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  1. Its not a gatling gun though? The definition of which is a weapon with multiple rotating barrels. Pointless pedantry aside though, it looks pretty cool. Robot stomp!
  2. I would be extremely disappointed if Wyrd produced a Chuck Norris tribute model. The man is a horrendous racist and homophobic bigot. He should command zero respect, and be recognised as the sort of person everyone should aspire never to be. The meme was briefly funny; but has grown into something which utterly misrepresents him. He isn't a hero, he was a bad movie and series actor who uses his fame and money to spread his backwards views. The gaming community is a hard place for those of us who are a different race and/or sexuality. Anything acknowledging people like Chuck Norris lets racists and bigots in the community believe their views are supported; this should never be encouraged. Its a difficult job for a gaming company to try and be progressive, but Wyrd tries. They fail occasionally, but admit their faults and try harder to produce games that are inclusive and welcoming to all types of gamers. Its one of the things that keeps me and many others as customers, and if it ever changed, I suspect would lose them a great deal of faith from their community.
  3. I recently had my first game against the new Ten Thunders henchman, Ohaguro Bettari. At the moment I see no way of stopping her removing any of our enforcers, most of our henchmen with some luck, and most of our masters, all at the low price of 9 stones and 2 severe cards. If the TT player also takes their emissary (which is incredibly good and always worth its stones) they can deliver Ohaguro 19" away from her starting point in a turn (push 4" + fast, then on her activation move, charge, 2" reach). Oh, and she can charge without requiring line of sight and ignoring terrain. And she turns on her own flay automatically. And ignores all defensive triggers. Is there any way to actually deal with this, or is it just an accepted part of the game now that TT gets a better Viktoria of Blood and I should play at between 8-13 stones down as soon as she murders anything she wants?
  4. Hey Toshi! Are you from Cape Town? There are a bunch of us who play at Quantum Games in Plumstead.
  5. Logged a win against Outcasts for the Seft-Righteous Man! I want that werewolf! Game was super brutal. Kaeris and a burning-focussed crew does not like facing Von Schill with the Steam Trunk. Cassandra and Seize the Day meant I stole the Man and ran off into the sunset with him though.
  6. Armour


    Horrifying! Great job!
  7. A selection of Badgers and Burrows critters from Oathsworn Miniatures! The noble hare and hedgehog knights have picked up a pair of rats for their party... hopefully they are more trustworthy than they first appear!
  8. Not sure if its kosher for me to link, but the lovably obsessive folks at DakkaDakka found box art for a whole lot of Wave 3 boxes, Jorogumo in a box of 3 among them: Post with jorogumo A few posts up there are most of the other Wave 3 boxes, though no Emissaries yet. May a mod slap me down if these aren't supposed to be up anywhere yet!
  9. The pearlescents are gorgeous. You did an amazing job with the old sculpt!
  10. Skittering along, here is Howard Hangston for my ELIM entry. Howard is certainly dangerous, and he has the most arms of anyone in Malifaux! Others can only envy at his arm-edness.
  11. Ramos is up to something Wyrd.. he must be, given his smug smile. He clearly didn't do enough science as he is missing his collection of spiders... but no worries, he will make some new friends soon enough.
  12. Its really cool that Wyrd is re-releasing old favourite sculpts, even in this limited way. However, I'm just reminded how much I like the newer designs, especially every female character. The bust sizes on the old masters were ridiculous. I like brooding powerful Raspy way better than flaunting Raspy.
  13. Aionus hated the clock. This was his usual state of mind. He could feel it draining him. Draining the ground, draining everything he touched so he could never be close to anything ever again. He still didn't know why the clock chose him, an eternity ago. An eternity from now, he would be used up, and the clock would choose someone else. Maybe he could warn them, or kill the clock somehow when it discarded him. But for the eternal now he was stuck, chained to this grinning, ticking thing as it sucked him dry, forever.
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