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  1. Want to buy 2nd edition Lenny (gremlins) paying £12 including p&p He is from the som'er teeth jones box set. Message me or put it on ebay with a link and ill buy it asap
  2. WEEKLY UPDATES I'll try to make weekly Video updates as I finish each gremlin. Aiming to complete a Crew Member every 7 days. So once I have fully converted/based/undercoated each of my crew...Well then the fun Begins ill start painting them up so Stay tuned! Please feel Free to leave feedback, constructive criticism's or just Likes! all help me stay motivated to make and share more video's with you guy's m girls! Also I'm looking to find some decent video editing software to use on my youtube channel and future video's id love to make them look more professional in the future! Help or advice is always appreciated! Once on youtube make sure to set videos to (720 HD) or you'll miss most on the detail!
  3. If you put the sumonner boxset on ebay ill buy it
  4. So i recently purchased a Ophelia LaCroix starting crew, I have converted up a Merris LaCroix proxy to use with Ophelia's hooch gun upgrade! And hiring Sue, Outcast Enforcer for his proximity burn effect. Stacking up some nice aoe burning is my aim. Looking for help completing my list new to malifaux and looking to get playing asap crew is currently a w.i.p. Merris LaCroix, stops friends being hit by blast and templates. And has a ranged burn attack. Ophelia LaCroix, hooch gun burn effect. Sue, hired enforcer burn aura around him. X2 Slop haulers healing Lenny reducing damage my crew takes Any help building my crew would be greatly appriated... Will this even work?? Looking for a balanced crew list to take tournaments with a quirky burning twist! Was considering summoning or piggys to create cheap disposable gremlin meatshields to hide behind and aoe burn my foes to death ;-)
  5. New Video please check it out!!!! Finaly a Video im happy with the quality of my camera skills/equipment is getting beter lol The finished product. Gonna clean up abit of the grime/texture that I added to look like rusted metal. I added abit to much on one of the wings in particular other than that she is ready to paint. thanks jimbo Im not 100% sold on the smoke either but I drilled and pinned it into her face ! Dnt fancy removing it I hope paint could realy make it pop and draw the attention away from it! Im not sure I agree with the angle thing tho if you consider she is "BLOWING" smoke out the side of her mouth and also the angled propulsion of the Jetpack it would drag down in that sort of arc/line ish... kinda... maybe... I don't know???? LOL
  6. FINALY FINISHED!!!! Made a video of her in all her glory! just waiting for Green stuff to dry and ill give her an undercoat with airbrush and begin to paint her up Video check it out!
  7. Update ...EDIT Scroll up to the top of this Thread and click the link on the first post I made. I have edited the post to show you my current work in progress pictures... NEWLY added She now has Molotov Cocktail attached she is Smoking a cigar and blowing out the smoke and has some funky goggles combing her eye patch from one eye and headband. will be more apparent when painted ( nearly ready to undercoat her just abit more work on both her and her jetpack some cleaning up and then ready to paint )
  8. certainly you'll want something the rough structure if your trying to make a point. u can use anything abit of spru even strong wire juse to make the tip firm. secondly flesh out the area with green stuff and use fingers and water to get it near the shape you want don't worry about any excess coming down past where you need it sharp scalpel kept clean and wet will cut that to shape it is easy to clean up if there is to much on one side simply use your Model Clipers and pinch off the extra then you will need a large SILICONE brush and you start smoothing it out and polishing it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-of-15-Flexible-Silicone-Color-Shapers-Clay-Sculpting-Tools-0-2-6-White-/111408540687 alittle bit of water or saliva on brush and polish away push down then drag up use the widest flattest silicone brush u can find work around the cone in circles then work back the opposite direction in circles then work up and down verticaly hit one side then opposite and work around it like that hit it from every direction keeping it flat and level and slowly working it leave it to firm up when your happy with it and come back and hit it again in like 45-90 mins. the green stuff will be firming up and hardening but still be plyable and you can realy push hard now at tip and work it up into a point. this is when that hard skeletal structure your glued in place realy helps if there is a decent frame under the tip to support you pushing and smoothing it then just and continue to polish it smooth out the shape you want Silicone brushes are amazing aid to polish up green stuff smooth out joins so there flawless! they inscrease your skill loads!
  9. thanks james, would work for me currently as it stands im trying to complete my gremlin crew to play with id be happy to come down and have a game once im done
  10. http://neverbrawn.imgur.com/ Thanks for the kind words Started detailing over the Gremlins cleavage and sculpting the top over her boobs kinda hard to see detail at that scale in the pics Added a green stuff nosecone to the jetpack and some clock work parts to the wings as well as extending the smoke fumes from the exhausts! Need to get a lightbox made a lot of room for improvement in my camera skills pics are alittle beter than previous! but still room to improve!
  11. Very Early stages just getting the general feel and Structures in place before I start to sculpt the details over them. She is going to have x2 wine bottles in her hands one held in a thrown position an smoke attaching her to the base as if she has swoped in to launch and Molotov cocktail at her foe
  12. Merris LaCroix Conversion (Gremlin Slop Hauler used as base model) http://neverbrawn.imgur.com NEW PICTURTES here click link. updated 1/2/2015 ....EDIT.... I've made it easy to find the LINK i have EDITED my first post and you now have access to my newest uptodate IMGUR ALBUMS making it easyer to view my progress. Thanks for the kind words and constructive criticism and feedback is more than welcome on this post! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FINISHED<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Undercoated READY to PAINT
  13. Hi im new to Malifaux, need to get some practice games under my belt! I live in the UK, Brighton to be specific, willing to travel around the East Sussex area! Name: Mitch Age: 28 Sex: male War gaming Experience: some WHF and WH40k Basically im looking to learn how to play Malifaux play/watch, and also find people/clubs to play afew games and help me grasp the basics and fundamentals of the gameplay. If need be I would be happy to even Pay you and hourly rate to come meet me and play afew games with me! Ideally looking for people/person near my own age or older and to be honest a minimum age of 18+
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