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  1. The ambiguity is unfortunately the issue here. I'll recommend to my player community that we play it as being able to remove from a selected number of models rather than all, but it probably needs to go into a FAQ if the strategy sticks around, or the GG1 document should be clarified.
  2. So at the end of a turn, the "may" allows you to not discard bounty tokens- this could be useful in turn 1, as you can't score points at the end of that turn. My question is if the "any models" means you may leave tokens on some models during an end phase, even if discarding some to score a VP from the strategy. For example: End phase of turn 2. Jorogumo has 3 bounty tokens, Katashiro has 2 bounty tokens. 3 tokens are needed for the 1st point from the strategy. Can you discard the tokens from the Jorogumo, but not the extra ones from the Katashiro, keeping them until turn 3 and still score the strategy?
  3. I was very surprised by the March 2020 FAQ on Interacts to remove scheme markers. So it now seems like the intention for the Journalist keyword's Headline: Secrets Exposed! trigger be effectively worthless? The entire keyword revolves around manipulation of enemy models around scheme markers, and with this FAQ, they simply can't do that. Malifaux is a game of schemes, so in theory enemies will sometimes be forced to place scheme markers if they want to get VP. But his entirely leaves the ball in the opponent's court; they can pick schemes which don't require markers, or only place them with separated runners so the rest of the crew can ignore them. If the result that Nellie's crew not be able to use a large number of their thematic abilities is on purpose, that is fine but it feels very bad, especially as its completely non-intuitive. I foresee a lot of newer players especially getting this wrong.
  4. I suspect that the secret culprit in making TT perform so well is actually Minako Rei. Many crews can provide the scrap/shadows required to get the Katashiros out, and then you are creating models with no limit, which can scheme, do damage, and have no summon vulnerabilities (as no upgrade is attached), All from a 8 SS versatile henchman who can usually pull their weight even without summoning anything. My kneejerk response is that ALL summon effects should be attaching upgrades, not just the summoning masters. This at least allows hypothetical counterplay. But maybe Minako should just attach the Given Flesh upgrade to the Katashiro? Then you can't double-dip summons with Asami, the Katashiro have a time limit of existence, and anti-summoning actually works. Obviously Minako's summon would have to be slightly re-worded to allow Given Flesh to consume shadow markers to discard the starting flicker. Shenlong is clearly very, very, very good. Probably too good. But he wasn't the only TT master in the top 5.
  5. I found a bug in schemes chosen for games which require you to pick models. Vendetta, Claim Jump, Take prisoner all have this issue, and I'm not sure if any other schemes have you pick a model. When a crew contains more than one of the same minion, during game setup you can pick a specific model (Eg: Ruffian, Ruffian 2, Ruffian 3). Once the game is started checking the scheme will just show "Ruffian" even if you picked 2 or 3. This causes an out-of-game issue when you have to convince your opponent which model you picked at the start of the game.
  6. As implied by the title, ¡A Por Él! doesn't specify non-bonus action in its text. This seems strong, but most other action-granting actions specify non-bonus. Is there anything which prevents using ¡A Por Él! to take a bonus action on another Family model?
  7. Just checking on how targeting works when multiple targeting-affecting effects can apply. Under Resolving Actions, (page 23 of the digital rulebook as of 2019/11/05) Targeting is step 3. Do all effects which might change or affect the targeting occur during this phase, or only on the initial target? Are these examples correct? Example 1: Asami Tanaka is targeted by an attack from an enemy Guard Patrol, and uses Protected(Oni) to change the target to Ama No Zako who is within 2". The attacking Guard Patrol now has to make a Terrifying(11) duel to successfully continue with the attack. If successful, the Guard Patrol continues to step 4 against Ama No Zako. Example 2: Asami Tanaka is targeted by an attack from an enemy Guard Patrol, and uses Protected(Oni) to change the target to Amanjaku who is within 2" Amanjaku has not activated this turn and is now being targeted by an attack. The attack will suffer due to manipulative. The Guard Patrol continues to step 4 and suffers on the attack against Amanjaku. Example 3: Asami Tanaka is targeted by an attack from an enemy Guard Patrol, and uses Protected(Oni) to change the target to Amanjaku who is within 2" A Samurai with the Silent Protector upgrade is within 2" of Amanjaku, and uses Take the Hit to become the target of the attack. If successful, the Guard Patrol continues to step 4 and resolves his attack against the Samurai. Bonus question: Protected(X) specifies ignoring Range, LoS and targeting restrictions. Cover/concealment should apply as normal?
  8. Its not a gatling gun though? The definition of which is a weapon with multiple rotating barrels. Pointless pedantry aside though, it looks pretty cool. Robot stomp!
  9. I would be extremely disappointed if Wyrd produced a Chuck Norris tribute model. The man is a horrendous racist and homophobic bigot. He should command zero respect, and be recognised as the sort of person everyone should aspire never to be. The meme was briefly funny; but has grown into something which utterly misrepresents him. He isn't a hero, he was a bad movie and series actor who uses his fame and money to spread his backwards views. The gaming community is a hard place for those of us who are a different race and/or sexuality. Anything acknowledging people like Chuck Norris lets racists and bigots in the community believe their views are supported; this should never be encouraged. Its a difficult job for a gaming company to try and be progressive, but Wyrd tries. They fail occasionally, but admit their faults and try harder to produce games that are inclusive and welcoming to all types of gamers. Its one of the things that keeps me and many others as customers, and if it ever changed, I suspect would lose them a great deal of faith from their community.
  10. I recently had my first game against the new Ten Thunders henchman, Ohaguro Bettari. At the moment I see no way of stopping her removing any of our enforcers, most of our henchmen with some luck, and most of our masters, all at the low price of 9 stones and 2 severe cards. If the TT player also takes their emissary (which is incredibly good and always worth its stones) they can deliver Ohaguro 19" away from her starting point in a turn (push 4" + fast, then on her activation move, charge, 2" reach). Oh, and she can charge without requiring line of sight and ignoring terrain. And she turns on her own flay automatically. And ignores all defensive triggers. Is there any way to actually deal with this, or is it just an accepted part of the game now that TT gets a better Viktoria of Blood and I should play at between 8-13 stones down as soon as she murders anything she wants?
  11. Hey Toshi! Are you from Cape Town? There are a bunch of us who play at Quantum Games in Plumstead.
  12. Logged a win against Outcasts for the Seft-Righteous Man! I want that werewolf! Game was super brutal. Kaeris and a burning-focussed crew does not like facing Von Schill with the Steam Trunk. Cassandra and Seize the Day meant I stole the Man and ran off into the sunset with him though.
  13. Armour


    Horrifying! Great job!
  14. A selection of Badgers and Burrows critters from Oathsworn Miniatures! The noble hare and hedgehog knights have picked up a pair of rats for their party... hopefully they are more trustworthy than they first appear!
  15. Not sure if its kosher for me to link, but the lovably obsessive folks at DakkaDakka found box art for a whole lot of Wave 3 boxes, Jorogumo in a box of 3 among them: Post with jorogumo A few posts up there are most of the other Wave 3 boxes, though no Emissaries yet. May a mod slap me down if these aren't supposed to be up anywhere yet!
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