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  1. not so clear... the tokens are distributed by space and not by region.... so i can choose which space not to be corrupted and then avoid a shadow ...
  2. When the wind is pleased (- 1 corruption token ) , does it mean no more token can be added by dark die in this region as the tokens come one by one on spaces of the region?
  3. hello,When exactly can i use them?For example, I am on a space with two corruption token.a other player with his dark die has to put a third token on my space.Can i clean the space just before the new token is added?
  4. Hello, Just to be sure, when the AR become 0, the suits are no more "suitable" .... Right? Does exist updated statistics card for the Teddy puppet? Thanks
  5. thanks for the answers i saw item token refences after my topics, and difference between optional and additional was not so clear for me so i thought the sticky action might be "optional" too. but not matter in fact ;-) about round counter i just thought it would be a nice to have. My last concern is not about upgrade, it's about to have a good visual link between a card and the miniature related on the board visible for all players. I did not yet play , ( waiting paint of my miniatures). I'am just afraid it could be messy, when playing 3 times the same pawn on the board. the future will tell me if am right. Anyway, i really like miniatures and rules seem cool. I also ask myself why create three size of "battle boxes" if the rules are anyway the same... will other old metal miniatures be converted in plastic ( new sculpt are actually better) in near future? Thanks again
  6. hello, I am from Belgium so i apologize for my english. i have just bought the box and i am confused about few things. In the rules book , we are told about item token (stiky action) but i don't see any item token in the box and in action or abilities on statistics cards...( only find firecrackers in optional rules...) what about marks like rip , paralyzed, stuck? why there are no token to represent them? one more, how attach specific card with specific miniature? when you have 3 of a kind, it would be easy to confuse the effective state of each miniature... Can i find other tokens anywhere? i think a round counter is missing too... thanks in advance
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