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  1. http://alexanderlozada.com/iasip/?InR1cm5zIG91dXCBTdW5zcG90dGVyIGp1c3QgZmxhdCBvdXQgTCBJIEUgRCI= It's been a bit since i posted anything of substance, so Intro time. First, while I'm probably going to be jokey-joke sad about Mason's departure from Wyrd soon, and how my power is now unchecked like i'm some form of god-tier shaggy meme, i am honestly sad to see him go. the most recent TTB books have been absolute gems, and though i haven't had a chance to read through and gush about Above the Law yet, I have no reason to doubt it's just as amazing. that's not to say i don't have any faith in the rest of the team however, and if someone could point me to who to joke about banning me from the forum for trying to steal their job, it would be more than appreciated 😛 and on the off chance mason ever actually reads this, dude, you're awesome. I can't wait to see what you do next. if it's an RPG expect me Second, while excuses aren't exactly content, i've been learning to deal with the stuff that's been keeping me off of here (i'm not deluded enough to think people are hanging on my every word and that this needs to be a blog about depression and the shit feeding into it) and want to say that with any hope i should be back to posting fairly regularly. in a rare break from convention, if i actually get the Zombies post done tonight, it's going up tomorrow. if not, it should theoretically be up by the end of the week, though i'm 100% sure you guys know i'm worse at making correct time tables than Blizzard. And finally, my little fan PD is coming along nicely. I'm going to probably be picking up a few for reference on how they're formatted since i don't usually use them. Enough whinging, onto the content! There’s always something just a bit off that hangs in the air from the moment the decision is made. It’s electric, perhaps putting a pit in some stomachs, or making other’s legs fluttering. Eyes begin to dart around, trying to find the source of the disturbance. Unlike having eyes on you, it simply lingers in the air itself, as if heralding some malignant force. Destruction coming. The need to flee. And by the time you hear the crackle of the fuse, it may be too late. While the deafening explosion may happen somewhere in the distance, or so close that it shatters bones and the pressure rips apart flesh, as easily as paper, there is almost always reason behind the destruction. Some ethereal point to be proven by sudden, explosive annihilation surely, someone will claim responsibility, pontificate about the evil of the target, and maybe illustrate some new path to righteousness. People try to find a point. Trace things back to the point where the destruction originated from. Physically, it might prove some fact in the investigation. Where the explosives were hidden can be a clue in it’s own. Perhaps if it was a high-traffic area, it would have had to be planted recently. Perhaps in a storeroom with a limited number of people to access it, the bomber had to have scoped out the building, or perhaps they knew it to begin with Motivation is it’s own labyrinth, but more often the point lies. Destruction of public monuments is an obvious act of protest, Throw a rock in malifaux and you’re likely to hit someone displeased with the rule of the guild. A private establishment however, you can usually assign motivation by whoever the angriest person not in the blast radius. But there almost always is a point. Some driving force. A reason for the loss of life, the gore coating the walls and the streets. The damaged supports. The craters. Parents, Children, Siblings, Friends, People taken away. There had to be some higher point to serve. Some greater goal that could warrant such wanton destruction. Perhaps the most terrifying scenario in the end, is that there wasn’t one. To some, the explosion is itself, the point. The Truth of Powder Anarchists are quite difficult to get together into large groups, as is the central tenet of their philosophy. They hate hierarchies, control, and anything that forces them to do things they don’t like. So when they do end up banding together, it’s usually over some nebulous “cause” or shared interest, usually one that helps them further their beliefs. So when an anarchist learned how to make bombs, and started giving the better ones away to people who helped him make the smaller ones, he naturally attracted a larger and larger following, willing to listen to philosophy for explosives. In the case of Darrius McCain, there’s a certain actuality to explosives. That when you light that fuse, even if you don’t express all the potential energy yourself, the single small act crystallizes intent into force. It makes your want for destruction into extant destruction. In doing what they do, creating stockades of high explosives, and teaching others the arts behind them, they are in essence, manufacturing the means of truth. To many within the organization, it has almost become akin to a religion. they see themselves acting as the agents of explosive destruction, perhaps even heralds to some unknown tyrant of blowing things up. While McCain has never encouraged it, he's also been quite skeptical of putting others off of this interpritation of the collective, as it has attracted a good number of curious members who were later radicalized. Goals of the society In essence a commune, the society’s primary goal past immediately supporting itself is to explore the possibilities of explosive research, in a variety of specialization. McCain is the master of “the shop” the old manor house converted into a minor fortress typical of most of the gangs that call the Quarantine Zone their home. The inside of “the workshop” is filled with stolen tools and laboratories, access being free of charge to any who would be willing to work with them, or wish to be taught with them. The main laboratory in the master state room is Darius’ personal project room, often frequented by other group members looking to share insights with the visionary guildmaster for their own projects. Whenever something comes out cut from whole cloth, the first goal is a field testing, often somewhere that failure won’t mean the immediate death of everyone involved. Once things start exploding consistently, the first true test it to see just what sort of reaction it elicits from the unlucky target of whoever gets their hands on the first. Elsewhere in the house are several things like chilled separation rigs for the creation of larger quantities of nitroglycerin, or milling and tooling rigs for those amongst the guild most interested in the power of applied explosives in combat, whether it be the many people trying to miniaturize the explosive shell, or find the perfect way to apply a high-energy mixture in close quarters combat. Sometimes it isn’t even about cutting edge resources, and people just enjoy pouring flammable liquids into bottles and stuffing a rag made form the uniform of a dead guild guard into the neck. About the only non-experimental part of the house is the basement, which contains the library. Thousands of hours of research notes ranging from stoichiometric calculations to tattered, half-burned ramblings about the enraptured joy of a new mix finally coming up to stuff from the rigor of testing. If the notes end up rowdy enough that they end up becoming a grimoire, they’re moved to a special lead-lined filing system in case they decide to start tossing out magic all on their own. Sometimes, those grimoies are worth reading if for no other reason than the insights held by someone with a doctorate in chemistry trying to write a proto-marxist dialectic involving two sticks of dynamite, which is itself a research paper on applied penetrative explosives. Joining the Society. Many societies have stringent standards, but the Truth of Powder most often tend to go looking for someone when a particularly public bombing they didn’t cause happens. If the individual is of compatible philosophy (when you throw out the german philosophers, it’s basically just “blowing things up is fun”) then