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  1. There's a great article on all this over here: http://ferro.bad-things-happen.com/showthread.php?10-Questions-About-Malifaux
  2. That's weird. Now I can see my own posts showing up there. Seems like the index of the old posts is broken?
  3. Hi all, Can anyone point me at specific sources on Hamelin Fiction and Metaplot? I apologise if this has already been answered elsewhere, but as search is down I've got no necromancy available.
  4. Hi, it seems like the search isn't currently working. If I search for "Hamelin" in the Outcasts forum, I currently get: "Searched for 'Hamelin' Found 0 results Results Sort By Post on help me with mei feng in The ArcanistsBy Finwe8, posted 2 hours agoI cannot add much to the great guides posted allready. My only addition is that I too think she is very underrated. Against gremlins or guild she is very strong as she brings both counters to ranged:.." ...and that's it - decidedly odd.
  5. Yeah, I'm looking for more on Hamelin, and am wondering what fictions he's present in. However, I can suggest a potential solution: The Breachside Broadcast is working its way through the fiction from the books as a podcast, so if you're just wanting fluff, then that's a free, simple way of starting. http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/
  6. All the links are broken now, including the Monday Preview images
  7. Can't seem to find the Search function. Is that gone, or am I just blind? It's particularly useful for us newbies as we can look at old topics in the forums rather than starting new threads to get answers.
  8. Wyrd Chronicles 14 sets economy ticket cost to Malifaux at 20ss, so if we're going with the Guild Are Jerks school of economics then economy from Malifaux to earth is 35ss and Emissary class at around 315ss.
  9. Pursuits Academic - Fated Almanac p.80 Animator - Into the Steam p.76 Augmented - Into the Steam p.80 Bokor - Into the Bayou p.80 Boomer - Into the Bayou p.84 Boozer - Into the Bayou p.88 Buckaroo - Into the Bayou p.92 Bully - Under Quarantine p.88 Chemist - Under Quarantine p.92 Collaborator - Into the Steam p.84 Copycat - Into the Bayou p.96 Criminal - Fated Almanac p.82 Dabbler - Fated Almanac p.84 Drudge - Fated Almanac p.86 Engineer - Into the Steam p.88 Forgotten - Under Quarantine p.96 Ghost Eater - Under Quarantine p.100 Ghoul - Under Quarantine p.104 Graverobber - Fated Almanac p.88 Guard - Fated Almanac p.90 Gunfighter - Fated Almanac p.92 Illusionist - Into the Steam p.92 Infiltrator - Into the Steam p.96/Monday Preview June 29 Mage - Into the Steam p.100 Medium - - Under Quarantine p.108 Mercenary - Fated Almanac p.94 Necromancer - Under Quarantine p.112 Overseer - Fated Almanac p.96 Performer - Fated Almanac p.98 Pioneer - Fated Almanac p.100 Primal - Into the Steam p.104 Pugilist - Into the Bayou p.100 Sawbones - Under Quarantine p.116 Scrapper - Fated Almanac p.102 Swineherd - Into the Bayou p.104 Tinkerer - Fated Almanac p.104 Trapper - Into the Bayou p.108/Monday Preview 26 July 2016 Wastrel - Fated Almanac p.106 Advanced Pursuits, with suggested Factions The Powers That Be The Guild Death Marshal - Fatemasters' p.210 Exorcist - Under Quarantine p.124 Nephilim Hunter - Penny Dreadful: In Defense of Innocence Miners and Steamfitters Union Demolitionist - Into The Steam p.118 Steamfitter - Fatemasters' p.214 Outcasts and Mercenary Bands Abettor of Obliteration - Under Quarantine p.122 Freikorpsmann - Fatemasters' p.212 Secret Factions The Arcanists December Acolyte - Wyrd Chronicles 11 p.5/Into The Steam p.110 Demolitionist - Into The Steam p.118 Shapeshifter - Into the Steam p.116/Monday Preview March 23 Showgirl - Into The Steam p.114 - Possibly Invested Silent One - Into The Steam p.112 The Resurrectionists Grave Servant - Fatemasters' p.216 Revenant - Under Quarantine p.128 Revivalist - Under Quarantine p.126 Student of Transmortis - Under Quarantine p.130 The Ten Thunders Torakage - Fatemasters' p.218 Threats Neverborn Rampager - - Possibly Guild/Arcanist/Resurrectionist Autumn Knight - Gremlins Big Hat - Into the Bayou p.116 Lightning Bug - Into the Bayou p.118 Rocketeer - Into the Bayou p.120 - Possibly Arcanist/Guild Taxidermist - Into the Bayou p.122 - Possibly Resurrectionist Virtuoso - Into the Bayou p.114 Invested Showgirl - Into The Steam p.114 - Probably Arcanist
  10. Honeypot is also a computing reference: In computer terminology, a honeypot is a trap set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Generally, a honeypot consists of a computer, data, or a network site that appears to be part of a network, but is actually isolated and monitored, and which seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers.
