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  1. OK so not everybody looks at the facebook event so I will put a small update here as well. Dual masters will not be allowed at the event, while its cool design space its already proving as problematic as DMH in my personal opinion. The player pack will be live shortly which will have all the strats and schemes in. Finally our initial batch of 30 tickets hhave sold out i have now put another 20 live and look forward to seeing you all soon
  2. Yes I will hopefully have the details by the weekend for you
  3. Hey guys, The Scottish GT returns for its 5th year at Common Ground Games. As usual it'll be 6 games across two days using 50ss crews and the most current (at time of event) M3E rule set. Proxies are allowed with TO discretion, as long as its easily identified there is likely to be no issue. Painting isn't a requirement but following on the trend of past years, if you play fully painted, extra raffle tickets for you. The event will have the top table streamed live and recorded for the Scottishmeta YouTube channel. Schedule will be available closer to the time. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, wooden spoon, best in factions and painting contests. Tickets available through http://malifaux-tickets.com/scottish-gt-2019.php Player Pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/okmyantfl7lizw3/GT Rulespack.rtf?dl=0 The first 30 people to sign up will get a wee extra in their player pack Paid list: 1. Kai young2. David Brown3. Euan Grieve4. Chris Draper5. Chanley Currie6. Jamie Varney7. Maria Weiland8. Marek Oczachowski9. Martyn Nicol10. James Doxey11. Greg Piskosz12. Steven Thompson13. Paul Butler14. Rich Walters15. Alyx Drake16. Emma Newham17. David Allen18. Tom Skitt19. Radoslaw Brylowski20. Michael Arnott21. Steve Johnston22. David Hughman23. Matt lewin24. David Garrard25. Ben Healey26. Rebecca McAusland-Healey27. Ross McGuinness28. George Hollingdale29. Reice Chaudry30. Mark Watson31. Andy Bushell
  4. I understand 20" is the maximum and its upto 20" but if the scheme marker is a full 20" away (so maximum range) the TN of the action is 26 requiring the impossible to flip 20. Surely this should be capped at 14" range to avoid any confusion in the future. Nevermind her gun getting 8" extra range if she's not shooting a large hostile target 🙄
  5. Am I missing something or is the 20" range a moot point as the maximum TN you can achieve on this is 20, meaning you can target a scheme marker only 14" away. Surely a tidy up would just to be give it a 14" range.
  6. Hi Dave, Overall the event was great. Only complaints I have were about the temperature of the bottom end of the room furthest from the bar, was sweltering. I think next year the bonus points either need to be more equal to attain, no idea why it was 10 diff one way and 20 diff the other. Im aware it wasnt really you that thought them up though so it cant be laid on you. Confusion around if we had to declare faction on dual factioned masters aswell being cleared up for next time would be great aswell. Timings and space were all generally great throughout the weekend and nothing could be improved there from your respect. What about a painting/conversion contest next year, there were alot of great models and crews not everyone got to experience due to no contest this year so it'd add another facet. Cheers again for a great weekend Lewis
  7. All look great but could we get a confirmation of which vik is which? Or do they come with a card for each?
  8. I have a got a full weekend ticket i am no longer able to use due to health issues, would anybody be interested in buying it?
  9. Stufded piglets are peons so cant be brought along unfortunately s
  10. Without sounding like a total fanboy for Bag of tools and the work yous are doing, id like to say that these changes look extremely reasonable, especially with the numbers to back it up. I assume the algorithm will adjust the points each participants gets automatically? Will bottom place in bigger events still get auto 5 points?
  11. I get what you're saying as amember of the paintpot team though. Getting all 14 in one place at a time is like herding cats. we're spread across 3 cities afterall. I appreciate what everybody is getting at though. Guess Im just trying to aleviate any fears the systems guarantee team mates dont play each other as it beholden to RNG Gods
  12. going back to my original point, there is no guarentee under the current system. it does its best to avoid it but as its a RNG it doesnt always happen. it doesnt stop us attending tournaments. weve attended no bag otools using tournaments before. I think its just a case of i know the system does its best to avoid team mates but its not unavoidable. if it were yeah that skews it, but in practice team mates do play each round 1 other quite often in tournaments.
  13. again to avoid playing people you play on a regular basis, put the shoe on your foot, you drive 5 hours, maybe een take a day off work to travel a day early, get to the tournament and your car share/ regular opponent from the club is standing across from you, IMO neither of you will be fully in the game or playing top faux cos of how much time youve spent together. However round 2 is sort of a different scenario: random numbers havent put you there. your abilities have
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