they are brought back to the lab, informed that any form of ratting members out is punishable by this group’s usual method of expressing anger, and then left out on their merry way with more toys of the explosive variety. Advanced Pursiit: Truth of Powder Requirements: -the fated must have committed a public act of havoc with explosives resulting in at least 2000 scrip of property damage, or at least five deaths. -the fated must not have any direct connection with the guild, or any form of local law enforcement Steps 1 Explosive Secrets 2 Do you like to play with fire? 3 Questionable stability 4 BOOM! 1: Explosive Secrets The Fated gain a brand new weapon customization, based on their weapon of choice. Melee: Firelock System (+30sc, first one is free) (Fated’s Defining suit): Krak: Discard a twist card. If that card was a ram, perform a second damage flip of 2/4/6 damage, which is added to the original damage. If that card was a tome, the target gains burning +3 Shooting: Flowmetal Rounds (+20% price for rounds) (Fated’s Defining suit): Burninate: Discard a twist card, then perform another damage flip for the weapon: the target gains that much burning In addition, the fated gains a source to procure explosives, as well as being able to easily find places where they can be crafted. 2: Do you like to play with fire? When you inflict the burning condition with an attack, enemies within 3 yards take a tn12 walk duel or be inflicted with burning +1. In addition, you may have burning condition go down by one at the end of a turn you dealt damage to a target you damaged instead of ending. 3: Questionable Stability The fated has concussed themselves so thoroughly that they become immune to damage caused by blast markers they place. In recognition of this, they also receive a satchel full of “spicy” explosives from other society members, which seems to rub off on whatever they keep in it. Whenever the fated removes an item from the satchel, the top card of the fate deck determines what benefit it gains. :Cluster Bomb The damage profile gains + and blast markers may be up to one yard apart :Nail Bomb Damage dealt by this bomb ignores hard to wound and hard to kill :Fire Bomb Thus bomb adds an additional Burning+2 when it hits, or when an opponent fails a movement flip caused by this explosive : Gas Bomb The explosive leaves a cloud 3 yards in radius that acts as soft cover. Living creatures in the cloud must succeed on a TN 10 Willpower duel or gain slow. 4: Boom! The fated has become so used to watching fire lead to explosions that reality stars confirming to their expectations. Manifested: Spontaneous Combustion: If the target has a higher burning count than it’s total wounds, it dies instantly, and all enemies within 5 yards take damage equal to half the burning total And now that I’ve gotten over myself and actually posted something, i sign off with the catchphrase;
  2. wow, it's hard to believe that this thing already hit 5k... So... part of me wants to celebrate with a double post here (of actual content mind you) but i think i might just power through another round as quickly as humanly possible. but in the mean time: Wendsay morning (oh no it's already six AM) previews A bit of a preiview on this thread. The Integration, Powered, and as i'm calling it, "Rare" updates. Integration will contain no new augments, and will be exclusively ways to integrate or possibly even alter (though i'm rather on the fence with the current version of the theme, it may be it's own update) existing ones, maybe along with a few of the ones from the books (unless that's a problem) It is also going to be a way to make some of the extant ones worth taking on legs, though i'm going to give this a wild guess and say you'll probably want have both legs in on the deal. One enlarged clockwork leg may end up cramping your style more than expected. The powered update will probably see this thread's first erratas, and will probably see the integrated boiler taking up more slots. In addition, it'll probably care about power capacity, so multiple different sizes and capacities of generator/boiler/other will be on offer. this thread is basically "bling my fated" anyways, so it might also offer ways to get the integrated options without taking up extra capacity, but absolutely screwing you if the main power source is taken out. for anyone wondering with the phrasing at the beginning, yes, i am currently considering one that works on poison. no i kind of don't expect it to end well. The rare update is going to be a bit on the longer side, and will contain 3-5 augments that are rare, but not rare enough that i can't imagine a scenario where a second couldn't be made.with a similarly high cost. they will probably end up with a short, 2-4 paragraph story for each one, if only to imagine what sort of circumstance made it happen. I'm saving the Steamborg legs one for at least a second edition of the post for the sake of my own sanity. it's publishing may or may not indicate the exact moment where i jump the shark in this thread. general talents are being considered, but may not make the cut. Also, as i believe i specified in an earlier post, i do have a "Legendary" one of a kind augment for each elemental Immuto in the book. unless this garners a response in the meantime it'll probably hit between the Integration and Powered updates, and it'll probably be the Wind one, a set of paired legs with some wondrous properties.It may also have a shorter pursuit, since i kinda like those. [Ninja teaser] Strange that a harp of a thousand strings should keep in tune so long next up in Wierdos is probably Cult of Iron, an augmentation based AP that was one of the original 3 that egged me enough to make the thread, two of which have already been published. Still, this may be pushed back for the sake of quality and whatever twisted, weird story i might be attempting to weave with these threads. the replacement would be the [devname] Powder Kegs, an Advanced pursuit that i will admit will only get a decent name an hour before it's posted to the forums. I mean come on, crazy people who worship explosives in the 1900s. the name quite honestly applies itself. Past that i've actually got a surprising number of these guys on the backburner, waiting for a bit of jiggering that will give them unique mechanical (and mason help us all perhaps even) story based properties. [Can these even really be called ninjas if i'm pointing the out? i'd feel awful if i didn't, but i'm not exactly going to make another post and bump the thread] Due to me being a huge stickler, Cult of Iron has been pushed back for the Truth of the Powder, possibly further due to the nature of me trying to weave a bit of an overarching story in these threads. to keep the previews rolling, i wanted to introduce the electrically gifted Thunderbolt clan somewhere between. they've been mechanically fleshed out for quite some time, but their fluff has been quite elusive to pin down until very recently. Zombies... i'm not going to lie. a bit part of me is wondering how long i'll be working on this thread. half of me wants to just go totally zany with the designs (stuff like attaching lion heads to the end of a larger zombie's fists, or the always daisuki-able tentacles) while the other half wants to get into some truly unique creations (hard enough to justify in the leitmotif of the thread, but still doable, with one in particular that i just flat out have no idea which thread it'll end up being added to. let me just tell you it nearly got it's own head at one point, but doing that would just make me feel dirty when i usually stay within my neat little containment zones) but both have led me to ponder the longevity of the thread itself. i don't want to tank my quality in the name of content, so stopping has crossed my mind, but i do at least want to get to the point where a few of the contingent characters would be getting monster profiles. at that point, it can just sit. [totally not a ninja edit, I swear] So because i didn't want to bump this thread for nothing, i figured i might as well edit