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  1. Finesse is the best defence. Wade in is only good for HTK which will usually keep him alive for an extra slap. The Ram needed for the heal flip is too high a price to pay. Use the SS for damage prevention. I've been thinking a lot about how to use guild lately. I think frank (and a lot of guild games) benefit from a game where you don't need to go to far into the board. So guard the stash, or the centre of squatters, protect territory etc. When hes tagging along with masters as support i dont do much but dive about with Enfratate a mia and take a single swing then finesse up.
  2. Totally accurate, that would be unbeatable. Good thing is, the Resser summons aren't free. They need high cards and certain Ressources like Corpse Counters. These can be denied (by playing Justice, for example). Also, having more models on the table doesn't win the game: VP do. If I get tabled, and the opponent has 7 models on the table, but I have the leg up in VP, I still win. It might not feel that way during the game, though.... Also, their models aren't really better, just different. Their ranged game sucks, most are really easy to hit and pin in place, or get into a Pine Box. They struggle against plentiful condition removal. They are all summoners, so some anti-summoning like Taelor goes a long way against them. nico can summon a valedictorian turn one with a high card and a SS, Mortimer can create free corpse markers. nico comes with free soul stones. there isnt much else to do with cards and AP on the first turn. there is no master who can stop this happening. it can happen twice infact (summoning something else with a lower card) before you can get anywhere near them. i'm saying i find this hard to play against. are you telling me im wrong? we are talking turn 1 and the game has just started, fwo activations and the resser player is max 2ss down from there cache and 15/20ss up from the new stuff on the board and all it cost are a couple of cards with the above scenareo. i find that summoning after the first two turns is far less frequent as you can get in there and drain resources, however there is usualy a shikomi that pops up and kills off my henchmen as if they were peons is there anyone with any actual advice on what to focus on with ressers or how to play against this sort of thing. it just feels unbalanced starting the game with a clear soul stone disadvantage
  3. I struggle VS resers. There stuff is tough to get rid of. I get out activated and swamped. Same every game. Mortimer (if hes the shovel guy) makes corpses. Shikomi / Student of flying ignore armour / hanged get summoned turn 1/2. Necropunks have free reign as im tied up with everything else. bells / nurses do there lure / meds things. My stuff ends up as flesh constructs or getting shot with a hand cannon. Ends 4/6 to me and 7/9 resser player unless i made some bad moves. This is obviously a mix of games and masters, however it is always a tough game. And hardly ever anything but a struggle. Feels like they are unbeatable - anyone have any ideas? I can never understand how a faction that can create free models which are better than the ones i can hire can be beaten
  4. I'm having trouble making a competitive 35ss crew. My group has some good players. Chances are ill be facing: Nekima, Barbaros, tots / stitched Sybil, Bells, necropunks & Bett Noir The Neverborn stuff is particularly nasty. Everything there either hits like a truck or is really quick My thoughts so far were judge, peacekeeper, watcher, deathmarshal Frank, judge, austringer, watcher, watcher Problem im having i cant find reliable choices to run schemes. 2 guards - 8ss better spent on something faster and stronger like a lone Marshal. The real issue is that they need to stick together. So limit there usefulness as runners. Watchers. Great for schemes. Cant do much else/no way of fighting to speak of. When your facing off vs another runner these guys are doomed Dogs. Slower than a watcher & more fragile. The pack significant rule means these guys are 6ss for two. So to counter the tots or necropunks ill need 4. In a campaign where death matters im tentative about using dogs Deathmarshal. Strong options but expensive. And not supper quick. Orderlys seem to be a great choice. They are quick, sorta regen, have a suppressing damage track & can heal. Im looking forward to seeing them in the shops - one day
  5. Ortegas suffer from being grouped as they synergy so well. Nino should have been wellout of harms way on a flank or somewhere useful. Sounds like you went for a straight out fight rather than concentrate on the schemes & strats. Winning sometimes means losing models. If it gives you vps then it doesn't matter. Dita is imo the strongest guild master by a mile. Frank should be using el-mayor on her every turn. But you can't help bad hands and bad flips. Games like that happen. Chalk it up as experience & play another few games with Dita. See how it goes
  6. The caterpult method is great but i have been wondering if you can make just as much if not more mischief boxing enemy models then dropping them at a scheme marker next to LJ (which she has dropped thanks to austringers) she can then chop, chop, chop with + flips from the great sword. Even if the victim survives its got the potential to take it way out of the way as long as you can still see the scheme marker with Brutal Em. Obviously this isnt a turn 1 tactic but i feel there is a lot of room for agressive burying then droping into hazardous terrain / Greeds aura / dampening field on the other side of the board
  7. Just some thoughts - good to hear Hoffs upgrade made the Emissary a construct. Guess I’m…. out of the loop Which book are the Emissary’s in? Was that the only change? This isn’t a post to get things changed, I’d be ranting about the executioner if it was! these are just my thoughts on what I read and how useful or otherwise I think it is, I’m guessing it’s all mostly the same
