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  1. Wayward sells some great (but not cheap) portals for their wild west exodus line. (in fact Wild West Exodus terrain is perfect for TOS)
  2. Has anybody built the 120mm (and 50mm?) that factions can create in TOS? in fact, has anybody built any terrain for TOS? I would love to see it here.
  3. tpryan01


    same exact problem (the pledge would buy a week's groceries for us...that's how bad it is) and they couldn't refund me because my CC number has changed.
  4. I am starting to experiment with CD based "Tide Pools" for my Hordes to throw around the table...has anyone done any yet? Images of "Tide pools" generally show pretty clean and shallow areas near the coast but there are some that can be murky (which is what I will probably go with)
  5. I don't expect it until late January/ February. That's just how Kickstarters go.
  6. did this finally close? If so what was the final tally?
  7. Does anyone know the bases sizes for the units (particularly the egg clutch)?
  8. not knocking your build but it seems to be doing exactly what the "optimum" Brewmaster build does...use models from other crew sets. Have you moved past that and just enjoy the play style of Wong?
  9. Kobayashi I felt the same exact way when I started reading articles about the Brewmaster...and I am glad to see this isn't just me. I am looking at other (cheaper) options for beefing up a brewmaster crew and hopefully the new book and crews can help. (I do wonder if the Gremlin pirates might have more synergism with Wong more though...). As I learn what works and doesn't I will post here.
  10. I ordered a few things during the Easter sale...enough to get the Witchling handler (and too much for my wallet) and they sent all my items to me except the war rabbit (which I appreciated) and they stated they would send the Rabbit out Thursday...i.e April 7th. I emailed a few days ago and they let me know they would email me when the product was back in stock...um...should I be worried? LOL...it just showed up at my door...with a witchling handler bonus!
  11. truthfully you can pick a crew that look cool and go from there...Malifaux encompasses many genres from wonderland like characters to gritty gunslingers to steampunk monstrosities....and then the Gremlins which copy those genres with generally hilarious results. I suspect at least one of the crew boxes will scratch an itch for you.
  12. what is the "Guilder" program? also...anyone at Adepticon that can ask the peeps at the booth?
  13. I haven't been to Gencon in a few years but it seems like Wyrd always have a "Big" release at the con...is that going to be "The otherside" this year or something else?
  14. Does anyone know how much shipping runs during their sales?
  15. one is see through and one is solid.
  16. oops...that's what I get for viewing your post in "activity"...sorry.
  17. I think they are wargamevault has them for $.50 each http://www.wargamevault.com/browse.php?keywords=malifaux&page=1&sort=3a
  18. yeah...I am planning on making it...just need a couple of games in to get the basics down
  19. So Have had have a gang of painted Viktorias for years...my wife and I painted up "red" (viktorias) and "white" (Latigo) gangs to play each other and it never happened... how bad is this gang and how much work do I need to make it playable? I guess I am going for a 50 ss gang? Leader: Viktoria 1 X Convicted Gunslinger 3 X Ronin 1 X Taelor 1 X Bishop (not sure what cards to add...)
  20. stitched together http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03697
  21. I have had a painted gang of Viktorias for years now (they are metal) but never seemed to find a close place that had a group playing. well that may have changed so... 1) are there any good army builders? Preferably PC or Android. 2) how many units have the "sister" trait or can you link me a place whre I can find the answer?
  22. As a person with an old (metal) painted gang who never played...this sounds like a good way to get back into the game...
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