in a bit of fun info that will at least give the thread a few more swings at it, so it probably won't drop rotation until a new thread is added after the next proposed one. I've planned out a few different updates in the planned style of the updates to the Aug thread, where everything has a generalized theme. so that means for once, Zombies gets to introduce something. The first one is going to be the "Plagued by hunger" update, which will introduce a few updates organized around a central theme (in this case, a more necromantic take on the many plagues of malifaux) along with some attachments that stitched fated may want to consider, brand new talent-styled "abberations" that reflect the changes brought on by horrible magics, and a new assistant for the wacky doctor west. Followed by that will be the Xenobiology update, full of strange creations based on the wonders of nature, (or at least what you'd consider wonders based on the perspective of a almost entirely mad scientist) followed by the Abomination and Necrosupremacy updates, which just sound like correct names with what's brewing up behind the scenes. ...]sighs deeply in homebrewer] someone reacted to the thread so i may as well mention it. Feel free to skip this section if you don't care about my april fool's day joke from last year because i forgot how to spoiler. only sin lies past this break. I feel almost legally obligated to mention the 3e changes in students. New masters mean new students of prominence, and changes in faction as well as certain story events should require a bit of in-AU explanation in the best semi-comedic style i can muster. I'm trying my best to hold off on actually committing it to web until 3e is actually out. I've heard some bonkers things from the forums i trawl, which make me want to hold off until things are actually at least finalized. if you make a questionable decision of the magnitude that i somehow did, sometimes it's at least worth sticking to your guns as long as it's all in the name of good fun. More on this in later in the post. Now, onto a pretty obvious topic, done in classic thread style http://alexanderlozada.com/iasip/?Ik9oIGdvZHMsIHdoYXQgZnJlc2ggaGVsbCBpcyBzdW5zcG90dGVyIGdvaW5nIHRvIHVubGVhc2ggb24gdXMgbmV4dD8i Not gonna lie, I've got a few, but i haven't worked on them yet because i'm not sure which one is coming next, and if i ever actually get banned, it'll be for flooding this forum with new threads. the only time one will drop is at the end of a new rotation (which, i will assuage some fears and point out will almost definitely never include Students) so that;ll be a floodgate, along with the sheer workload of writing that much varied content. That being said, the next one is definitely coming by the end of this one. So it'll be Wierdos, Zombies, New Thread, and then back here for some fresh madness which i can guarantee will probably be the integration one. as to what that new thread is? First off has been one i've mentioned in what i think is another thread, Which would be items that would either require pursuit steps or talents to reach their full potential. for the longest time i figured this would be the guaranteed #4 slot, but recent thought has led me to consider this may even be a while off unless it's requested. to be fair, Unique Magic Sword is the sort of thing i could actually say the Big W could easily get to before me, and that would mean it would have art... A thing I can't provide (well) Another more recent one would be a story of intrigue, of characters that on their own, could probably inspire a mutli-session quest line to solve whatever issue they might be facing, or to bring them down if they happen to be a threat. the big reason i'd want this to be it's own thread would be that it would include full stat profiles for anyone mentioned, along with a story to set up just who they could be in the world of Malifaux. (expect a fair mix of reference, cameo, and originality with every release, possibly one of each) And the final one would be a bit of an interesting one compared to the structure of my other threads, a bit of a fusion of the above mentioned one, and a cross-breed from weirdos. this would be a bestiary listing of smaller, obscure factions that wouldn't make it into the limelight of malifaux, but would constitute the sorts of fireside stories the fated would tell one another. This would also be the theme/framing device for the Lore provided.. it could possibly also include previous Weirdos entries, but in this case, you'd be Squaring up instead of Joining up. That being said, the inaugural would almost definitely be the Cult of Yore, with Moons and Clan Glint-Eye following close behind. And now, for the most nuclear takes of all. There's going to be a Fan PD. As to what, I haven't quite decided yet. each one has a theme based somewhere in a reference, though the obviousness of that reference will vary from "oh god FNaF ended already, We know. Robots powered by child souls and surrounded by treacherous intrigue practically screams Malifaux, but please stop beating the dead horse animatronic. chuck-e-cheese terrified you as a child we get it" to "Wait, this is based in something outside malifaux?" one of the latter category is the furthest along in development, and some dark part of my soul is already contemplating adding in a few "sidebar" entries for how to convert it into the world of Students. this was in consideration that the discordance of the reference made me want to drop it on April Fools, but certain... *ahem* recent developments have changed that.. That was also an incredibly inept transition to mention that I'm also toying with making one specifically for Students. I'd say it wouldn't be a reference, but to say that whole World building-based shitpost thread wasn't one big love letter to animes with crazy school councils (okay, and a little bit of Fillmore!) would be lying to both myself and anyone reading this.Something's going to make it's way here, and i hope someone gets the chance to genuinely enjoy it. Now hopefully i drop some content here before we hit 6k. but seriously, thank you. for the views, the readership, the reactions, to anyone who uses my work in their games, and to anyone taking time out of their day, especially if you got here. Thank you for the great times. Thank you for 5K. Thank you for 136 pages on Gdocs. thank you for 54,649 words (not counting my non-content posts). and really, with emphasis this time i sign off with my Sig. For real, you beautiful people;
  3. >implying Schtook would got two minutes at an arc meeting without being yoten unto the sun by Kaeris because he WON'T STOP F***ING LAUGHING Old post died. new post is turbo mode. someone screencap this and remind me when book 3 of 3e comes out ARC/OUT: Exactly the character i've been building in my heads since i've started playing, and starting to outline in the TTB threads. went two lightyears beyond what is okay with augments. tosses out upgrades like candy. fully-borged Laz-style enforcer. Is somehow Mei's insurance policy. everything is part construct ARC/NEV: Already happening since markus decided to buddy up with an eldritch entity. THE TYRANTS WERE AFRAID OF HER YOU IDIOT. this unfortunately mitigates my wants for plants. GIVE ME ALARUNES AND DRYADS WYRD. WHERE ARE THE PLANTS AND THE PLANT SUMMONERS YOU FOOLS. ARC/GRM: Zipp's adopted brother, whether that is in his own species is up to massive debate. Gremlin constructs. at least one has a flamer and a whisky barrel. Gremlin constructs becomes a thing off the back of this master alone. tournaments for the year weep as everyone knows how to play gremlins now. top 8 one tourney, then get nerferd into a Yucatan-sized impact crater. everyone tacitly admits it deserves it ARC/GLD: I'm not a raving construct fangirl what are you talking about, i'm not squeaking you're squealing. SHOW ME THE ROBOT FISTS WYRD, THEY BETTER BE GIANT ❤️ GLD/OUT: Siege commander, possibly some Ridley-based PMC meant to compete with Bulk Hogan. Lots of constructs, lots of range, lots of anger. Maybe a robot tank? voted most likely in his class