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  1. Nurse + Blessed of December with MLH
  2. Sue gives you a card too and benefits from all the TT pushes and fast. Conflux of the Dawn + Low River Monk is my favourite. 3 cards for 14ss and 2 activations
  3. Gwyneth is a nice annoyance piece against her. Smoke & Shadows to block her LoS. Sniper spam to out-range her Unless they take a queller, armor+2 models are great as well (izamu, samurai w extra wounds or walk, strongarm, Lazarus) Beware bubbling up under vent steam as a Marshall can deliver papa and he will kill everything in the bubble with his pulse DMG Htw/itw models to mitigate blasts Wokou raiders would make a nice secondary alpha strike piece as their ability can help keep enemies pinned when they drop schemes to push via the investigator
  4. If you like Lucius and Hoffman; I'd suggest picking up Wardens (Guardsmen Construct Minions), and eventually Riotbreakers when they come out
  5. Graves + Doppel/Changeling to push pandora 12" Before she activates
  6. Ive lost spectacularly to this combo with Shenlong in Symbols. Tricky to play around. Darzee's Chaunt on Laz was painful, and I had no anti-armor to punish it
  7. Dr. Dufresne (5 Pool) Plastic Surgery Guild Coroner Zombie Chihuahua Aionus My Little Helper Philip & The Nanny My Little Helper Sebastian Dead Doxy Rotten Belle Necropunk Opposing Faction: Outcasts Deployment: Standard Strategy: Symbols of authority Schemes: Punish the weak, Set up, Take prisoner, Public demonstration, Vendetta Thoughts: Most Outcasts I play draft Tara into Symbols, so I'm trying to pre-empt that with this list. Not doing the Test Subjects-Raptor-Marshall combo since they will be a bit useless against her. Aionus is a big investment, but other masters that are possible here can use Bury mechanics; such as Levi and Viktoria. In addition to threatening buried models, Aionus can hand out fast to everyone but the Dr., and can be very useful in scoring as well as denying Set Up. Schemes: PtW: With a Master and 3 Henchmen, picking this scheme is viable. The crew has 3 minions and a peon to counter it. SU: Dr. can put down 3 SMs and score this within her activation, and Aionus can activate late and reposition/flip some enemy ones. Philip and Aionus can deny enemy SU. TP: Not planning on taking this one. Some of my models may be a liability here. Could swap in a Nurse to make this scheme more viable. PD: The 3 minions add up to 15 so it's viable, and with Leaps/Lures/Take the Lead it shouldnt be too hard V: My recipe is to settle for 2 points, and put it on a Belle and an enemy model I know is too valuable to leave back.
  8. Ive had a Nico player use one against me when I playing TT, as insurance for Asami eating the markers.
  9. Most Recent Game: vs. Guild Standard Deployment, Public Executions, Eliminate the Leadership, Public Demonstration (Me - 3 minions), Show of Force (Both), Inescapable Trap (Guild), Recover Evidence Ten Thunders: Shenlong (Wandering River Style, The Peaceful Waters, Hidden Agenda); 4SS Pool Peasant Ototo (Call the Thunder, Smoke Grenades) Sidir (Promises, Equality) Chiaki (Pull of the Grave) Guild Pathfinder Oiran Monk of Low River Guild: Nellie (Misleading Headlines, Delegation, Guild Funds) The Printing Press Phiona (Wrath of the Guild, Transparency) Francisco Ortega (Wade In, Hermanos de Armos) Bishop (Lead Lined Coat) Field Reporter Watcher Brutal Effigy Summary: Opponent got frustrated feeling I out-castled and out-activated him, managing to avoid giving up points to Trap with various shenanigans, he then made some key mistakes in a cagey game that let me squeeze ahead.I used two face cards from my hand turn 1 to 1-shot snipe an overly adventurous Field Reporter with with a fast, 0-focus Sidir, which also gave me that extra edge. He was also overly afraid of Eliminate the Leadership and played Franc very far back and kept El Meyor on Nellie and not Bishop. Bishop in turn held back, and the majority of my damage being Ml made me very worried about him being at Df8 and in my face. Not to mention the Wp4(5 with Oiran) on Ototo. So I got off a bit easy; minions aside, I think the list is very strong. Ototo got ignored for the most part and just whacked things at full Wds. Thoughts on my crew: Show of Force is a scheme that factors in my crew compositions really heavily. Unfortunately, it kind of penalized the 0SS upgrades of which I usually love spamming with Emissary if not Sidir+Promises. Having Henchmen who can SS damage and have 0 heals is already incentivized by the Public Executions strategy, so might as well load up on upgrades on them. Shenlong is my generalist, comfortable, cagey master. His small pool is offset by only really needing the 1 2SS upgrade, and essentially getting 2 peons for 2SS to help with activation control (the free focuses from Provide for the Temple are nice, too). I do consider Kamataichi, and cards are nice, but I find those extra 2SS (and losing the activation) very hard to come by. Oiran and and MoLR are core in every crew. The Lure can save and win games, the aura has situational utility (and is vital in some NB and Resser matchups), and shes decent for 5SS. The Pathfinder was my 'blow the dust off' flex slot, mostly beccause I wanted 1 more SS in my pool so he is the budget Katanata Sniper. He summoned a Trap turn with, top-decking it with double focus (thanks Shenlong), and when walked back to safety. The trap was instrumental in deterring my opponent from charging in (needlessly so, IMHO). Sidir and Ototo are viable with mobility boosters like Shenlong or Emissary, and I like their staying power. Chiaki is really good here, and as far as cheap upgrade holders go, miles ahead of Yamaziko and Mr. Tannen.
  10. Asami to eat her counters McCabe to Paralyze Nico turn 1. (get push from Kama, walk, shoot twice, stone/cheat trigger on 2nd shot) Taelor and/or Kang with a mobility buffer
  11. Being able to summon enforcers is big for gaurded treasure
  12. Has anyone tried Bayou Smugglers & their 'the swap' ability to (potentially) make enemy scheme markers in conjunction with Protection Money?
  13. Strategies & Paired Schemes: Ply / Surround: Pandora w Fugue & Barbaros, or Zoraida Executions / Eliminate: Pandora, Lilith, or Collodi Symbols / Punish: Zoraida or Fugue Pandora Ours! / Guarded Treasure: Anyone but Dreamer Wagons / Guarded Treasure: Lilith with Cherub for the (0) Interacts Opponent Faction: Guild - Lilith, in case of Sonnia. Resurrectionists - Low WP, summoning. Pandora or Dreamer. Arcanists - Low WP and armor. Predilection for relic hammers and ignoring armor, and casting damage. Pandora (Voices or Box), Zoraida, or Lilith. Neverborn - Black blood, negative conditions. A tricky one. Maybe avoid Lilith due to low WP Outcasts - Snipers and long-reach beaters, high WP. Dreamer, Collodi, or Lilith Gremlins - Low WP, high damage. Dreamer Ten Thunders - High WP, long reach and utility. Low model counts. I'd suggest Lilith by default.
  14. Pick up Amina Naidu (Arcanist Acadamic Henchman) and see if she helps keep the doctor alive with her 'According to the Injured Worker's Act' ability
  15. I find my trinity of minions really hard to not take every game: doxy, belle, nurse. chiaki has direct utility in every strat or paired scheme in 2018. test subjects dufresne with amina naidu to make things insignificant peons till end of game with a 0 (hello mlh...) seems very relevant in every strat as well, including making your own dying models peons so they dont bleed VP
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