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  1. As Your Deed, So Your Destiny A 5-week Escalation-style Malifaux league The Dragon’s Hoard (199 Main St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840) would like to announce an Escalation-themed Malifaux league starting Sunday, May 6th and running for five weeks. There is a $10 entry fee, payable to Craig at the store, which the vast majority will be used for prize support. The focus of this league is again to help our new players learn their faction/crews (or old players learn new factions/crews) through several games which start small but will increase in point value. You are not locked to a crew box this time to permit some flexibility, so it is not really a “Slow Grow” like we have tried a few times in the past. Instead, simply announce your faction. There will be no set schedule of strategies and schemes but games should be played using the Gaining Grounds 2018 packet with regards to Strategies and Schemes. Since we have some new players, the painting requirement will not be enforced but instead there is a possible penalty for unpainted models in the rules below. Summoning will be banned/capped for earlier weeks, as the game is typically balanced for a 50 soulstone encounter and summoning is largely regarded as very unbalancing in smaller games among the larger Malifaux community. League weeks begin on Sundays, starting May 6th. Up to two games may be reported per week, League Points may be earned by the following: 2 points- Awarded to players who have never played in one of our local leagues before 1 point- Show up to the store on a Sunday (traditionally, our “Malifaux Day”), maximum 1 point per week 1 point- Play a league game, maximum 2 points per week 1 point- Win a league game, maximum 2 points per week 1 point- Kill an unpainted enemy model, maximum 3 points per week 1 point- Play an opponent in the League that you have not yet played during the League 1 point- Play with a Master you have not used in a League game, maximum 2 points per League Week 1- 25 soulstones, Henchman-led, no upgrades permitted, no summoning permitted Week 2- 30 soulstones, Henchman-led, upgrades permitted, no summoning permitted Week 3- 40 soulstones, Master-led, One upgrade permitted on Master, summoning limited to 15 stones total Week 4- 50 soulstones, Master-led, no restrictions Week 5- 50 soulstones, Master-led, no restrictions To sign up, please contact me directly via PM or find our Facebook group, Wargaming at the Hoard!
  2. The Dragon's Hoard in Hackettstown, NJ would like to invite you to a 3 round Story Encounter tournament beginning at noon on Sunday, March 25th. Gather round the tables and hear the saltiest Henchman in the scene tell you the tale of Train Robbery, Moon Pickled Catfish, and The Bone Stag Cometh! Do you have what it takes to win The Gold Cranky? Please sign up directly with me via personal message here, or on our Facebook page: Wargaming At The Hoard as space may be limited. Please find us at: The Dragon's Hoard 199 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840
  3. Good day! The Dragon's Hoard would like to invite you to a 50 stone fixed faction tournament using GG2017 strats and schemes, which will be announced shortly before the tournament, on 12/16/2017. The three-round event starts at 11:30am, with prizes sponsored by The Dragon's Hoard as well as the first place winner receiving a free ticket to Zooks Con this upcoming June. If interested, please message me directly or on our Facebook Group- Wargaming at the Hoard. We hope to see you there! The Dragon's Hoard 199 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840
  4. The Dragon’s Hoard in Hackettstown, NJ would like to invite you (especially you new players) to join our six-week Slow Grow League, starting 9/17/2017! No entry fee, no need for an official “buy-in” of models. Simply owning or buying a standard crew box, painted or not, and perhaps a few extras should be all you would need to join us. The league will run on an “Achievement Point” basis, with a prize given to the player with the overall top score. However, there will be other prizes to be raffled off, guilders for each player, and you will receive an additional raffle “ticket” toward our prizes if this is your first Malifaux event with us! Please message me personally for details or to sign up, or find our Facebook page “Malifaux at the Hoard.” We hope to see you at: The Dragon’s Hoard 199 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840
  5. Wyrd's customer service is rather well known for addressing incorrectly packed models. Although a little time has passed since you started the thread, if you contact them asap they may be able to help you out.
  6. The Dragon's Hoard in Hackettstown, NJ is celebrating a year of Malifaux in the Hackettstown meta with our next tournament and would like to extend the invitation to any and all who would like to join us, proudly hosted by the owner himself. As the topic implies, take your favorite master or a list you're experimenting with because this will be a three round, 50ss fixed list tournament starting at 12 noon on 6/17/2017 with a $10 entry fee. With Strats and Schemes yet to be announced, who are your most trusted and reliable hires for your crew? I can at least say this, the tournament will be using GG2017 rules and has the painting requirement mentioned therein and will have prizes for the top three places. Please feel free to message me personally here or find our Facebook group, Malifaux at the Hoard. You can find the store at the address below, we hope to see you there! 199 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840
  7. Who did you play? -Nicodem vs Jakob Lynch (NB), 7-7 tie What were your and your opponent's list? -Nicodem (Undertaker, Maniacal Laugh, Reaper Grin), a Dead Doxy, a Crooligan, Izamu, Yin (Unnerving Aura), Vulture, Mortimer (Corpse Bloat), 7 stone cache -Lynch (Endless Hunger, Woke Up With a Hand), Huggy, Mr. Graves, an Illuminated, a Doppelganger, a Beckoner, Coppelius, and a Bandersnatch, 4 stone cache (as far as I am able to recall) On a scale from 1-10 how competitive would you say the game was? -I'd give it a 7. We don't pull punches, but we are both learning our crews so figured the game was a little more like practice for the two of us. What were the strat and scheme pool? -Extraction, Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, A Quick Murder, Accusation, and Recover Evidence Why did you take the schemes you did? -Took Claim Jump to set up early with Crooligan and continue with summoned models/incidental scheme running, Frame on Izamu because he's big and tarpitty, demanding attention What worked? What didn't? -Largely very happy with the results, but only got 2 VP for Frame because Izamu had caught up a lot of smaller models in combat, eventually falling to one of the lesser-stationed models. Turns out my opponent had to deal with Izamu somehow, as he had A Quick Murder. What would you do with the same pool next time? -Despite the extra work involved, I still find myself taking Claim Jump a lot, and Frame with some frequency. I am finding that the crew is killy enough for A Quick Murder, so I might mix it up a bit with that.