to go three-faction when he realizes just how much good his friends at the assembly lines put into their bots, and wants in on the center of the 3-faction triangle. GLD/GRM: Bushwhacker who grew a soft-spot for the dumb little buggers and puts the corpses of troublemakers in the guild commisary for a nice, fat paycheck from Big Hat. Has one berzerker melee enforcer everyone thinks is terrible because they don't understand he's somehow situational defense. his one Unique construct is somehow blamed entirely for The Shrek Open (TM) while not being the root of the problem, but still a major contributing factor. GRM/RES: Bokor, so likely to be themed after Baron Samhendi i'd put down money on it. Spooky scary skeletons mandatory. limited if any summoning. Debuff upgrades and poison abound. Someone makes a david bowie joke. everyone laughs. Mason chuckles nervously then looks at his desk to see if someone leaked something somehow from the next book before shrugging it off. GRM/OUT: This terrifies me as somehow people now know how to play gremlins, and we all know what shenanigans Outcast cross means NEV/RES: My brain says hayreddin, though i'd make the argument he's more ready for an "I'll backstab your master and eat their heart" upgrade like our new Nephilim overlady. But my heart says Myconoid witch. i may be a construct fangirl, but i am also an ent fangirl. Poison, poison everywhere. please mason i just want my plant children to grow probably some evolve based summoning a-la sillurids that gets way out of hand. Maybe some sort of ooze monster? who knows, except for the fact that 1/10 new players won't know to squash the mini-summons and end up facing 400 points of models on the other side of the table. by turn 6. it is called a "styling upon" in the tournament report. will probably get players soft-banned from locals NEV/OUT: Maybe a spot for the C7? Part of me just wants the difference split and just get a flat gothic horror vampire boss here. werewolves, Werebats/vargiest, Frankenstien's flesh constructs. maybe even one creepy puppet still laying around for the future. and that was the story of how lil' cal swapped universes to malifaux BRAND NEW OPENINGS: GLD/RES: I would honestly like to think the guild would be smart enough to not let Douglas McMourning happen again. that being said, i 100% foresee the guild ignoring their brand new slave driving battallion commander who's troops all "survived" Nythera. No his Lieutenant is not three guys stitched together in an overcoat what are you talking about "how could we let this happen twice" Probably a home for all those undead guild guards nobody wants GLD/TNT: Meanwhile, a hardboiled "Ex-railworker turned guild guard who nobody seems to notice is japanese" Samurai master would be so awesome i couldn't contain myself. the epicenter for all future stupid anime references wyrd makes. ruroni kenshin will be ref'd within the first book where she's out. unironically called someone's waifu within the first week of the beta. Unironically Best Girl (except for Mei, she's best girl even though you could cut through the tension between her and misaki with a wooden spoon). If she is not called "The Wolf" i will eat an entire bag of my local market's beef jerky to simulate a hat live on a twitch stream at the time of devteam's deciding, probable dueling theme with plenty of great 1v1 options, and cheap but sticky minions in the style of ashigaru (real ones, living ones this time) recalled training goes in theme to her. Millions of ten thunders players cry out, and then are silenced.could even use RT as a resource to everyone's collective horror when someone manages to pull it off. NEV/TNT: EXTRY EXTRY, READ ALL ABOUT IT, Local boy physically cannot stop reading kung fu pulps before bed and won't stop calling people baka gaijins. Also, strange purple monster in malifaux formally deignated "Kaiju" plants Arguably the toughest since walter white clearly saw what Nekima and Titanina were doing with the place and wisely got the hell out. This may be a reverse infiltration case. maybe a gang lord that's actually a spider? one of Sadako's minions that escaped? Darkblack got so edgy she yandere'd her way into two extra factios? who knows. My bet would be on a second Oni Master/Demonologist that doesn't rely on summoning, and therefore flicker. may allow regular oni with flicker to just casually happen. Colodi's old enough to be a Yokai, right? Maybe. let's go with a soft maybe because it might end in stone golems.it'll probably involve defensive abilities either way. OUT/TNT: The warlord left to go become Daimyo. what do we do? leave behind a ninja clan of course! Ototo would probably be in charge, and become Hokage Clan head. Nonstop naruto references mostly by players, but still somewhat with the rules because it'll still be mostly quality 90s anime. ecavtly one Ninja Scroll reference will be made, and will be denied until someone gets drunk at gencon after the 4e launch party and just owns up. Sunspotter Guaranteed Fresh'N'Spicy (TM) Called Shot (C) This is going to be a hyper diverse Toobox crew that makes no sense to anyone, so it's called underpowered until someone figures it out and realizes they had to be buffed to flagrantly overpowered within the proper playstyle to even be noticed. I'm saying they'll be the new Gremlins, essentially. GRM/TNT Somewhere in the anals of a tearoom, deep within the oriental district of malifaux, a teapot goes flying through a window. "WHAT DID I F***ING TELL YOU ABOUT GREMLINS MISAKI" Mei Feng Screams, her voice horse with years of pent feelings "WHAT THE F*** DID I TELL YOU? OH, THE FERMENTED RIVERS LIKE HIS BOOZE. WHAT? THEY DON'T LIKE THE 200 WON BOTTLES OF SACRED F*** SHOCHU WE IMPORT FROM THEIR STUPID G****** TEMPLE? Misaki is simply silent, looking at her still slightly warm Matcha. a black laquer Dango plate has been yoten into the stratosphere, through the roof.. "i SEND MY ASSET TO F***MOTHERING KOREA FOR S*** WE COULD BE SELLING, NOT SUPPLYING, SELLING TO THESE CLUELESS F***ING GWIELO FOR A PROFIT THAT COULD PAY THE TORAKAGE FOR A WEEK OFF THE BACK OF ONE F***ING BOTTLE, AND HIS INJURY WAS SEEN AS A NEEDED COST, MEANWHILE WE HAD TO PUT UP WITH SOME WIERD ASS GREEN EARED GOBLIN S***STAIN THAT ABANDONS US BECAUSE HE'S TOO MUCH OF A LITTLE B**** TO MAKE A F***ING BARLEY SPIRIT FOR SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T LOOK LIKE MY MASTIFF'S CHEW TOY? ARE YOU G**D*** KIDDING ME?" things are now flying. Misaki is hesitant to point out that the teahouse may belong to the thunders, but they'll still have to replace the Braisers. and the Serving Trays. and the Walls. Mei has become incoherent to the point where she starts lapsing between Cantonese, Mandarin, and through some miracle of furious tongues, Vietnamese. the Table has become airborne. The Vase can't be replaced, but it's Yan Lo's anyways, and he won't shave his stupid beard so screw him. "THE TEN THUNDERS GOING INTO THE SWAMP WAS A MISTAKE MISAKI. THE THUNDERS DON'T MAKE MISTAKES, RIGHT MISAKI? IS THAT WHAT YOU F***ING SAID MISAKI?!?" Mei's voice cracked slightly. Misaki knew she earned every second of this. "THE THUNDERS ARE NOT GOING BACK TO THE F***ING SWAMP!" somewhere outside, a geisha is too paralyzed with fear to move.this was going down as a terrible first day on the job RES/ARC HOO BOY LET ME SHOW YOU MY FANFICTIONS i can't see this as a resser going robot. This would have to be a Steamfitter introducing himself to the amazing world of Undead Amalgamation. this could lead to some really creepy, nearly cyberpunk shit happening. maybe even something truly insane. perhaps even contacting something beyond the grave spirit. it would make Cryx jealous. soulstone tech would probably be involved. Full on helraiser if there were ever an 8th faction (something i feel would be a viable option) this guy's bosses would 100% be in the first wave.of support. my book report comes eventually in Wierdos. the name just got dropped elsewhere because for some reason i love writing metafiction. And that, quite exhaustively, is what i think of the thread premise.