  11. This is a great thread on the environment of Malifaux: http://ferro.bad-things-happen.com/showthread.php?10-Questions-About-Malifaux
  12. There needs to be more about the "society" of Malifaux. The Govenour's Barristers move in austier circles. Those who "win" - they have a separate existence. There's hints; but they need to keep the 99% down.
  13. Well, Yeast and Water are useful in Beer...
  14. There's a fonts discussion thread over here which may be of use: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/62347-the-malifaux-font/ Fonts available here: http://malifaux.nezumi.me.uk/ Inked God = Guild Ringbearer = Arcanists Blood Crow = Ressurectionists (additionally, I've also seen Replay used in places) Bleeding Cowboys = Neverborn 28 Days Later = Outcasts Mandarin = Ten Thunders Gremlins = ? Puppets = Radar.One Malifaux = Malifaux Rodent edition (R - rams; C - crows; M - masks; T - tomes; r - ranged; c - close combat (melee); b - blast; a - aura; p - pulse; + positive twist; - negative twist) Body text is Calibri Addi
  15. The Fated Almanac (p.195) states that "A Fated is always treated as a Master when defending against other Fated (Rank value 11)", however a Master's Rank value starts at 12 in The Fatemaster's Almanac (p.7). Which is right? My Scrip's on the Fatemaster's but that might send some of the maths a bit wonkey.
  16. Also, the Guild probably don't want Fated going back across the Breech to Earthside in general. I'm not sure if they can Twist Fate back on Earth, but their potential to smuggle SS, Grimiores, and use powers they gain, as well as knowledge of exactly how shonky things are would give the Guild some operational problems. But - you do need someone back there to run and maintain the trains and the Breech (hence the M&SU's power), and apportion soulstone.
  17. [Edit: Wyrd Chronicles 14 sets economy ticket cost to Malifaux at 20ss, so if we're going with the Guild Are Jerks school of economics then economy from Malifaux to earth is 35ss and Emissary class at around 315ss..] I chucked up some train ticket pricing, which I think is a little on the cheap side, here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/108125-ticket-pricing-through-the-breach/ So, per day: Emmissary Class = 315 SS = £105 Economy to Malifaux = 20 SS = £7 Economy to Earth = 35 SS = £15 I was working off 1897 as the year, for some reason, so you could prolly chuck an extra 5 SS onto each of the prices and nobody would blink.
  18. So, I'm trying to figure out some rough pricing for the cost of a ticket Through The Breach. Initially, I figured the cost would be a bit more espensive than the Trans-Siberian Railroad in its infancy, but it turns out that historical ticket prices for such things are notoriously hard to find out (as they were issued in paper copies every three months, and nobody can be bothered scanning them all in, if they haven't disintegrated). So, I'm working off inflation rates now, but it turns out that it costs only around 100 Euro to ride from Moscow to Vladivostoc (without factoring in bribes), which seems far too cheap, as that is 2/3 £ in 1897 (which if 1 Malifaux Pence = 1 Earth Pence, then that works out to about 3 Soulstones, having rounded up assuming the Guild are being jerks - I've deflated the pound's value previously so increasing it slightly seems okay). But, then I think about it, and realize that's one way only. And the Guild would want to encourage people to travel One Way (but not the other) to import cheap labour. And its for Economy. Which would be standing room only. It turns out the Trans-Siberian Railroad also has Golden Eagle/Imperial rooms which run up to 1410 pounds, or around 45 SS also. So, per day: Emmissary Class = 45 SS = £15 Economy to Malifaux = 3 SS = £1 Economy to Earth = 5 SS = £2 NB: My maths is deliberately scalping at every opportunity, making a round trip in pounds more expensive, and therefore less appealing. The Guild probably write this off as "being offset by the New Labour Incentive Rebate" or some other piece of chicanery. What do people think?
  19. What about emphasising the Fate aspect of the game? It's really easy to get caught up in stats, skills, FM strategies and counter-strategies, but what about the characters story? Are they resolving it? Are actively they making decisions around it? It strikes me that, 9 games in, characters should have resolved about a third to a half of the fate lines, just make bad things automatically happen if they keep defying it. There's a story (in one of the WCs, I think) about a lady who ends up stuck in a cave for a decade (subjective time) to get a grimoire. She just wanders. Someone else goes in with her, and dies of old age. She comes out with a doppelganger. These kinds of things just happen in Malifaux, because they're Fated to. Bad things happen.
  20. Hi, This might be a newbie question, but I've not seen anything on it yet. So, the Guild certainly have a legitimate emblem. The Outcasts sort of do (in that they're sort of legitimate). The Arcanists have a logo, but they're not legit, however they do pull some of the their ranks from the Miner's and Steamfitters Union. Given the M&SU's power, and that they seem to be a legitimate body on both sides of the Breach, do they have a Union Seal, or logo, or emblem, or..? I'm relatively new at Malifaux, so I may just have missed it.
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