  8. I have been excited about the Brutal Emissary since the Wave 3 beta came out. I think it offers the Guild a few crucial tricks which will really help where we need it most. I also think many of its actions are a waste of AP. I figured I would write up my thoughts on the guy and see what you think. Stat-line Decent for 10ss. the only emissary with WP5 because Wyrd hate Guild. Slowest emissary with movement tricks included in the weigh up along with the Neverborn. Nice wounds, we are going to need it. Where is our armour? Why isn’t this guy/girl on a horse? Gremlins get a Doomwheel! If this is another model in a long coat & hat I swear I will change faction! Tyranny of order utterly useless. Considering that you have to spend one AP minimum to get the condition to use it, you are left with a single AP to spend using the buried models abilities. This makes it actually useless on the charge. Useless if you need to walk to ML range. Useless in all situations where you aren’t within 3” of the target to put shackles on at the start of the emissaries activation. Sure you can copy your own models abilities but at that point you have a model already within 3” who can do that action once or more that turn. Don’t get me wrong there are scenarios where you could get something out of it, however. You already have a 2/4/6 ML/SH attack. There isn’t much out there frequently worth wasting this on. its Situational at best, nothing here says I can’t declare triggers, so this could potentially be fun depending on what is on the board Rule of the Law A decent attack. Shackles of order here is great. Where is our built in ram? Emissary of the guild and no ram, I call shenanigans! Back in the box Only reason to take the emissary in my mind is to teleport my painfully slow faction up the field. This is the thing that will make this guy appear in a list. brilliant. Shackles on this – who cares, waste of ink putting it in bold (see above). A cage for all Low walk duel or get slow. Nothing to see here. Mediocrity. Where is our 0 which gives out Shackles? This would make the theme work and half the text on the card worth reading, better still trash this and make tyranny lights the way better Tyranny lights the way When other emissary’s give out fast or scheme or summon or focus. We get to chain activate. Guild do that anyway. It give us nothing but allows our models do what they were going to do sooner and get out activated. I see very few circumstances I would give up my heal on this model to get a chain activation. it’s a last turn play at best but adds very little Upgrades Conflux of Justice (Lady Justice) Inspiring presence Target friendly minion (just one) gets + to ML and SH. Our minions aren’t great. This is situational. Considering: Condemnation (0) target leader within 4 gets a (1) AP Ml. this is ace but if you take it this guy will be within 4” of LJ. So we are looking at the above being a + to ML in most situations. our ML minions are few and far between if you don’t count wardens which there are no miniatures for yet. Hunters will be off scheming. Death marshals are expensive for a ML 5 guy who has a better CA attack. Witchling stalkers, good idea if standing near one wasn’t so dangerous! Also, then Emissary can teleport LJ into battle, this instantly makes LJ much, much better. Her main issue isn’t killing things, she can do this with (3)AP and very few things survive. With the Emissary you can poop her out next to a scheme marker on the centre line turn end of turn 1. However she wouldn’t be anywhere near the emissary to benefit from the extra AP so this means the above + to SH/ML is better focused on a gun line. Austringers love +flips. But generally get them focusing anyway (so they are range 18”) Verdict: The generic Emissary upgrade gives + TO ALL ATTACK FLIPS for minions within 4, this guy was built to Bury LJ and send her into battle. i would take the generic with LJ every time. Conflux of Incineration (Sonnia Crid) Visions of flame Ooh synergy and consistency. The potential to “Back in the Box” something 3” away through a wall or put shackles on it lower the cheated card value is nice. With Sonia counter spelling, making attacks fail is great. A spark in the night (0) The action doesn’t need LOS (regardless) so really goes with the above. Burning +1 is a tad boring but the crew synergy is ace Verdict: A great way of setting things on fire. All be it an expensive one. The potential to teleport witchling stalkers and the purifying flame at the enemy is fun, this alone will get things burning Conflux of the hunt (Perdita) Circular We have Perdita synergy. If the Emissary was more survivable then this would be better, he’s not bad, this isn’t bad. I don’t find it inspiring. Breath of power (0) considering the above encourages shooting, giving Perdita the mask she needs for an obey is not a great idea. Hands down this should give her a mask to all duels. She could use her witch bullet trigger and then we have something worth using. sadly this isnt the case Verdict: this guy doesn’t “need” to be in a Perdita crew. She can chain activate, is very mobile and for a mask can save herself 10SS and take an extra in her cache. There is potential in Perdita Obeying the Emissary to back in the box something then having the emissary able to spend a two AP with its abilities. Also he could potentially be a Francisco Taxi, Frank el-mayor-ing Perdita and then being buried until the end of the turn and the Emissary using his ML7 attack once or twice with an obey. Over-all I see him as an expensive frank no. 2. Probably better leave him out of family outings Conflux of Amalgamation (Hoffman) Enhanced Circuitry Great stuff. If the Hoff ball wasn’t tough enough already! Where Hoff finds 10SS for a non-construct however I’m not sure. however ML7 hoffball with + flips. Yes please. Radical Deconstruction (0) Firstly, this is misspelt on the beta I