  4. So… uh… the intro to this post had to be scrapped. It had to go, it was written when I started this, originally an anniversary post meant to commemorate the second anniversary of this thread.it’s approximately… *checks watch* way the hell too late for that.I’ve been an absentee, for sure, but I still care about this place. Still care a hell of a lot about Wyrd, and it’s awesome games. Still psyched about the other side, even if I don’t have the money to fulwfil all my abyssinian dreams (to the surprise of nobody who reads this thread). Still wanna try for a dev position at the big W, but still have competition anxiety. And yes, to anyone who’s wondering, I’m totally buying Above the law. Here’s to hoping for some new guild constructs! This time though, I’m not sparing you the sap. You guys are awesome. You guys are (apparently, by the slow rise of this thread’s view count) still using this stuff. I want to give you more content as best I can, and be the kind of homebrewer who deserves this kind of attention. Thank you mason and the whole TTB team for making this system, and producing awesome supplements. Thank you to every single person who’s even considered using this content. Thank you. All of you. Especially you reading this. Keep being awesome. And now, it’s time for a catalogue post. Augment: Piledriver (60 Sc) Have you ever wanted to SPLIT A ROCK IN TWAIN? How about HAMMER A NAIL IN A SINGLE DRIVE? Have you ever wanted to PUNCH someone in the FACE, only to have it EXPLODE like a RIPE WATERMELON??? Have we got the solution for YOU!! The affixed gains a Piledriver, a hydraulic tool meant to apply a massive amount of force in an instant. For exactly what purpose is irrelevant, as weaponized or not, the tool can be used to destroy just about anything. This Augment is Pneumatic. When activated, the piledriver applies an impossibly large amount of force, extending the pile out one yard. It is only stopped if it takes more effort to move the fated back than continue to push through the material. If the material does not give way, the fated flips over the top card of their fate deck, and is knocked that many yards back. As an attack, the Piledriver gains all benefits and triggers to Pugilism or Martial arts the fated has. Piledriver (pugilism or pneumatics,+2 vs. Defense) The fated deals 4/6/8 damage, which cannot be prevented by any means but soulstones. Firelock system (+40 Sc) The Piledriver’s Pneumatics system is replaced with a chambered, powder based system. If this is used, then this system can no longer gain benefits based on pneumatics, and instead has a Three-chambered Revolver-Style cylinder. The piledriver now takes a (1) action to reset after each firing, and a (3) tactical action to reload the cylinder. The cartridges cost 3SS a piece, and can almost always be purchased at the same limbfitter the original augment was obtained from. Head Splitter (+20 Sc) we knew what it was for. Get knockin’ The chisel of the pile driver is recut, specialized to cut through flesh, but mostly bone. All critical effects generated by this weapon are raised by one category, and all delivered to the head are severe. If the target dies, all enemies in line of sight must pass a TN12 horror check Augment: Corrective Gyroscopes (45 Sc) Always wanted to WALK A TIGHTROPE? How about leap ROOFTOP TO ROOFTOP with the greatest of ease? Want an INSTANT CURE FOR VERTIGO? ALWAYS know which way is down with our inovative tech! A pair of corrective gyroscopes are installed in a limb, most often in the legs though the placement is irrelevant. These gyroscopes are far more precise than the inner ear, allowing the fated to always know what way down is. In addition, whenever the fated succeeds on a Grace-based flip outside of combat, they gain :+fate to the next grace-based flip. Combat Integration (+25 Sc) The fated :+fate to the first grace-based check during combat Augment: Bladed Legs (55 Sc) MAKE AN IMPACT! It can’t be stated enough how much poise is valued in the world of HIGH SOCIETY, and how better to prove your GRACE than to walk upon pinpoints that could make a BALLERINA JEALOUS? This augment requries a grace of 2 or higher to install, or the fated will be unable to control their movement. The fated can climb incredibly steep slopes and wall run for 5xgrace in yards without requiring a grace check. Martial arts attacks made by the fated deal damage on disengaging strikes. Dancer’s Skiens (+10 Sc) Attacks by the fated gain the following trigger Pirouette: after damaging, the fated may push 2 yards Combat Integration (+25 Sc) The first martial arts attack by the fated each turn gains + Agument: Drag Line (40 Sc) NEVER LET GO UNTIL YOU WANT TO! Using the latest in ELECTRICAL TELEMERY, we can allow your limb to MIRACULOUSLY EXTEND, and WONDROUSLY RETRACT! This augment allows the fated to extend and retract a limb, often an arm, up to five yards, and can carry the weight of the augmented. The limb remains articulated while extended, and remains as dextrous as normal. Combat integration (+20 Sc) The fated gains on grapple checks Augment: Sponsons (25 Sc+ Special) Never fear FULL HANDS! With the right tools, you can have whatever tools you need RIGHT AT YOUR SIDE! A location on the fated gains either a tool or weapon that functions without the need for direct interaction. It is controlled as if it was another limb, sometimes articulated, though with a very limited range of motion if it has any. The cost of the item is integrated into the cost of the sponson. Augment: Scorpius [powered] (+100 Sc) A hundred madmen must have come up with the concept at differing points, so I suppose Mr C’s design makes him no different in that regard outside of his usual flawless execution… hell, with him askin’ about that chironian buisness, i suspect it may have driven him a bit mad too. Just know that I expect you to train with it. I’m not going to have a trail of idiots leading back to me, pinned to the walls of the quarantine zone with severe head trauma. This augment is a Single-purpose device, A pneumatic launch and retract system with a bladed end designed to bite into it’s target, and heavy bracings to the surrounding body to compensate for the shock of the sudden movement. Originally designed for the augmentation of mobility, it has proven strikingly efficient in combat given it’s design. This augment takes up two slots. The fated gains the following actions: 1: Scorpius Sting (Pneumatics or Small Arms) Range: 3 Yards or 12 yards The target takes 3/4/5 damage, and after succeeding, the fated may either pull into base contact with the target, or pull the contact into base contact with them. The fated may only take the Scorpius Sting action once per turn 2: Scorpius Flight Range: 20 yards The fated targets a point within range, and fires the scorpius to penetrate. Once it does, the target may either choose to snap back and retract the blade back to their arm, or bring their arm to the blade, pulling them along for the ride.if properly fired, the fated may also swing from that point. Re-enforced Pneumatics (+30 Sc) The Fated may take the Scorpius flight action as a 1 action, and may take the action while airborne after a TN13 grace check Smash Gear (+20 Sc) When the Scorpius sting action misses, the fated may make a second attack flip. If the second attack succeeds, the target becomes prone. Jade lotus alteration (+70 Sc) The fated gains the following trigger on the Scorpius sting action :Flying Lotus technique: after damaging The fated may take a charge action against the target of the attack. (with integrated boiler) Scorpius Integration (+80 Sc) the scorpius sting action may be taken up to twice per turn, and may be fired at it’s full range while in close combat, which doesn’t trigger disengaging strikes. Prostesis: Extra limb (Special, Doubled) It’s CLEAR you WEREN’T SATISFIED with the GIANT METAL DEMON CRAB, and that your limb count was INSUFFICIENT! We still don’t know how HOFFMAN hasn’t HUNTED YOU DOWN yet, but until then, how about EVEN MORE LIMBS TO FIT?? This is not one singular prosthesis, but covers a wide range of options available to potential fated. At any given point, a prosthesis can technically be grafted on, even to another prosthesis, but the recovery time is immense, as the patient has to deal with an entirely new part of their body. While common thought is the addition of an additional arm, grafted in proximity to the shoulder, truth be told an excess graft can be added anywhere. After installation, the prostesis may be augmented as normal, according to it’s typing. (for example, no more than two augments may be added to a partial limb extending from the elbow) Both the pricing, and the recovery time for what the normal augmentation would be are doubled. And that's a wrap! Because i'm going to try being intelligent this time around, i'm not making any promises about when the next post in Wierdos is going to be. hopefully the time table is within a month, but well... as can be seen above, this was supposed to be out 8 months ago. I also think i've got another thread wrangled into an idea for a theme, and if all goes well, I should also have a homebrewed PD out some time in the near future. I'd give away the themeing for the two i have in the works, but well... let's just say one is a bit more subtle than the other. Also, 3E is probably only going to accelerate the rate at which i can come up with ideas for this thread, so don't expect me to slink into the darkness anytime soon. Though, one thing that may be coming in the future, quite specifically to this thread, is an update to the Powered system. after all, if Malifaux is willing to radically alter it's rules in certain aspects, why can't I? I find the idea of a simple Yes/no system somewhat unsatisfying, especially with how fun things can get with the right kind of resource management system in place. I've also got two more slated, one dealing with specific augment cross-references, so integration can happen with more than just the boiler, and another with unique limbs that aren't quite legendary enough to require their own story behind them (a comment that probably won't stop me from tossing 1-2 paragraph stories behind each, mind you) Want to know what happens when you get knuckle draggers with enlarged construction? How about a limb that will let you stir up some primal fear for anyone in the room who's familiar with anime? You'll just have to keep watching! But until then:
  5. I may contribute to this topic soon if i was any good at building constructs
  6. Don't worry, if you guys won't be doing something, well... that's what homebrewers are for Speaking of content though, are there any plans for the system once the rest of the "faction" books and the epic level book are released, or are you guys more focused on the current schedule?
