old numbers in memory from 2e). Thoughts: This crew is freaky fast.. holy crap.. there are multiple triggers and abilities to send vermin pushing all around. Turn on Hamelin caused all vermin in (6) to push three then action.. got a lot of 8” of movement that way, and that’s after the rat king got the 6” from servant. Then getting fast from the stolen... this crew has a high amount of unconventional movement and can shift gears very fast. Early, had to lure and start building up blight. Once the game got going blight came easy and was devastating. It’s a lategame crew that does schemes very well and still can kill. Hamelin is the main beater. Able to inflict injured is massive. Add in his bleeding stat of 7 and it’s brutal. His other tricks are also great for positioning and resources. Nix is a great aoe brawler, but not super durable. It’s easy to get him around and do some damage. I preferred him to either stack blight or go for the kill. His damage is secondary Wretch didn’t do anything for me but my opponent looked at me funny for literally suiciding her. She was meh.. rather another rat king Benny was useless... he isn’t a summoning machine but rather a scheme marker counter. If you need lot of scheme markers later game you can use him to kill your rats to create them or eat enemy scheme markers. Will keep as an audible against crews i know will be using scheme markers for heir abilities. Stolen are surprisingly dangerous and good models to use to give fast to rat Kings. Speaking of which.. what in the unholy name is this thing.. it’s not a damage bagillion.. but it is super fast, good damage, can cause slow, can eat schem markers. And if it gets to low you can get a ratcatcher. Mine never died as it had servant on it. Super scary model you can’t pin down unless surrounded. Winged plague proved good disruption and decent schemers. They die fast but that’s ok as long as they die in range to spread blight. Good as 1-2 Rats.. you can’t get as many as easily anymore. They don’t help either activations.. they can’t do much damage or even spread blight well. They have nich synergies with Benny but where these shine is as fodder for abilities that kill models (there are a lot in this crew) and many allow demise triggers. Use them as a resource. Overall this is a slow to build momentum but can do so much mid-late game. Use mobility to keep opponents off guard. Hamelin is the core of your positioning so keep stolen in smart positions and stones in range. I like the stalker in the crew as either scheme runner, a runner hunter, or as a setup for certain doom on a model (adversary for bleeding disease. Might also try barbaros as a tank) Power level won’t be as high but this crew might be annoying to play against.. especially if Hamelin gets a rat king to push, charge, onslaught 😬👍
  3. Unfortunately I work till three, but I am planning on being there after 4!
  4. Just played my first m3e game yesterday. Plant explosives I picked schemes poorly (out of practice) and picked assassinate and leyline. Opponent picked dig your graves and leyline. parker mad dog Doc Mitchell 2 bandito wouku Raider hans w/wanted criminal midnight stalker w/wanted criminal Rasputina wendigo ice golem blessed acolyte ice gamin silent one don’t know his upgrades first of all I made a mistake with upgrades.. oops. Second I picked assassinate into an incredibly difficult to kill crew. Overall a great game to learn the new edition but I would have done a few things different: -wouku Raider + barbaros barbaros would have been a much better tank than the Raider. I see the Raider being much better into less durable crews and you use them to take on medium to weak models. - midnight stalker/bandido i wasted a lot of ap between these two (I am very rusty) and I honesty could have just used one of them and saved some soulstones. Bandidos are fantastic scheme runners who can help do a little bit of damage and midnight stalker is both a great scheme runner and utility piece. He can either set up a kill on a big model or he can hunt support pieces. Also willing to trade both out for emissary mad dog I played too aggressively in the front. But AMAZING model. doc Mitchell is amazing particularly with mad dog hans... I love this guy so much... super useful to do either good damage or disable the enemy crew. He kept the ice golem out of the game through slow and other effects And parker just rocks
  5. I am very interested in playing the crew now. I never played the before but I love (at least on paper) how they look like an organized military group.
  6. Hey all! I will be doing demos at both Hero Complex and Wizard’s Asylum at various times. Feel free to reach out to me to set up a time with you! I will Be posting in local Facebook groups for the impromptu demos and events!
  7. Welcome aboard! Hopefully will get the chance to meet you some point in the future! Ps... randomly point out spiders in the office... 🙄
  8. So I have never been a “beta tester” as I am not good helping balance a game. This leads me to avoid paying attention to games and changes until the release aka M3E. But now I need help! what are some good combinations in a parker list? Any models that particularly fit better than others? What about Benny wolcomb? Where do you use him vs others? Is there any good Mele or tank options? Looking at barbaros now that he is outcast versatile. Any “trap” models in theme that don’t really fit?
  9. Hey! I am looking to move to the Wichita area in the next couple months and am looking for players! Where and when do you play?
  10. I am going to be moving to the wichita area and am looking for players! Where do you play? regular days you play?
  11. We were using a mix of forums and Facebook, but the league ran into some issues and we will be rescheduling at some point in the future
  12. Dont forget mad dog can blow up cover too. also same trick works if it the convict gunslinger or sue that they charge (as long as they survive)
  13. I have always been a fan of hans but I never bring him to be a "killy" sniper. His utility is fantastic and now he falls within much more reasonable cost ranges.
  14. so a fun combo with the new upgrade is put "Dead Man Walking" on a model that will act in range of hans. hans doesnt randomize so if they get into combat he can still shoot them
  15. Shifting Loyalties campaign league Feb 5 - March 26 Gamer's Haven - Colorado Springs, CO We will be running a 2-month Shifting Loyalties Campaign, meeting every Tuesday night at 6pm for games. Starting Soulstone pool is 35ss There will be weekly events from the Shifting Loyalties book, but additional little things will be added from time to time, allowing players to earn extra scrip Hideouts will be in use to determine a "winner" for the campaign to receive a special prize, but you can only collect building materials during your first game of the week. Cut 'Em Up For Parts will be used Masters may be hired during week 5 on, as that is the planned halfway point. Avatars are allowed but must be obtained normally (meaning you have to get a master first and complete a bounty). Game results to be posted in the appropriate store forum thread HERE. Each game you will get extra rewards for having a fully painted crew (including summons)
  16. @Mason likes to use them as they tend to be ignored by opponents. I have seen him use them as effective scheme runners
  17. You can email either office.assistant@wyrd-games.net or myself at hobby.assistant@wyrd-games.net.
  18. Mason uses Desperate mercs all the time. he gets good use out of them
  19. Yesterday I reviewed all but two and yours was one of them. I will be taking a look at it today!
  20. If you want something specifically for demoing, I would highly recommend the 2-Player Starter Set. It has the perfect amount of models and complexity to teach the game.
  21. Hey Caiti! I am glad you are looking to join the program! So when starting you will need two painted crews to even apply for the program. These can be two master boxes or two small crews large enough to demo (2-player Starter Set counts). When I demo, I prefer to have two crews of a Henchman and 2-3 minion models, usually duplicates of one kind of model. I try to make the crews different enough that it's aesthetically obvious there are two sides (I don't like using perdita's crew vs Lady J's crew). This is why I like the starter set so much. As for game experience, no one is perfect with the rules. As long as you can explain the core of the rules clearly then you should be good! The biggest factor here is if you don't know the answer to something are you willing to look it up? By playing to the game you will learn the rules more over time as you run into the situations that you need to look up rules. Any Henchmen wanna pipe in with their experiences?
  22. You can also get the Luther and Genbu set in order to have an evil bunny killing your foes!
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