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  1. Gnome mage using her staff as a conduit to harness aetherial power.
  2. Great freehand. I like that your entries are tied together by color; wish I could have done that.
  3. Great entry! I like what you've done with sculpey.
  4. Great piece! I really like all the scratch built elements of the scenery.
  5. I love the color palette, great rust effects. What did you use for the chain-link fence?
  6. Just realized that I can't spell my own name... Thanks for the likes!
  7. I have been wanting to do this head swap for a while now and this was the perfect excuse to do so.
  8. The NMM looks awesome; I like that all of the metal colors tie into other pieces on the miniature. I like your flesh palette, too.
  9. I'm not usually a fan of bright saturated colors, but I love your entry.
  10. The smooth color transitions with the edge produce a nice polished look. I really like this piece.
  11. I love the story this scene paints. Amazing!
  12. Entries for Iron Painter 2016
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