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  1. Hi Everybody! The 16th of June, we begin an 8 week long shifting loyalties campain in skellefteå sweden! We will use the Legend Gamestore as Venue, but players are free to do their matches where they please. However, vi have room and scenery for 24 players. As we say in sweden, "If there is room in the heart, there is room for the butt." We will report online, and follow our Crews there. Come And visit us at legend Gamestore for a Rundown of the rules as well ar contact info and player introduction! Mvh //Kristofer Stenskog
  2. Question: In the upper corners of the Shadow Cards there are coruption symbols. Do these apply to all dice, or to none? Are they for later use (expansions)? We could not find Anything about this in the rulebook.
  3. Welcome to this year sparkliest, snowiest, snottyest and bloodiest sluggfest! To celebrate the longest and darkest night of the year Lord Chompy bits hosts a Christmas dinner and everyone can join! Before we get to the mulled wine and Christmas presents, Chompy thought that we should take little friendly competition. 4 rounds of (sudden death and) family-friendly challenges will determine who was the kindest this year. WHERE WHEN HOW: Where? Legend Game store in Skelleftea When? Saturday, December 12, 2015, 10:00 - ??. ?? How? 4 Rounds 50SS Malifaux, SWISS tournament format, the difference in VP's tiebreaker. Special Strategies, schemes randomised on spot. Registration is done at Legends Homepage (www.Legendspel.se) or by signing up for the event on Facebook. Join "Malifaux Sverige" for the full document. Instead of deposit, all contestants bring a wrapped Christmas present that cost around 50 SEK - (If inspiration is tight, talk to organizer). These will be distributed among the participants. Other prices will Legend Game store stand for. Welcome! //Krille
  4. Hi Y'all! If you are ever in Skelleftea, sweden, Be sure to stop by Legend Game Store at Our THursday Skirmish demo days! Every thursday I'm at the store, running as many demos as i can! Be sure to look out for our Tournaments as well, atleast every quarter. The next tournament is 12th of December, but that's in a diffrent post! C ya //Krille
  5. Good news Everyone! Malifaux is getting realy popular i Skellefteå Sweden! To celebrate this, i will be attending all hobbynights (which are every thursday), to guide all you who want to paint, play and have fun! In addition, every thursday we will be giving away a hobby accessory or random model From one of the big miniature making companies! (including wyrd-games) to one of the hobby-nights lucky particepants! Welcome To Legend Game Store in skellefteå! //Kristofer
  6. Hi! Its time again for Demo days In Skellefteå Sweden, At legend Gamestore! This thursday (18/6), we run demos from 12-21. All are Welcome! MvH //Kristofer
  7. This tuesday is Malifaux-night at Legend Spebutik in skelleftea Sweden! We will have a full house of up to 18 tables running at once, with demos and free play available until 9pm. All you need to play will be available in the store, so all are welcome!
  8. Hi all you wyrdos! in may 14-16 there is a big game Festival in Skellftea sweden! Loads of different games will be present, and Malifaux is no exeption. There will be a big tournament and demos with prizes. The Festival is free for visitors 10am-18pm, and if you get a pass you can compete in as much games as you want! To be sure to get a spot, register at the link below. Check it out at: https://nordsken.se/
  9. Listen up Ladies and gentlemen! On friday (April 3:rd) there is a ragtag fast and dirty Malifaux tournament in Legend Gamestore in Skelleftea, sweden! Its going to be 50ss, New player oriented, and ment to be fun and stress free. There will be no admission cost, and you do not need to sign up in advance. Bring your crew, your fighting spirit and your best behaviour! Its starts at 15.00, and we will explain the rules at the door. The event will take all evening. The store will be open exclusively for the tournament, and closed for regular visitors. Welcome! //Kristofer @ Legend Gamestore
  10. Due to common request we will have an additional demo day at Legend spel In skellefteå! Saturday 7/3 Will be the big demo day, but becaulse of many requests we will have an additional one on thursday! All are welcome to try out malifaux In: LEGEND SPELBUTIK Skellefteå, Sweden THURSDAY March 5th between 12-16!
  11. March 7th There is a Skirmish Demo game day in skellefteå! At Legend Gamestore you can come and try out Malifaux, no figures or knowledge required! From 10AM to 4PM we will rock a number of tables where you can paint, play and socialize with peers! We wecome all visitors, no miniatures or experience required!
  12. Hi! Im glad to be representing 3 new players from northern sweden. Malifaux 2E is great, and I'm writing on a TTB campain for my RPG group. Well, thats it. I am a "professional" game designer myself (meaning its my job, not that i wear suits), and live with my girl and her son in a small apartment in skellefteå. If you have a question about games, snow, extra-parenting or living in a hockey-crazy town without a single fiber in your body that's interrested in sports, feel free to send me a message. Or if you want to say hi. Or correct my english. Or talk scifi, comics, music or the campbell monomyth. Thnx /Krille
  13. As far as i know, the only way to get more spells is by finding a new grimnoir (you may correct me on this). This means that the FM chooses the spells, which is no fun for either part. In my game, the grimnoirs are usualy hard to decode and full of secrets, and have a lot of unlocked potential. House rule: If a player wants to add a spell to her grimnoir (through study and decoding), she may do so at the cost of [current number of spells] EXP. The same goes for Immuto. As always, FM has final word.
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