have. I may have an old one. Secondly. This is for remote mines am-I-right? You could potentially pull two or three constructs into a group and boom make them all take several TN12 WK duels or take a lot of damage, suite dependant but only needs a 6 or higher masks and any other 6+ card to detonate 3 scrap counters, It looks fun. Again is it worth taking in a Hoff-ball? I won’t lie my Hoffman experience is limited. But I would love to blow up all those scrap markers. Verdict: I’m not convinced this gives enough to a highly specialised Hoff crew to warrant 10SS non construct. However it does add some fun toys. Whether these are toys or game changes I’ll leave to the veteran Hoff players to call Conflux of Tyranny (Lucias) Amazing Rhetorical First thoughts on this are, ML7 CG9 Witchling stalkers. With a Witchling handler nearby they become ML7 CG11. Let that sink in. this is great but guild minions do suck for the SS cost. This upgrade does make them exponentially better. Especially when combined with: Rampant Oppression (0) a single minion can 1AP ML within 6” so an extra ML6/7 attack. Don’t get me wrong it’s not game braking. But it’s got synergy. Verdict: great boost for our poor fragile slow unskilled frontline minions. Great synergy with Guild Lucius. Brutal Conflux (any) The power rages + flips to all attacks within 4 is great. That’s all attack flips. Not just ML so above and beyond most of the master specific upgrades already and far more flexibility. On the tides of fate (0) stone for cards mid turn. This is nice, I can see it being used at least once a game. Verdict: As it says on the tin, a great all round upgrade. This Makes the emissary a great support piece, but pricy. Still good Overall There is some good and some bad. Looks like we get another middle of the road expensive support piece with the ability to teleport the slow useless models we are stuck with somewhere much more useful. “Back in the box” is potentially the best thing you can do with the Emissary in my mind. There is no reason that McCabe couldn’t send a reactivating hound 24” up field first turn (further with a push or Luna nearby) Drop a scheme marker then pop a boxed Executioner or Peacekeeper out end of turn. If there are enemy scheme markers around the Executioner can pop out and discard it to take a ML or Walk. Happy days The other Gem in this new comer is the “Shackles of order” condition. On “Rule of Law attack” get this off on an enemy leader or powerful model early and laugh as you throw away low cards to drop the value of his cheated cards down by 4! When LJ, Sidir and Sonnia are on the table with their repost / counter spell triggers this is a great way of dealing damage out of activation.
  9. Samurai & Archers are great ranged support. Misaki likes TT archers as they can fire into combat. Yamaziko is a handy hench to hold smokebombs and is surprisingly defensive with brace Yari and hitty with blasts in a tight pack. Samuri you will only need one and you will need the free upgrades in the wave 2 TT arsenal deck which make them and the Oiron much better. overall id leave the Oiron and Samurai for the moment, get Misaki, archers (you only need two) & Yamaziko to start Lynch needs depleated & Mr Graves - your looking at a different route with lynch although I've little experience with him in TT his abilities and those of his crew realy need things with the brilliance characteristics or ability to hand out. get a box of depleated & mr graves in place of Samuri and Oiron would be my choice. Lynch will be the more solid of the two crews. Illuminated are the best minions about. Misaki is great in Cc and can be defensive or offensive if given the right upgrades. You will have plenty to play with so get 5/6 games under your belt then look at where you want to expand
  10. Lucius specifically works with minions, his main abilities alow them to take actions. that being said I have run a teddy with him as a body guard. using "thats what lackeys are for" to switch out. You could do the same with an executioner if you want specifically Guild go to choice in guild Henchmen: the Judge, Fransisco, Sidir they are all solid on there own. the judge being the most versatile and independent IMO as hes survivable and hits like a Master. plus has movement tricks
  11. saying something is wrong and being a douchebag about it is contribution only in that its pure criticism. it doesn't help answer the original question. the response could have been worded so it explains why it would work (sidir can only become the target of enemy actions) or suggest anything which would synergy with devils deal. lets get the post back on topic and play nice
  12. ah it reads enemy action, I hope being right makes you feel warm and fuzzy. maybe in the future you could contribute to the discussion rather than just pointing out that someone is wrong.
  13. Sidir can "By your side" devils deal in a minion, hes got a cheap heal flip and can use it to be placed 5" & b2b. shenanigans ahoy
  14. I've been playing a lot of McCabe/lucius lately and find support masters have no natural match up. its the crew choice which defines there strength. its tough to explore this question without stating the obvious. Dita vs Neverborn. Sonia Vs Arcanists. LJ vs Resurs I had fun with McCabe vs a Lynch crew the other day. Sidir can "By your side" and intercept attacks heading for targets with brilliance, neutering the offensive. Assassinate was out and Turf war. McCabe stood in the middle with El Mayor from Francisco and his +2 Def tanking illuminated (at DF9) then giggling when Sidir took the big attack, saving my better cards for the worse attacks. then healing with Elixir of life and Fransiscos "just a flesh wound" plus Sidirs "always there". lynch was suckered into.the fight and Sidir was thrown at him with a McCabe push and cut his head off. it was a good scheme pool and strat for McCabe.
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