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    Tara's lot.
  2. G'day! Thought I'd share all the crews I've painted for a mate. Every time I finish one, he's got another to give. Got about 3 or 4 left to go...at the moment. I've really enjoyed painting Wyrd miniatures as a refreshing change from GW staples over the years. The smaller and less uniformed models really let you get creative and experimental, although some of the tiny bits drive me mad! My styles aim for a more realistic approach as I really enjoy dirty and weathered looks. Feel free to comment. Always happy to receive feedback.
  3. Kr80gZ

    IMG 7970

    Limited Edition Arcanist 'Performer'
  4. Kr80gZ

    M&SU - Kugelfang Studios

    A M&SU crew I was commissioned to paint for a friend.
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