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  1. No offence taken! I really appreciate the feedback, and I already knew that I would have to figure out a different sort of "lightbox" for round 2, but I was hoping that this one might not turn out quite so dark. It was illuminated by *cough* a LED headlamp *cough* haha Thanks for taking the time to take a good look at it!
  2. "The Dreamer" is a model I painted as a birthday gift for a brother of mine. He's wrestled with sleep disorders (sleep walking, vivid dreams, and night terrors) since he was young and has recently shown an interest in Malifaux. Seems like a perfect match n'est-ce pas? I've long enjoyed the fantasy of this young boy who shapes and disrupts reality and wanted to use this model to portray that. Every step he takes wrenches the ground free (in the shape of handmade, cork puzzle pieces) and sends nearby objects (twisted wrought iron fence behind him was a model train fence purchased from China, so good as terrain!) writhing away until his passage is complete. I sorta imagine the pieces all settling back neatly into place once he is gone, but I think that is a little bit beyond the scope of a miniature haha! I look forward to seeing the rest of your creations for round two!
  3. Hi there, I've got a rail crew box that is NoS/NIB that I could trade for your Swamp Hag box. The only hitch might be that I am located in Canada.
  4. Coveleski


    Whoah, I like how you can see the frost literally oozing off of the model! Great chill-effect! I wonder if it could be achieved on the real model?
  5. Coveleski

    the bayou boss

    I love the bright, colourful "Malifaux-y" effect achieved here. Truly a carnivale of the macabre! In particular your done an excellent job on his pudgy face, and beady (pig-like) eyes! Two thumbs way up for this gremlin!
  6. Coveleski

    Teddy By Nao

    Great work! It is such a common idea, but one that I never tire of seeing executed well. In particular you have a really well metered free-hand on the belly and an excellent contrast of pink/fluffy on the fur with dark/filthy on the teeth. Well achieved project that has certainly rewarded your time.
  7. Coveleski


    Such an over the top base, but the movement of it really draws the eye towards the progression of the model! You aimed large sir and succeeded equally. Excellent job on the icy shading as well, although the details of it are a tad more difficult to see.
  8. Coveleski

    bette Noir

    As stated above, your fade from black to such a solid red it amazing. It really blends an almost cartoony approach to blood with a non-existent shadow. Top notch work!
  9. Coveleski

    "Frozen" Raspy

    What a great conversion. Pop-culture aside, I can really appreciate the attention to details that went into this piece. In particular I think that you've done a bang up job on her face! Just the perfect amount of scowl/playfulness and (I can't believe I'm typing this but) the sparkly blue cloak really rocks! haha
  10. The flat purple comes on a little bit strong, but that may have been a photography issue. Overall a pleasing model to look at, and shows evidence of some strong free hand!
  11. Really fantastic conversion. Next time I would recommend really using your space to the maximum, but overall very pleasant use of colours to separate the zones! Keep up the good work!
  12. Coveleski

    Gremlin Web

    Excellent work on the display base, and a very clever set to show off a rather sub-standard old mold. The paint is great as well. In particular I like your choice for bright yellow on the eyes. I seemed to strong, or even poorly faded, at first, but the overpowering lumens have grown on me!
  13. Coveleski

    Performer - Front

    Fantastic skin tone, it almost seems soft! I don't know that I would have gone with a lighter hair colour, but overall a well conceived project.
  14. Coveleski


    Some of your transitions on the colour palette themselves are a little bit blotchy, but overall a great model. In particular I like your attention to detail on the base. Your efforts have been rewarded!
  15. Your use of stark, non-white/black, colours in this model are just great! I would also really like to commend you for your faithful attention to details on the base and your slashing brushstrokes on the model itself. Great job!
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