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  1. If you’re going proper competitive, there’s always gonna be models that aren’t worth learning, because some choices are just always going to be better, competitively. And these models that are worth taking almost always shuffle a bit as editions change over. So if you’re a hardcore competitive player, a new edition will almost always ‘invalidate’ some models anyway.
  2. I always thought that the Nightmare stuff didn't necessarily have to fit with the rest of the game anyway - they're just fun alt sculpts. They aren't representative of the feel of the game.
  3. Aw man, not been on here for a couple of weeks, didn't expect to come back to that! Thanks for all your hard work.
  4. I heard it had been pushed back to May.
  5. Ah, you meant next week then, not next month?
  6. The Gave Golem is in the same box as these.
  7. To be fair I don't think it was really intentional in that other game either - they just weren't the best rules writers. There were as many examples of new models being rubbish on the table top as there were them being broken.
  8. That’s just the prototype sculpt I think cos of the orange colour - so the actual one could be either. I hope they’re the usual HIPS, not PVC.
  9. The Grave Golem looks really cool, hope it hasn't changed too much.
  10. Well, it looks great. TT and Rezzers are 2 factions I've been looking at buying into so I hope the models can be used in normal games.
  11. From Angel Giraldez’s facebook, looks like the three presents go on one base to make the wendigo.
  12. It will be PVC. So it is plastic, not resin, but yeah the same material as Aionius and Tortoise and the Hare, and presumably TOS stuff like you say. I don't like the material.
  13. Actually, thinking about it, Raspy was my first Master too!
  14. I really like the alt Raspy. I’m a bit disappointed by pre assembled though.
  15. £9.99 is a great deal for all the cards and future access to new cards. Gonna spend ages building crews now I'm sure.
  16. That's really cool. Hope it's not too hard to acquire.
  17. I think I have something like 10 crew boxes now and I've not even played yet... There are some fantastic models in there. Phiona Gage, Corpse Candles, Banasuva, the Gorar, Iron Skeeters and the First Mate, and Ohaguro Bettari are my favourites.
  18. Looks awesome, just a shame it'll probably be too expensive for me here in the uk after import tax as well.
  19. Could be resin or something (either as a prototype or because the model will be but I assume they'll be plastic as normal), resin comes out in different colours sometimes.
  20. I love 'em, personally. Big models usually do mean cool models for me. Bring it on I say. Plus there's nothing stopping you sticking to Malifaux and not playing The Other Side if you aren't a fan of the bigger scale.
  21. He looks really good, a solid model, but nothing overly exciting.
  22. You mean, you can make promises like that and actually keep them? Sorcery.
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