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  1. On Friday, May 13th, I'll be holding a Megademo event at Desert Sky Games in Mesa, Arizona from 5:00-9:00 pm. If you show up and say hi and let me know which Faction and Crew most intrigues you, and sign up for the Malipho'enix facebook page, you'll be entered into a drawing for a limited edition Malifaux figure. Malipho'enix is your premiere East Valley Malifaux meetup page where you can get the latest on events, demos, tournaments, and more!
  2. Demos for Malifaux 2e will be available Fridays from 5:00-9:00pm at Tempe Comics in Tempe, Arizona starting April 2016 and running each Friday through the end of the year. Contact me either here of through our group Facebook page "Malipho'enix" to let me know you're coming! I'm also available to demo by appointment at your local game or hobby store. Currently I'm making rounds at Desert Sky Games, and Game Depot in addition to Fridays Tempe Comics. If you need to meet up at another store or location, I can make myself available. In addition to the stores above, I will be a
  3. Every Friday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, I will be available to run demos of Malifaux 2e. If you're looking to get into the game, but need help learning the rules, meeting the local team, or picking your first crew box, swing by and check us out at Tempe Comics on main, just west of McClintock ave.
  4. My bases tend to be mostly neutral colors like greys or browns. I try to leave my bases bland so that the models stand out more. With a purple rim, bland base, and colorful model, it tends to look great together!
  5. I think it's perfectly alright to have mismatched bases. I tie mine together by painting the rims purple...gives them a cohesiveness outside of the terrain they are standing on. Thus far I've just used what I had on hand or ordered for a set.
  6. Here's hoping for a fantastic turnout and great growth opportunities. Demos will be available most Friday nights.
  7. I personally love making my own custom token sets. Plain 30mm bases and trinkets from a craft store, broken clock, or spare parts and you can easily make your own. Recently I've gotten involved in 3D printing as well, and the options there are nearly limitless! For scheme markers, I love to see the variety of creative efforts made from each player to stand out and do their own thing. That being said, I recently got coins from a kickstarter that I love. Fantastycoin.com sells a variety of 30mm coins that work as scheme markers or more, and the product is really high quality. I got t
  8. Good luck sir! We've had a lot of great success growing our local group here in Phoenix, AZ. We started with a humble four players building on player's bad experiences with 1.0 or 1.5, but we now have around 12 regular players and more coming in all the time! Having well painted crews, being friendly, and being persistent are key to bringing people in. A good board with great thematic terrain helps as well. The best thing we've done is establish a regular night where people can expect us to be present and ready to give demos to new players, and constantly being there to show off how
  9. Semantics, but you have a CA (cast) total of 16. This is important when considering the feasibility of the attack, and some cards have specific defenses or triggers based on your use of a Cast action. If the attack is resisted with WP, your opponent is performing a Willpower duel. As stated above, you as the attacker win ties. Since your opponent is performing a Willpower duel, make sure to check for Pandora or other's triggers that may happen when an opponent loses a Willpower duel.
  10. The problem I've found in running a single heavy hitter or two toughies, is that I often face Guild Death Marhsalls and get pine-boxed, which really wrecks the mojo. I don't have anything much to add for something that works though, we don't play HH often. I have a game coming up Friday, and I'm thinking of Vasilisa with two stitched, maybe Primoridal Magic for card cycling and then some upgrades...
  11. Empire Games in Mesa Arizona! (Not added...working from my phone...)
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