  8. The Dragon's Hoard would like to invite you to a quick and dirty Enforcer Brawl at approximately 2:30pm on the 30th of April, 2017. Standard Enforcer Brawl rules apply, copy/pasted below, with the only other caveat being a painted Enforcer to play with. Please feel free to message me directly or find our Facebook Group, "Malifaux at the Hoard," to join up. We are likely looking at 2 rounds, with a prize for first place. No entry fee! Please find us at: The Dragon's Hoard 199 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Enforcer Brawl Rules are as follows. Thank you! Each player selects one Enforcer and attaches up to one Upgrade to it. The Upgrade must be something the Enforcer could have attached at the start of a normal game considering its Faction(s). (Leader only Upgrades may not be selected, for example.) The Enforcer must be one with a Cost which may be hired (no Coryphee Duets, for example). The game is played on a standard table. Each player flips a card to determine deployment order; the player who flips highest deploys first, followed by the second highest, etc., until each player has deployed their Enforcer. If two or more players are tied, they reflip amongst themselves. Models may be deployed anywhere on the table which is more than 6” from another model. Play proceeds for 6 rounds. Each round, all players flip for initiative; the player who flips highest must go first, followed by the second highest, etc. until all players have gone. If two or more players are tied, they reflip amongst themselves. If a model receives Reactivate, it receives a second Activation at initiative -1 (if multiple models Reactivate, they flip to determine which goes first). Before the game, assign a suit (R, t, etc.) to each table edge. On a player’s initiative, if they have no models in play or buried, they must flip a card which may not be cheated (reflipping jokers). The player places a new copy of the model they chose at the start of the Brawl (including its Upgrade) within 6” of the board edge corresponding to the suit flipped and then proceeds with their Activation as normal.. Restrictions The Enforcer Brawl has the following restrictions/rules: Players have a hand of 4 cards, instead of the usual 6. Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model). When a model is buried, it may choose to be sacrificed instead (in which case it counts as sacrificed by the model which forced it to become buried). Scoring At the end of 6 Turns, the player with the highest Victory Points wins. Players score VP in the following manner: 3 VP for each opposing model killed or sacrificed. A player scores 4 VP instead if the model they killed or sacrificed had a higher Soulstone Cost (including the cost of Upgrades) than their model did. 1 VP for dealing 1 or more damage to an undamaged enemy (this may stack with killing the model). A player scores 2 VP instead if the model they damaged had a higher Soulstone Cost (including the cost of Upgrades) than their model did. -3 VP for each time the player’s model was killed or sacrificed.
  9. Good day! The Dragons Hoard would like to welcome any and all players to join us for a four week Malifaux league, beginning 2/12/2017. With a very loose focus on a single master (largely to clinch the snappy name), the league is designed to not restrict rules or crew creation in any way, but to rather incentivize playing more games with a variety of ways to score. Want to start a new crew from the ground up like a Slow Grow, play a narrative campaign with story encounters, or simply play 50 stone Malifaux? All are valid ways to score. Please PM me for rules details, or find our Facebook page, Malifaux at the Hoard. We hope to see you there! The Dragons Hoard 119 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840
  10. The Dragon's Hoard would like to welcome you to "Good Game, 2016," a 50 soulstone fixed-faction tournament using Gaining Grounds 2016 strats and schemes on 1/29/2017, starting at 11:00 am. We plan for three two-hour rounds, but will announce a fourth round if we have enough players. Please register with me via PM, or find us at "The Dragons Hoard" or "Malifaux at the Hoard" on Facebook and contact us there. Deadline to register is a week prior, 1/22/2017, whereupon we will announce attendees, deployment, strategies, and schemes. We have a 16-player prize pack as well as other goodies available. Entry is $10, or $5 if you show up for our Terrain Day on 1/15/2017! Terrain Day falls on our usual Malifaux Sunday, where participants who help us build and paint terrain for the shop (with most resources provided) will get a little discount on our event! We hope to see you there! 119 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840
  11. Starting 12/12/2016 and lasting throughout the rest of the month, please join us at The Dragon's Hoard for demonstrations of our favorite skirmish game! Although our "Malifaux Day" typically falls on Sunday afternoons around 1 or 2 pm, we often have odd games being played during the week and our Henchman will be easily available almost any weekday evening and nearly any time on weekends if you are looking for something a little impromptu. Find our Facebook group, "Malifaux at the Hoard," the store's own Facebook page, or feel free to message me directly! We hope to see you at: The Dragons Hoard 201 Main St. Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Thanks!
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