  7. Abyssinan tech being as advanced as it is, and with the drednaught's center of gravity being that wide, I could totally see it having some form of internal pendulum that acts as a counterbalance to the leg, if each leg doesn't have an internal pendulum of it's own to help with regulation of stance.
  8. Personally, while the core rules do tend to lean towards enemy survivability, I'm always one to keep to the tried and true "Chunky salsa" rule from Shadowrun. If a hit should by all means kill or at least incapacitate an enemy (or keeping with the original text of the rule "turn the target into something resembling chunky salsa") then it should drop like a sack of bricks. Even someone with henchman or master level abilities shouldn't be going after getting a cannon shot to the chest.
  9. I'm sad the bulging muscles of my Von Schill Expy cannot, in fact, generate enough vertical force to launch him back to an upright position
  10. 4k veiws... Good god. so uh... I'm not dead, I've just been writing a lot. like, a lot a lot. like, hundreds of thousands of words across various projects, including something that'll hopefully impress some people who may or may not see this post. I have things in the works. I don't have the 2e core book, because unfortunately, my art bag with the splats has gone missing, again, and i was hoping to get it back before making the investment. I'm still waiting on ToS with bated breath. There will be an actual post to justify this post of me gawking in short order. TL;DR: http://alexanderlozada.com/iasip/?IlNvb24oVE0pIg==
  11. I'd be interested, my work's scattered across this forum if you'd want to see if you'd want me on board
  12. Not sure exactly where I should post this, but the help forum seemed like the most logical place. Is there a current location for TOS' rules that I'm not aware of? The application noted a request for an example design for both M2E and TOS, but to my knowledge, rules are currently only available to backers of the kickstarter.
  13. Areas of Interest Within The Automat The cafeteria in Malifaux is a just like any other cafeteria in a school; a place of petty politicking and more drama than a Shakespeare omnibus. The only reason it’s free from violent conflict (usually) is because it’s patrolled heavily by the student council’s various branches, nearly as heavily as the Administrative wing itself. Still though, some prisons have riots, and even the cafeteria has fights with more than just food, from the restaurants and food lines to the tables. This leaves issues. Those on the bad side of the student council can have a hard time taking their mid-day meals, as that would require getting in and out without notice. Some students might not even have a stomach for the conflicts of the school, and the wide expanse of the cafeteria proper leaves little room to hide. Some students simply can’t stand the crowd. Luckily, at the promenade north of the cafeteria, a solution exists for those who don’t mind the slight buzz of neon. The automat is one of the most eerily symmetrical places in the entirety of malifaux academy. Each of it’s four walls have twenty vending machines, stocked by companies wishing to endear themselves to the world’s next set of movers and shakers. Each of it’s twenty tables has four chairs, spaced to allow students to move effortlessly through the room, even when full to capacity. It’s floor tiles even give a subtle guideline to where things should be placed, should the need arise to move them. It is an unwritten agreement that the Automat is a place of Rest in a school of action. No business is conducted there, Homework is to be kept to a minimum, and absolutely no hostility is to be shown within it’s confines. Those that break the rules will find the machines ready to eat whatever money is put into them, or all chairs occupied despite the time of day. Later at night, the automat is kept open, mostly to give the night patrols a place to rest and refuel. Even at late hours however, the Armistice is still mostly in effect. The Automat will allow students to plan and prepare for activities to be done in dangerous areas within its confines, but the moment they officially begin, they must leave the automat, and any night patrol are to remain mum about their departure. After all, it is best not to lock yourself out of a singular place of refuge. The Library Books are an integral part to education, even in a place as advanced as Malifaux academy. This is possibly why the officially acknowledged floor plan of the MA library covers the area of a football field. The shelves seem to be utterly complete, covering some volumes considered lost to history, and others that were thought to be either impossibly rare, or with every volume accounted for in private collections. There are even a few books that shouldn’t exist. Alright, maybe more than a few that shouldn’t. The Library by no means stops at the boundaries of the map, that’s simply to indicate the size of the curated area the librarian has to actually care about. It sprawls outward for some distance, with reports of facilities like Orrerys and Lecture pits at deeper points in the archives. It is also in this lawless area that grimoires start to pop up, describing magical methodologies that can do nearly anything, but which are always a surprise to read through. Some who get lost in the library never return, while others can seem to pop out in the most random of places, from the Automat to the vice principal's office with no real rhyme or reason. It’s even been recorded that some students have traveled dimensionally, emerging in an earth-side library. The Club Wings The clubs of malifaux academy are nearly countless and diverse, but their primary commonality is that they share their bases of operation in the easternmost and westernmost wings of the school, known to students as the club wings. The density is only due to the wild variance of the rooms, which are only useful to a small number of classes , but can be used by any number of clubs. It contains plenty of workshops, black box theaters, greenhouses, and even slightly more off putting rooms like surgical theaters. The two club wings are about equal in general size, bu are quite different. The east wing has several major rooms, like the Star theater, but not many given that each one is liable to take up a huge amount of space. The western rooms, while they do have a sprinkling of major rooms like the greenhouse forest, are considered the small time of the club wing. This is where more eclectic (or shadier) clubs tend to be held, often away from the prying eyes of the student council The Administrative wing Serving no real academic purpose, this is the seat of power in Malifaux academy. The actual space the school officials take up is a minimal space nicknamed the mansion. The rest of the wing however, is filled with the scramble needed to keep the Student council a relevant entity. This is where the main council chambers, detention halls, and even the surprisingly unsubtle “student retention and monitoring center” are located. If the student council needs to retain control of at least one portion of the academy, their own front door qualifies. Thusly, the north wing is a hive of activity, swarming with council certified monitors and constructs. In the council’s mind it’s clear as day; if the Administrative wing falls, every room in Malifaux academy comes down with it. It’s generally advisable that a student avoid this wing as much as possible. If impossible, then it would be obvious that getting the business that brings them there finished should be a top priority. The Loading Docks Malifaux high still requires shipments from earth on certain days, and those are unloaded on the strangely-tiered sections at the back of the school. The entire area looks like one of MC Escher’s fever dreams for a reason, though that reason is unclear. Originally, there was a singular concrete plinth in the road that made parking in the docks clear cut, but inconvenient. It was demolished in short order, but the next day, two identical replicas of the plinth appeared. This marked the beginning of a cat and mouse game that slowly mutated the docks into a confusing mess of roadway and physical space that, at times, included some form of ground-based canal. By the time the student council simply gave up on controlling the bizarre shape of the area, it had twisted into a nightmare of asphalt and stairwells, but one that still