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  1. I think I might give me I feng a try. The metal gamin seem great for taking a hit and being difficult to remove while helping mei feng get where she needs to be to do the damage. Backed up by the rail golem with her emberling totem to help out with the burning and the other stuff from her crew box which all seems quite hardy. Thanks for the help guys
  2. ahh fair enough. do the metal gamin and rail golem add much to mei feng? they are pretty cool models and the golem looks as though it should be tough
  3. thanks guys. think I will have a dig through pull my finger. Mei feng seems pretty cool, jumping around, kicking face. does she play similar to Ironsides? I could mix their crews since ironsides also has strong links with the M&SU which I guess incorporates the rail crews.
  4. cool, thanks :). I'm hoping to play against a friend tomorrow who recently picked up Hoffman so I will get to see how he plays. Lynch himself doesnt look like a hard hitter (could be wrong, haven't played against him but I have had a look at his card awhile back), I guess he just supports the Illuminated and makes them better with the brilliance thing?
  5. Hi, not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I was hoping for some advice. I have played a few games with the dreamer crew and a teddy and so far I'm loving the game. I'm now wanting to go into a 2nd crew/mastermaster since most of the stuff I want for my dreamer crew isn't out yet. I want a crew who can really tale a punch and give one back harder up close and personal. What would people recommendrecommend for a tough close combat crew? I have no preference to faction but I only build fluffy lists so I build on the theme of a crew box. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Maybe I should play something else... I do look damn good in a dress! Not sire I could pull off the no skin look though.
  7. Great help guys. Thanks a lot. I'm definitely joining team never born
  8. Ah... That's a spanner in the works. I'll discuss it with the players and see what they want to do. I was trying to keep the cost down to get more players involved. Thank you very much for the help. Its much appreciated Ed
  9. Thanks very helpful. I like that the dreamer has a few ways to play him, keeps the game interesting for both myself and my opponent. I'm a big war machine/hordes player so I assumed the crew boxs were like the battle box's from that, all very similar in points. Do they vary drastically? I want the gaming club to have a fun experience learning the game so we continue to play, if one player is using a vastly more powerful crew I can see it being an issue. Ed
  10. Hi there, I have recently been looking into Malifaux and persuaded a bunch of guys at my local gaming club to do a learning league type thing. basically we all buy a crew box and learn the rules together. I was originally planning on using 'the children of december' but another player has already bought it. My second choice was the hide and seek box (the dreamer), but I was wondering how beginner friendly the crew box is? would I be better of going for something else (I also like the gremlin crew 'the kin')? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. I don't know a great deal about the game, only just started reading the rule book so I'm basically going for the things I think look coolest. Thanks Ed
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