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  1. mgsanna


    YEAAAAAHHH Mail arrived Great!!!! Thanks Kai Thanks Wyrd!!!! ❤️
  2. mgsanna


    Ok I've checked, again and again, nothing.... Don't post your e-mails if you don't want them public (as you said it was for kai's info only).
  3. mgsanna


    I've checked again nothing even in the spam....... so my mail is missing.... and also maeglin the other henchman friend of mine thank Kai, as usual you are a very kind person... I'll wait to receive info needed to receive the TOS PDF ... Thanks in advance
  4. mgsanna


    Hi Kai, it 's always the stressed Italian henchman.....😂 Here in Italy we don't have received the mail with the link to download the rules.... even we are backers... How can we solve? do you have some info? best regards Marco
  5. mgsanna


    No I don't think there is a difference, we are 2 friend one super early kickstarter, and the other backerkitter, and neither received the email.... I think they are hanging around and this not a good things.......but we know Bad Things happen even in The other Side......
  6. mgsanna


    Here in Italy nothing in mail or spam neither? why so much time to have a mail and a Link...... is there some difference between USA backer from European One? in any case we are waiting ......
  7. mgsanna

    [ITALY] Halifax Tournament 50SS

    Hello Wyrdos! We are ready for a new Malifaux Tournament, hosted by Goblin Shop, Via dei Quartieri ang. Via San Domenico 27, Torino, Italy. Sunday 11th june 2017 Time: 10:00-19:30 SS pool: 50 fixed Faction, 3 games. All players are highly welcomed. For more information and possible registration, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/105714896647575/?acontext={"action_history"%3A"[{\"surface\"%3A\"page\"%2C\"mechanism\"%3A\"page_upcoming_events_card\"%2C\"extra_data\"%3A[]}]"%2C"has_source"%3Atrue} Henched by : MGSANNA & MAEGLIN
  8. mgsanna

    [ITALY] Impromptu Demos in Torino

    Hello Everybody, new season of demo around the city, this week we are hosted by MGS Painting Studio and from Tuesday 28 feb till 2 Mar every evening from 21.00 to 00.00 Open demo to all newcomers Torino - Mgs Painting Studio - Via Ormea 78 (interno cortile) Henchman : mgsanna
  9. Open to All 50 ss demo, and 35ss intro demo open To all Goblin Shop TORINO Via dei Quartieri 10100 Torino Italy
  10. mgsanna

    Cuddly Luther

    I'm Alice, now I must kill you luther, I need to improve my skill for becoming the youngest Playmate for a famous magazine in Malifaux......(Playfaux the original adult magazine)..... But Alice didn't notice that the hat of the big rabbit is a breach...... A breach for the rabbits......... Who dare to continue? The story
  11. mgsanna


    What's that? It is so tiny........
  12. mgsanna

    Cuddly Luther

    As usual you Rock!!!! Number 1!!!!! Luther is freaking amazing You win!!!!
  13. mgsanna

    Goblin RulezZ

    GREAT Piece!!!!! As usual you are the 1 Gourgeous and very Malifaux STYLE!!!!!!!!