must be utilized to bring the school it’s now weekly delivery. Between those deliveries though, the loading docks are one of the few areas of the school left unpatrolled, simply due to the bizarre geometry and winding pathways. It’s rumored that the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was a monitor somehow falling up a flight of stairs. This relative lack of patrolling has made it one of the hottest places to hang out for students with a general sense of contempt for the council. It’s no great secret that the loading docks harbor the kind of MA student whose capture would get the arresting individual a flawless record for the remainder of the year. It’s also well known however, that the punks look out for their own, and trying to flaunt around the loading docks like you own the place is very much likely to get you killed, and possibly raised as one of the punk’s growing number of followers. The Sports Complex Malifaux academy is not simply a place of learning, it is also a place where a star athlete in training can easily come into their prime. That feat is very probably going to be achieved in a run-down bathroom injecting creatine, but in the meantime, the MA sports complex is there to help inflate the egos of student athletes to carry them through endorsement deals to come. Seeing as traveling through the breach can have unexpected consequences for individuals, Malifaux academy has at least three teams for any sport they participate in, with the huge “Sportatorium Maximus” housing the needed facilities for everything, and only a fraction of a fraction needed for gym classes. The issue presented here is just how cavernous the inside of the place actually is. It’s not uncommon for students to try finding a more obscure corner of the facility like the fencing room, and not emerge from the building for days or weeks, if they manage to return at all. The Steam tunnels Any sufficiently large building, or complex thereof, has some sort of groundwork underneath to keep it connected to services like water, gas, and electricity. When this needs to be worked on frequently, it’s not uncommon for it to be built in an open or tunnel like structure. This is basic information known by any urban planner, and it’s generally a good idea to keep them neatly laid out under any city. Malifaux Academy, basically being a small city, has such steam tunnels. Malifaux academy being the horrorshow that it is, meant whoever, or whatever, was rarely one for good ideas. The steam tunnels are a spiderweb of empty spaces under malifaux academy, to put it in the most basic of terms. Getting past that are the questions that even the student council have about them, which include but certainly are not limited to; How deep do they go? What is the purpose of some of the larger rooms that branch off of from the main path? Where do they lead? Does anyone even have a complete map of the stupid things, or are we going to have to keep sending the patrols we don’t like down there in the vain hope that just one of them comes back with a proper cartographic report? Seeing as they are the summary of the two things that the student council hates the most, namely a lack of control and an unknown factor, they are strictly off limits. Anything seen in the tunnels, student or not, are to be shot on sight by the occasional patrols sent through the area. Exceptions are never given without escorts, if the student council even wants to acknowledge they exist in the first place. The Old dorms Before the town around malifaux city sprang into existence when the breach re-opened, the area surrounding the academy was a rolling sea of trees. Students looking for accommodations had to stay in one of the towering dormitory complexes that still block out parts of the horizon to this day. They are unoccupied, but on rare occasion, lights can be seen from some windows. The students staying in those dorms are long gone, but evidence of their presence was entirely undisturbed, as if it had somehow been preserved to be found by the next generation to enter the academy. After a spate of disappearances around the area, plans to refurbish and re-open the dorms were scuttled, and the areas were quickly declared as forbidden areas. While students usually take the actions of the council with a grain or fifty of salt, this could be seen as one of the few times they are absolutely in the right. Rumors circulate in Malifaux academy, of monster attacks occurring after official school hours at the most random of areas throughout the school. While this is true, it seems as if the old dorms got the memo, but didn’t read through the whole thing. Monsters can be seen stalking the flickering, poorly lit corridors of the dorms at all hours, forcing the student council to essentially put it under quarantine. It is more important that nothing get out than concerns over things getting in. Unlike other areas though, it has more than enough reason to be targeted by adventure seekers. It was well known to have relatively people picking through it, and a seemingly endless number of them to look through for treasure. After all, what now takes up an entire city was once stuffed into these towers, and the stories of graduates describing some truly wondrous items quite simply haven’t been found yet. Then again, there’s also the rumor that former residents yet stalk the halls. Conference Room 203 Floor 20, Northwestern dormitory tower, slightly to the left of the chimera den. You can’t miss it. It’s the only door that looks like it hasn’t been beaten down. The student council is often loathe to admit that things like student led militias exist in Malifaux academy, but they can’t deny the need for even more security than they can often provide, given the student propensity for stopping world-destroying plots from coming to fruition. They are all condemned, with one very notable exception. The Freikorps is fixture of the Malifaux Academy political ecosystem. One would normally expect the base of such an organization to be a place of constant conflict given their outright stated purpose of interference, but it’s possibly the second most peaceful place in all of the academy, maybe even the plane. Conference room 203 is named after the entrance, as it took over the entirety of the floor outside of a small area that allows access to the adjoining levels. It is the barracks, training facility, and recreational center of the freikorps, and the one place in the old dorms anyone might want to sleep. Director Von Schill looks after his mercenary family, and as it stands, Room 203 is second only to the automat as a place student could let their guard down. Without Latigo Acres Condos With so many Ortegas attending Malifaux Academy, it’s often questioned where they all come from. As it turns out, Self-Appointed PTA leader Abuela Ortega managed quite the property deal with an Ex-landowner, buying out nearly every single reasonably sized condo in the city surrounding the academy. “Latigo enterprises” being the stamp at the bottom of nearly every rent bill in malifaux city might make some think the family would be set up in one of the mansions at the edge of the city. Abuela, however, has simpler tastes than that. Latigo Acres might seem like the lowest quality condos out of the whole selection, but the small tracts of agrarian land replacing normally green spaces are a touch specifically ordered by the Ortega matriarch herself. Without it, she feels, she would lose sight of where she came from, and lose the business acumen that got her this high on the hog in the first place. It might also make the small arsenal stored across the complex for “pest control” look even more suspicious if it was gone. Ramrod Estates If you’re anyone who’s anyone in Malifaux Academy, you clearly have to have the life to match the pomp-and-circumstance you have at school. You have to have the Nicest clothes, the Newest phone, and of course, you’re living at Ramrod Estates, the hottest gated community in all of Malifaux City. Not many people care that the majority of the houses in this Hyper-isolationist gated community are eye-gougingly terrible McMansions that look like they were hastily erected to cater to idiots with too much money. That’s just objective fact, and pointing it out is ultimately moot. What people do care about is that nearly anything associated with the area ends up being a near-instant status booster. Walk into school with a cup from the Bleeding Bean, and it