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  1. I'm really excited for this one -- all the elements are quite evocative. Please, count me in too! -- Nikko
  2. I think I'm calling an early night of it -- head still isn't any better. Nice chatting with you, Ed. Take care!
  3. Hey, Roll -- sorry to have to break it to you, but this is for October's contest. Good news is, December hasn't been announced yet, and you'll get a fresh shot at that one. - Nikko
  4. Which sort of sucks, in retrospect, because had I not spent all that time on painting 3 models for the paint contest, I'd have had enough time to finish my short story early enough to make the deadline. So, live and learn.
  5. I honestly had no idea that professional looking pics were so important. Good to know, but until I can get a decent setup, I won't be entering anymore paint contests.
  6. And, my head has been swimming for the last 30 minutes -- I just cancelled my Vassal game for tonight. Bleh.
  7. It's not the best painted mini that wins -- it's the best painted, best PHOTOGRAPHED mini that wins.
  8. Hey, and I made a BIG discovery re: the Nov. AWP paint challenge...
  9. OK, money tighter that I was anticipating, but it shouldn't put too much of a crimp in festivities. And, wondering when/if I'm going to get my mini exchange in the mail. Mine was delivered on Monday (to my giftee), but I haven't seen any acknowledgement yet. I may drop him a note, just to make sure everything came through alright.
  10. I've been following your conversation with Monkey about that. Sounds like fun. How're your holidays shaping up, so far?
  11. Howdy, Ed -- how's stuff? I'm OK, just waiting to start a Vassal game with asrian @ 10pm my time (about 90 min from now).
  12. I hope they at least check out my profile, on the off-chance they see my sig. What about you, Ed? I know you're not participating this year, but what's the next set of Malifaux mini's on your wishlist?
  13. Well, I forgot that I'd revised my wish list, so it was old info -- it was NvB/Ressers/Guild. Should have been what I currently have as my sig, but, ah well.
  14. I ordered the Rail Crew Box Set and Ten Thunders Archers. The profile said TT and Outcasts, so two birds with one stone.
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