doesn’t matter if you live there or not, suddenly you’re cock of the walk, and nobody can say otherwise. The entire area is one of image. You go to ramrod estates to be seen. If you’re not vomiting pictures of your activity onto your social network, you’re wasting your time. Just don’t get so caught up taking poolside pictures that you get nabbed by security. The Malifaux City Public Library Not all the knowledge in Malifaux city is stuffed into its titular academy. Malifaux City’s public library is a haven of education for anyone who would need a quiet place to study with others. Its rows of shelves are just about as winding as the layout of the school’s collection. The locations share a lot more than layout, as it seems. They have a joint volume programs that allow someone to drop off a rental from one at the other. They have the same incredibly ugly pattern of carpet. They also seem to have the same librarians… It’s a long-standing rumor that Library card holders have entered the school library, and exited the public library after navigating the winding labyrinth of shelves. Nobody quite knows the methodology of how it works, but there are several students who rely on the fact that this isn’t a myth. Methodologies for traversing the “space between the Lions” are mixed, but those with an eye for detail can use the libraries as an entrance for the school that aren’t nearly as guarded as the outgoing doors. Just don’t move with haste. One wrong turn, and you could end up finding something that you shouldn’t have seen Bunny’s Mega Imports Do you like the hottest Anime? The Cutting edge of Comics, Video Games, and everything nerd? Then your home in malifaux is Bunny’s Mega Imports! We’ve got what it takes so satisfy your thirst for geek culture. Check out our Arcade with Free-play fridays, or our huge selection of imported snacks from the land of the rising sun. We even have all the gear you need to show off your otaku pride. Get your game on at Bunny’s Mega Imports, Located on 7th and Ridley, and Opening a New location in Twisting Acres Mall. Official Sponsor of the Malifaux Academy Japanese Animation Appreciation Club. Baojun Katanaka is quite the imperious businessman as it would seem. He singlehandedly vacuums up a good percentage of the Malifaux Academy Student body’s pocket money. He even has a daughter on the honor roll, with her very own club. This man seems to have everything he wants in life, yet he doesn’t seem to crave a position on the Academy’s PTA, about the highest position of status you can achieve in the city without being a member of the Institute or attending school. Baojun doesn’t want to have a say in Academy Affairs, he wants to own it, even if it doesn’t have his name on the Placard. His daughter’s little club is his pet project, unofficial meetings of the club acting to advance his control over the student body. To what end, nobody knows. Perhaps one day, the Triads, or possibly the Yakuza will come rolling through to seize control. Or maybe he plans to install his daughter as principal, and wrest control from the Institute. Until his plans come to fruition though, he seems to simply be manipulating a bunch of weeaboos to shadowy ends. Twisting Acres Mall In a place where disposable income is the norm, A mall is destined to be a financial venture with bank-level security. Twisting Acres manages to fill it’s purpose as a Social hub perfectly, or at least the food court does. As for the rest of the mall, the name begins to make sense the longer you browse. Each hall in the mall seems to almost fold in on itself, as if by some logical end point to the theories of Victor Guren. One generally theorizes that with how often the mall expands, you’d be able to find anything if you looked hard enough. One would take great care however, not to get lost. There are malls on earth that seem to trap you with forced perspective, in such an odd place as Malifaux, that entrapment could risk becoming literal. Breach Park The most obvious place for a park, right next to a gaping hellmouth! In all reality, the flat, open area surrounding the breach was beginning to look a hair run down. Looking to brighten the place up, in a Joint decision between the Student Council, PTA, and surprisingly the Institute, the area was designated as breach park, and all due resources were allocated for the sake of maintenance. Large portions of the area are considered to be under the control of the tykes that make up the majority of the advanced study programs, making it a somewhat dangerous place to be outside of the designated picnic areas. Individuals like Sommer Jones are blatantly Ageist, and you don’t know how heavily that dart gun’s been modified until it’s being fired at you. Luckily, a bag of candy is generally enough to get you through unscathed, unless you veer to close to one of the many, spawling jungle gyms. Inglewood Cemetery. Like… the cool thing about hanging out in a cemetery man… hear me out… the cool thing man, is that you’re like… gonna be there anyways… so why not get the time in now knowing your neighbors… duuude... This is where those who unfortunately lost their lives at malifaux academy have been buried, and it’s size is an unfortunate blemish on the student council’s record. A large Mausoleum and Monument exists to memorialize those lost in the first shutting of the breach, acting as the centerpiece for this morbid landscape. Generally though, this isn’t a place to rest in piece, and while rumors of catacombs are largely irrelevant, the student council would definitely like to know why the local crowd of punks seems to be drawn here so much. They’d also like to know the source of the pervasive whispering that seems to infest the cemetery, but that’s a secret Malifaux wants to keep. Robert Lynch’s Limbatorium Losing an arm isn’t as much of an inconvenience as it once was, and Malifaux City’s one and only Certified L.I.M.B. dealer uses technology home grown at the academy atop the hill. Granted, the prices can be a bit steep, but all packages sold here come with full maintenance deals, and a surprising amount of silence when it comes to any sort of aftermarket modifications that may or may not be necessary to survive the academy. It’s no wonder Robert’s son Jacob got into so much debt, he was used to having deep pockets to begin with. Wyrd Games Bunny’s isn’t the only Game store in malifaux city, though it certainly loves to pretend like it is. There exists a place where the Drafts are friendlier, the Shelves are stocked for miles decades of RPG source books, and they even like to test out this weird in-house card-based skirmish game in some sort of alternate steampunk universe where the breach opened someplace else. It’s pretty cool. The only really phenomenal thing outside the jaw-droppingly nice staff, or that they haven’t banned the tall kid who keeps dropping off arguably tested homebrew content is that their Tasks bulletin board is possibly the best updated in all of malifaux city, to the point where it’s visited by names like Von Schill, Leveticus and the Viktoria sisters. Constantly curated to assure relevance, It’s updated hourly, even when something occurs that they should by no means know about. They just seem to like staying one step ahead of the curve. Or maybe Aaron, Mason and Company are just Demigods. Nobody really knows. *That* Sillby’s. Every town has a restaurant that somehow stays open despite the fact that nobody is ever seen there. In this case it’s not a McCallahan, or a Burger Prince like in so many cities, but a very particular branch of Roast beef peddler Sillby’s. Maybe it’s that the pony sauce is occasionally just blood, or the staff having vacant eyes as if staring into the dark abyss of an unfathomable future brought about by things that should be known. Probably though, it’s the swirling cloud of who knows what, that just seems to like hovering over the place, glowing impossible colors. Kinda puts a damper on business. And with this, I retire to rest. I await my Entirely Justified ban from the forums Accolades in the morning. If anyone uses this as an actual setting for a campaign, I wish to know. if for no other reason than I want to know how many times I need to apologize to mason for birthing this abomination. if anyone seriously wants content, I'll update, but other than that, expect this thread to go ignored until next year, if i don't think of something dumber by then
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